May 7, 2021


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Burning romance chapter 63

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Hey, calm down and let me explain?”
“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down” she yelled. This is getting messed up.
“Look what we had was a one night stand and that was before we dated. I don’t even know her and she was the one who seduced me”
“Why didn’t you use a fucking condom?”
“I was drunk that night to notice it and the next morning, I made sure she took a goddamn emergency pills and I had to do an HIV test too” I glared at her.
“What is the supposed to mean?” Shakira asked glaring back at me.
“Then why is she here claiming to be pregnant?”
“Who are you to him?”
“I’m his wife bitch and you’re not welcomed here” Daniela said making me stare at her in awe. I’m still gonna marry her anyways.
“Well, I’m with his baby and he’s definitely gonna marry me and divorce you”
“His baby? you fucking slut. Go look for the father of that baby and don’t try to pin it on him”
“You’re just jealous because…”
“Shut the fuck up!” I yelled and she flinched.
“That is not my child so get out this minute”
“Of course, it is and I’m here to stay” she sat on the one of the couches.
“I’m afraid you can’t stay here” Claire finally spoke. She’s been awfully silent ever since.
“And who are you?”
“I’m his sister-in-law and we are going to the hospital right now to do a DNA test” How is that even possible?
“I see you are pretty stupid to know that a DNA test can only be done when the baby is out and until then, I’m gonna be living here”
“Actually, you’re the stupid one. A DNA test can also done when the baby is in the womb. With the way the world is evolving, If you listened well in class you should probably know this”
“Yeah, Claire is right. Let’s go to the hospital” the expression on her face changed.
“You witch you’re planning to kill my baby in the hospital”
“How dare you talk to my brother’s fiancΓ©e that way?”
“Oh so you’re also screwing her too. I see one pussy can’t satisfy you”
“OK, that’s it. You’ve said too much, we are going to the hospital to do a DNA test and that’s final”
“What’s going on here?” Darrell asked walking into the sitting room.
“Darrell you’re back” Claire hugged him.
“Who’s she? and why is she here?”
“She’s Shakira and she’s claiming to be carrying Asher’s baby?”
“You fucked her without a condom? have you forgotten the DFGWC rule you made?”
“Wait a minute, what is the DFGWC rule?” Daniela asked confused.
“Didn’t fuck girls without condoms”
“What other rules did you guys come up with?”
“Don’t dick a pussy twice” πŸ˜‚
“What the hell, you guys are really brothers”
“And I thought Darrell was different” Claire muttered and we chuckled.
“Now back to the issue on ground. Who did you say got you pregnant?”
“What kind of question? Is that? Asher of course”
“Don’t fucking lie to me”
“I am not lying. It’s the truth”
Darrell smirked. “Let’s go for a DNA test then and if I find out you’re lying, I’m gonna kill you” she flinched as he said that .Obviously, she was afraid. Bitch.
“Asher…is the father of the baby” she stuttered.
“Why are you stuttering? I can see through you Shakira. You’re lying”
“I’m not”
“For a pregnant woman, you look pretty thin. Your legs and hands tell it all. It could be that you’re not feeding well. Even at that, you are still supposed to add on a little weight”
“What are trying to insinuate?”
“That you’re not pregnant, that you’re not Shakira and that you’re a fucking spy” she gasped as he said that. What the hell!
“I don’t know what you’re talking…about”
“OK. Let’s do this the hard way then”
“Dala take her down”
“Don’t fucking touch me. I’m pregnant” he ignored her and forced her on her knees.
Darrell made to touch her face but she stopped him.
“Don’t touch me”.
“Dala hold her down” he did as he was asked to do and Darrell soon peeled off the mask on her face revealing a woman that is not Shakira
“What the hell!”
“Greg sent you, didn’t he?”.
“You’re smart but he is still gonna kill you anyways” she smirked.
“Not if I kill him first. Now, you’re gonna lead me to him”
“Darrell what is going on here? I thought Shane is dead now, who is this greg guy?”
“He’s the man that is gonna kill you all”
“Shut up, no one asked you to talk”
“He was my former secretary. I should have killed him when I had the chance”
“You are gonna lead me to that bastard. If you don’t I will cut off your fingers one by one till you do”
“I ain’t telling you shit”
“Your choice then. Dala take her to the torture room”
“Yes Boss”
“Ahh” she screamed with tears rolling down from her eyes as Dala cut one of her fingers. I’m glad Daisy and Daniela ain’t here. I don’t think they can stand the sight.
“Are you ready to talk?”
“Fuck you!”
“Dala cut the second finger”
“Fuck! fine. I’ll talk”
“Good girl and don’t lie to me. That’s if you want to stay alive”
She nodded fearfully. “Now give me his location”
“I’m gonna revenge your death father. I promise you. I’m gonna kill Darrell and his fucking family” I muttered on dad’s grave as I dropped some flowers.
First, Gwen is going to pose as Shakira. She’s gonna manipulate Asher into distroying the bond, they share as brothers.
He’s pretty stupid and then also she’s gonna be my inside man and when, the time comes. I’m gonna destroy all of them one by one.
Darrell your end is near!
These brothers eh, see rulesπŸ˜‚
Greg be warned😠

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