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Burning romance chapter 62

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“You have to be careful Greg and don’t act rashly. Remember there is always peace before the storm. Let them think that they won and when they least expected, you strike”
“I promise I won’t let you down”
“You strike in a month’s time”
“They won’t know what hit them”
“Mr. Shane your time is up. Follow me back to your cell” the warden said walking closer to us.
I nodded and went with him back to my cell which was isolated from others. On getting to my cell, I felt something something sting my neck and I stared at the warden who was smirking at me.
“What did you do?” I asked huskily as I tried to breath.
“So sorry, just following orders” he said and pushed me to the ground as I struggled to breath. I fought to keep my eyes open. Darrell you will pay for this.
“Before, I forget there is a call for you. You have to just one minute to live and you might wanna hear what your cousin has to say” he smirked and placed the phone against my ears and Darrell’s voice came alive from the other end.
“Hey, uncle”
“I’m gonna kill you Darrell. I’m gonna kill you!”
“In your dreams uncle. Oh or maybe in your grave. Don’t worry, I will make sure to give you a befitting burial. It feels so good to know I killed you with the same poison you used in killing my father, I only increased the dosage. In your next life be good”
I gasped for breath and my eyes were slowly closing. With my last strength I yelled. “You’re gonna pay for this Darrell, I promise you”
I closed my eyes slowly and darkness followed.
“Bastard!” I muttered. I find that last sentence very disturbing.
“Finally, good riddance” Asher said and the door immediately flung open revealing Lee. What the hell does he want?
“Sir, we are so sorry” the two security men came running like puppies. I should probably fire them. This is the second time this is happening and it’s incompetence on thier part.
“I want to see your resignation letters before the end of today” πŸ˜‚
“Sir, please. It won’t happen again”
“I have a family sir. My wife just gave birth”
“Darrell let them be. I forced myself in”
“And who asked you to talk?” Asher yelled
“You two are dismissed and this should never happen again. I don’t care whatever excuse you will give but it happens again, you’re fired”
“It won’t sir. Thank you so much” they both scurried out.
“What do you want Lee? heard the news your father is dead” Asher said and I smiled.
“My… father is… dead. You killed him?” he stuttered.
“Like, he wasn’t gonna try to kill us anyways. Don’t you know it is wise to kill your enemies before they kill you?”
“I know my father did a lot of terrible things…”
“Like you didn’t do worse”
“Asher let him talk” he sighed defeated and kept quite.
“Look I know I have done a lot of bad stuff and I’m sorry”
“Yeah, seriously? your dad put you up to this right?”
“No, he didn’t. I’m sincere” I took my time to study him as he talked and he looked really sincere. Yeah, I’ve got a lie detector in my brain πŸ˜‚.
“Get the fuck out now!” Asher yelled and I had to come him down. Asher has deep hatred for Lee maybe because he had fucked his first true girlfriend and posted the sex video on the school’s website.
He really loved her a lot and because of that they ended up breaking up. Scars are constant reminders of the pain we once felt, some scars can stay through out a lifetime.
Obviously, Asher still got those scars and he’s pretty good at covering them up. One of the reasons why Asher never had a girlfriend for a long time and he continued his Casanova nature and it became worse than before.
Also did same to Zasha, I didn’t really like her so I literally felt nothing, dad was the one pushing her to me and I used that chance to end things with her.
Actually if there’s anything, I think I’m thankful to him making my burden lessen. Where he almost crossed the line, was when he tried to get Daisy but she’s not like others and she’s forever loyal to me as I am to her.😍
“Hey, Asher calm down. He’s sincere and his dad didn’t send him”
“What do you mean? his dad didn’t send him?”
“It still doesn’t change anything. Whether or not his dad sent him or not. You hurt the lives of a lot of people. Don’t expect to get forgiven easily or maybe I may never even forgive you. Leave now!”
“Leave!” he yelled and I signalled for Lee to leave. He nodded and walked out of the office.
“Son of a bitch!”
“Lee is the least of our problems Asher. He seems sincere and that means he won’t be coming after us”
“So it’s over?”
“No, it’s not over”
“What do you mean? Shane is dead, Lee like you said won’t be coming after us”
“Hey, listen. When Shane spoke on the phone he sounded so sure that he was gonna make me pay, even when it was obvious that he was gonna die”
“He hates us, it’s normal I think for a person to say trash before they die”
“Believe it or not. Something is coming, something big, I can fucking feel it. Shane was serious about making me pay because he already gave someone the job”
“What? even in death. He is still hunting us”
“Shane wants us to think we’ve won and they we let our guards down and when we least expected the enemy strikes. There is always peace before the storm and it looks like, we are gonna be have that peace for a long time maybe a month, two months. It’s still uncertain” I said racking my brain.
“Who do you think he sent to kill us?”
“Definitely not a hitman but someone who has deep hatred for us. Some who seeks revenge, someone just like him, someone he trust, someone we may have met?”
“Who do you think it is?”
“Okay, my brain is not a computer. I still need to think about it” I rolled my eyes and he chuckled softly.
“Gregory” I said after a few minutes of silence.
“What? the spy secretary?”
“Yeah, I could see the hatred in his eyes that day on the interview and he tried to obviously cover it up but couldn’t”
“Shane just dug their graves together then”
“Exactly. Tell Carlos to pull up all the information he has on that bastard and also, it’s confidential”
“I will do just that. I should leave now” I nodded and be walked out of my office.
I see you don’t give up easily Shane. Just watch me tear that Gregory of a guy into pieces if he does anything to hurt my family.
“Now that’s weird” I muttered on our way home.
“Of course, it is. I can’t believe Lee just apologized. What has gotten into him?”
“Maybe, he changed?” I shrugged.
“People like Lee never change. I doubt that”
“Maybe, we should stop talking about Lee and talk about more important things”
“Remember the party we got invited to…”
“I was serious when I said I’m not going. I’m pregnant and the least thing I should be thinking of is going to a party and getting drunk which will definitely harm my babies or dancing with some horny kid who may wanna have a taste of my pussy and that would mean, cheating on Darrell”
“We all know you hate alcohols and no guy will dare touch you as long as I’m there.
“You will probably be drunk by then. It’s still a no for me”
“It’s so hard to convince you sometimes” I chuckled as she said that.
“Oh my God!” she gasped at something on her phone.
“What is it?”
“Shane is dead”
“He is, that’s great news. At least now we can have peace”
“I guess you are right”
I walked into the sitting room feeling exhausted. Darrell had to stay back said he had to issues to sort out at the office so I went ahead of him.
“Asher, you’re back” Daniela squealed and jumped on me as she kissed me. It was slow and passionate as our tongues fought for dominance.
“Get a room” we heard Claire giggle and we had to stop kissing.
“Where is Darrell?”
“In the office, had a few more things to do”
“Where is my little nephew?”
“Sir, someone is here to see you”
“Who is that?”
“I don’t really know, she says you know her and she has some important information for you?” Who could that be? why will someone wanna see me? what information? only one way to find out.
“Let her in”
“Okay sir”
“Do you think you did the right thing by letting her in?”
“Of course, I need to find out what she came for and who she is”
Some minutes, later, Fengge walked in with a pregnant woman, she looked familiar. Really familiar. What the hell is she doing here?
“It’s great you remember me”
“Asher, who’s she?”
“I’m his wife and can’t you see I’m carrying his baby”
“What the hell are you talking about?” we fucked that’s all, no strings attached and that was before Daniela and I started dating. It was just a one night stand at the club. Fuck! she’s gonna misunderstand everything.
“I’m pregnant Asher and since I’m carrying your baby I’m gonna be your wife soon”
“Asher what is she talking about?” Daniela yelled…
Asher your dick has put you in troubleπŸ˜‚
Who is this Shakira?πŸ™„
God I need a brain like Darrell’sπŸ˜‚πŸ™

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