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He's A Korean S3x God Episode 58

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πŸ˜‹ He’s A Korean S*x god πŸ˜‹
Hide your Wives!
Episode 58
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss πŸ’‹
Location: Lee’s Mansion πŸ›οΈ
πŸ’• Ji-a’s POV πŸ’•
β€œ Thank you ”
I said, as Kyung-gu wheeled me to the door of Lee Chun’s room.
He nodded with a smile, then helped me knock the door
β€œ Who is that! ”
The response from the other side was harsh and frightening that Kyung-gu flinched.
The sound was so close, it seemed like Lee Chun was standing just directly at the other side of the door.
β€œ’s I, Kyung-gu, I_ ” Kyung-gu was saying when he was cut short.
β€œ I don’t want to be disturbed, go away! ”
Lee Chun ordered from the other side.
He seemed really upset, what could be wrong with him?
I became really worried
β€œ Lee Chun, are you alright? ”
I asked softly but loud enough.
β€œ Ji-a ”
I heard him say from the other side…
Then some seconds later the door opened up.
β€œ Good afternoon young master ”
Kyung-gu greeted with a bow but Lee Chun simply ignored him.
β€œ Ji-a..I thought you sleeping? Byung-ho said you were fast asleep ”
He said, and I don’t know why but he didn’t look his normal self.
He looked inbetween sad and angry. His eyes are kinda watery also
Has he been crying??
β€œ Yeah, but I woke up ” I lied
β€œ Oh ”
β€œ But, how are you? Is anything the problem? Are you alright? ” I asked again, this time more persistent
He was quiet for some seconds, his eyes reflecting a pained emotion.
Making me think there is definitely something wrong, but what can that be?
β€œ I am fine, everything is good ” He said in the briefest smile.
β€œ But what are you doing here? ” He then asked.
β€œ Well I was bored, so I came to stay with you ” I said.
β€œ My room is kinda messy, do you still want to come in? ” He asked.
I nodded
But that seemed to me like an excuse – Saying his room is messy, just felt like he didn’t want me around.
Like another way of saying you ain’t welcome.
And now I know there is something definitely wrong somewhere, I really didn’t believe him when he said everything was fine, even his smile didn’t seem fine.
It had fake written all over it.
β€œ You can leave now, I will take it from here ”
Lee Chun told Kyung-gu, and Kyung-gu bowed his head before leaving.
Lee Chun then walked slowly to my back, placing his hands on the wheelchair handle, he wheeled me into his room…
He said his room was messy but this doesn’t look messy to me, just some few clothes on the bed, not up to four and that’s all.
Where is the mess he was talking about??
β€œ Wait, let me clear this up ”
He said
β€œ Clear what up ”
I muttered and it seemed he didn’t hear me, or he heard me but choose to ignore what I said.
He let go of the wheelchair, leaving me at the middle of his room, then walked to the bed.
He an awful lot of time picking up the few clothes on the bed.
And after spending much time in picking three clothes he walked to the wardrobe and just throw the clothes inside, then slammed the wardrobe shut.
It was locked the first time but he seemed he wasn’t satisfied with that, he opened it up and slammed it shut again.
But he wasn’t still satisfied with that, he opened it up and slammed it shut the third time like the poor wooden frame had offended him in someway.
Then I saw him breathing hard, his left hand squeezing on his forehead.
He was acting strange really, it felt like he was upset about something but was trying to keep it inside himself and that was eating him up.
I know if I asked him what the matter was he will deny it again, so I didn’t bother asking. I just watched him, thinking of how I can make him feel better.
After he was done battling with the wardrobe he came to me and wheeled me close to the bed, without saying anything.
He lifted me up from my wheelchair and sat me down on the bed, he also sat beside me.
We both were quiet, I was worried about him but I knew he wasn’t ready to tell me what was wrong with him so I didn’t know what to say.
And Lee Chun who isn’t normally the quiet type is now looking like an introvert..
For some seconds, close to a minute we just sat on the bed completely quiet and it was weird, I didn’t like that.
I was nervous in this state.
So I thought of saying something, anything so we can at least engage in a form of discussion but before I could talk he beat me to it.
β€œ Byung-ho is a great guy right? ” He said, and that sounded completely out of point.
But I was glad he is at least saying something.
β€œ Yeah..yeah he is ” I said and he stared at me.
β€œ What do you think about him as a person? ” He asked.
β€œ Like you said, he is a great guy. I think he is cool ” I said smiling slightly and he sighed softly.
β€œ You two are pretty close right? ” He then asked and all his questions seemed strange.
Course Byung-ho is his best friend, so why is he asking me about him?
β€œ S..sure we are, but not as close as you two are. He is your best friend, so don’t worry I don’t want to take your best friend from you ” I said, jokingly and he just smiled briefly – very brief.
β€œ He is my only friend you know but sometimes I wonder why he chose to be my friend. I am not a good person ” He said and his words were shocking to me.
β€œ Why will you say that? That’s not true ” I said.
β€œ It is the truth, I am not a good person. I have always cared for myself and myself alone.
Byung-ho is my best friend but I really didn’t care about him. Do you know I was responsible for the failure of his last relationship?
Yes I was. Did you know what I need? ” He said and I was already feeling kinda scared.
I shook my head β€œ No ”
β€œ I slept with his girlfriend. Yeah I did ” He said and my eyes dilated widely
What! Lee Chun slept with Byung-ho girlfriend??
Holy moly!
When did that happen?
He continued β€œ I let her suck my diΓ§k and I enjoyed it. I didn’t even care to think how that would make Byung-ho feel.
I didn’t care to think what that would do to his relationship or our friendship. All I cared about was satisfying my stupid desires.
Now tell me, what kind of best friend am I? ” He said in a pained tone, full of regrets.
β€œ I.. I ” I tried speaking but no words were coming forth, as I had lost my voice.
β€œ Yeah exactly, you can’t believe it right? course it’s a shocking thing even for my own low standard.
He was my best friend, much was expecting from me but I went and did that.
If it was anyone else they could have easily broken ties with me back then at that moment which would have been rightly deserved but Byung-ho didn’t, he stayed with me and continued to be my best friend and I need to make it up to him, I need to show I am worthy of his friendship even if it means losing something special to me, very special ” He said staring into my eyes when he said that last part.
Is this what is eating him up inside? But why then is he feeling this way all of a sudden?
And what does he mean by losing something special to him?
What’s special to him?
I finally found my voice
β€œ I don’t understand, is Byung-ho angry with you? Did you guys have a fight? ”
I asked
β€œ No, this is just me reflecting on how selfish and a bad friend I have been to him.
This is me realizing I really don’t care for anyone than myself and I need to change that ” He said embittered with himself.
β€œ You care for me ” I said, placing my hand on of top of his palm that was placed on the bed and watched as his face went soft and his eyes glow
β€œ You care for me right? ” I asked, swallowing.
I really didn’t know what I was doing, I don’t even know what is wrong with him but I guess he needed some sort of closure.
β€œ Yeah I do, I care about you a lot ” He said softly and I felt my heart beating excitedly.. but then
β€œ But that’s the problem, I shouldn’t ” He said removing his hand from mine and standing up from the bed, turning his back on me.
β€œ W.. what? Why? ” I asked confused.
β€œ it’s nothing, trust me you don’t need someone like me caring for you ” He said still backing me.
β€œ Was the kiss nothing too? ”
I asked softly and he turned around, facing me.
β€œ No, it wasn’t but I am thinking it’s a mistake, I shouldn’t have done that, the kiss should have never happened ” He said and his words were tearing my heart apart.
β€œ Why will you say that? ”
β€œ Course someone better than me is in love with you ”
He said
What’s he talking about???
What will happen next?
Watch out for the next episode
Written by ✍️ your favorite writer
Author Wizkiss πŸ’‹

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