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Burning romance chapter 68

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Asher” I heard Darrell yell but the voice was a bit distant.
“Get me water”
And then, I felt water sprinkle on my face and I immediately opened my eyes breathing heavily. I saw Darrell and then there was Claire and also Daniela. What the hell happened to me?
I just had a dream that Daniela is pregnant and I’m glad it’s a dreamπŸ˜‚.
“What the hell you had us worried” Daniela stride to my side.
“Asher seriously that wasn’t funny. Why did you faint?”
“Faint? I didn’t faint. I just had a dream that Daniela is pregnant”πŸ˜‚ I said and they looked at each other.
“Did I say anything wrong?”
“Yes. It was not a dream Asher, I’m pregnant with your baby” she said and I fainted again.
“Asher” I felt someone slap me hard on my face and I immediately regained consciousness. Damn, that hurts.
I opened my eyes and realized it was Daniela and she was already crying. Oh GodπŸ˜‚
“How dare you Asher? you act like you didn’t get me pregnant or maybe you don’t want this baby or maybe you are just too much of a coward to own up to your responsibilities” she yelled and ran out of the room.
“Daniela” I tried calling her but she ignored me.
“I will go talk to her” Claire said walking out of the room.
“Why are you acting this way brother? you should be happy, you are gonna be a father soon”
“I know that. I’m just scared”
“Scared that she might act like Daisy. Daisy is carrying multiples it’s normal for her to have intense mood swings. Not all women have those mood swings and even if she does, you should know how to handle her. With the way you are acting, you’re making her think you don’t want the child and she will most likely wanna abort it”
“What? I don’t want her to abort it”
“Then man up and stop acting like a coward. Bingwen’s ain’t cowards”
“Lee is”πŸ˜‚
“From Dad’s side actually and don’t try to make a joke out of this. You should go talk to her”
“Thanks bro”
She sobbed. “I don’t understand why he’s acting strange. Like he doesn’t want this child”
“Asher is just scared. You should give him time to let it sink it”
“Scared that I might act like you?”
“Maybe, yes… what what? how do I act?”πŸ˜‚
She chuckled. “Crazy, really crazy”
“Did you just call me crazy?”
She laughed. “You’re are acting crazy right now”
“I’m glad I made you laugh”
“But seriously Darrell is trying”
“Is it that bad?
“Well, we will be getting married in two weeks”
“Are you serious?”
“I’m so happy for you”
“Thanks Daniela” I giggled.
“Sunshine” Asher called walking into the sitting room with Darrell.
“Your boo is here” I winked.
“Come on Darrell let’s go eat”
“OK” we left the sitting room for both of them to talk.
I sighed and sat beside her.
“I’m sorry”
“I just got scared, it was all too sudden”
“I should be the one to be scared. I’m only nineteen and I’m pregnant. I’m gonna be a teenage mother, this is also too sudden to me. I can’t believe you fainted two times because I told you I was pregnant” she muttered the last part.
“I’m sorry about that. I just want you to know that I’m gonna take full responsibility of our baby”
She giggled. “Really?”
“Yeah, come here” I patted my lap and she sat on them.
“I love you Sunshine”
“I love you too” I leaned my face closer to hers and was about kissing her when Zach interrupted.
“Uncle Asher where is daddy and mummy?” Fuck show spoilerπŸ˜‚. Daniela chuckled seeing my facial expression.
“Mummy and daddy are here” Claire said from inside the dinning room.
“Mummy… daddy” he hugged them both.
“You know Claire you’re spoiling this boy too much. All he does is sleep in this house and eat” πŸ˜‚
“Like you don’t do same” Darrell said chuckling.
“Of course, not. You wouldn’t believe her didn’t join Daniela in the kitchen”
“Like you joined mom in the kitchen”
“We both know I ain’t lying”
“Zach you’re gonna have to learn how to cook. You don’t want to be like your uncle Asher and daddy”
“You should take cooking classes”Daniela said smiling.
“Even you too”
“Zach doesn’t need that. He will definitely have maids”
“He is still gonna learn how to cook I don’t want maids cooking for him all the time”
“Zach do you want to learn how to cook?”
“Of course, it’s gonna be fun”
“Now that’s the spirit and Darrell you are gonna have to take cooking classes too”
“Yeah. One more thing, my birthday is coming up next two weeks and that is when Darrell and I will getting married. Darrell did you even know we are getting married on my birthday?”
“Of course, I do” he rolled his eyes. He doesn’t🀣. Obviously, he knows if he says otherwise she’s gonna nag againπŸ˜‚
“Wow, that’s great news”
“Yippee finally daddy and mummy are getting married. Mummy, daddy can I come with you for your honeymoon?”
“Where did you learn that word from? and you can never come with us to our honeymoon”πŸ˜‚ Claire said and we chuckled knowing what she meant.
“Why?” he pouted sadly.
“Honeymoons are for adults. When you grow up and get married you will definitely know about it”
He crossed his arms and frowned. “I thought as much, everything is for adults”
“That’s life for you, there are some things you can’t know till you get to a certain age”
“Darrell” I called trailing my fingers on his back.
“Go to sleep Daisy” he said patting my back like I’m a baby.πŸ˜‚
I sat up and he operating his laptop on the bed.
“You’re still up”
“Yeah, I don’t really feel sleepy”πŸ˜‚
“Well, I don’t feel sleepy either so let’s talk”
“You have to sleep, you’re pregnant remember”
“I know that and I’m not sleeping unless we talk” I told him resting my head on his shoulders.
“What do you want us to talk about?”
“About this slavery thing…”
“Wait is that what you think it is?”
“Well, yeah”
“Obviously, Asher didn’t brief you guys well that day”
“Maybe you should do the briefing” I rolled my eyes.
He sighed. “First and foremost, they are not slaves but servants”
“The last time I checked that’s almost the same thing”
“Well, it’s not. Let’s just say the money a person is bought at is just like the money you keep in a fixed deposit account, with time it accumulates”
“The male servants work in the factories, not just our factories but so many other factories. Our company is well known for supply of human labor. Some even travel abroad”
“Yeah, they do undergo special training for some weeks though. The money they make the company takes twenty percent, my brother and I take thirty percent after all, we feed and shelter them. Well, the worker takes fifty percent”
“This money accumulates and after five years, we pay you off. Just imagine how much money such a person is going home with”
“What about the maidservants?”
“Seventy percent of the maidservants work in the factory but they have to do house chores for about six months. Their jobs are not as intense as those of the male servants since they are females. The remaining thirty percent do the chores through out their stay here and they are also paid on a monthly basis after five years they are paid off.
“If Shane knew about this, why didn’t he take you to court or something?”
“He tried to but couldn’t because I have top government officials backing me”
“Hey look at this” he said referring to an image on his computer.
“Drake Peterson. One of the first servants after my dad died. He has his company and he is currently a millionaire”
“You keep tabs on them”
A girl appeared on the screen. “Who is she?”
“Sofia Wong, she’s a fashion designer and she’s making lots of money”
“Did you sleep with her?”
“Did you?”
“Why did you start sleeping with them?”
“Let’s not talk about this”
“Of course, we have to talk about it”
“You’re so stubborn”
“I’m glad you know that”
“It’s was all Asher’s idea. He said with the way I was going I was gonna be a celibate and he was right”
“I definitely knew a lot of the maidservants had eyes for me and I didn’t force anyone. Actually, they are the ones who came asking for more but I don’t dick a pussy twice”πŸ˜‚
“You’re the first woman I have had sex with countless times”
“I am? what about Zasha? I thought she was your girlfriend?”
“I was reluctant to sleep with her but she asked for it and after that, I got tired and didn’t touch her again”
“No wonder she cheated on you”
“Like I care. I had no feelings for her”
“Who is this guy?” I asked referring to the black guy whose image was now on his computer.
“Williams Wale. He’s a Nigerian and also very troublesome but very hard working. He can do the work of three people at a time. Him and Asher were buddies”
“When I asked him why he worked so hard he was like ‘Bros D the country wey I come from if you nor work suffer go kill person”πŸ˜‚
“Till date I don’t know what that means and he’s the only one who doesn’t call me master”
“Whoa, how did he get here?”
“I met him at the police station and he was about to be deported back to his country because he was an illegal emigrant. He told me his life history and I had pity on him and I had his travel papers done”
“Wow, you know I’ve been thinking. What if Greg is in Nigeria?”😱
“We should call him now”
“Not now considering the fact that Singapore is seven hours ahead of Nigeria, na night dey go dey. We will call them at morning by then, they will be in the afternoon”
“Hmm, true talk”
“Please don’t give me to Darrell I promise I will give you five million dollars”
We laughed. “Who be mumu? abeg ten million and five million which one big pass?”
“Na ten million na”
“That is all I have just let me go. Darrell is gonna kill me”
“How that one tey concern us? If he like he use you do ritual nor be our concern”πŸ˜‚
“How much you say you get again?”
“What? I don’t understand”
“How much money do you have?” I asked.
“Five million dollars”
“Dele why you dey ask? nor tell me say you wan collect five million leave ten million”
“Chill guys I get plan” I took them to one conner but our eyes where still on that guy.
“Look you see that five million, we will take it and also the ten million”
“Guy wisen up. We will take the five million and we nor go release am and then we hand him over to Darrell and collect our ten million”
“Na truth ooo”
“Guy you too much”πŸ˜‚
Naija repentπŸ˜‚ see corruption.πŸ˜‚
But seriously if you were in their shoes will you do same?

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