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Burning romance chapter 60

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
Today was really fun with Tasha being around. After that interruption by Asher, we later decided to swim by the lush garden setting backyard swimming pool and we ate dinner together after that I put Zach to sleep.
The backyard swimming pool was damn beautiful, there is also an indoor Oasis swimming pool in the gym. I swim there most times though but honestly I have never been to the backyard pool before, I didn’t even know there is one.
There is an artificial waterfall just besides the servants quarters whose water ran into the blue lake close to the mansion.
The lake had an artificial fountain at the center and at night both the water fall and fountain display beautiful colors.
I also mentioned before when I first came here that there were beautiful trees and beautiful carpet grasses gave it a beautiful scenery.
Just imagine the type of luxury and Paradise we were living in.
If anyone would have told me I would have a man as wealthy as Darrell and man who also loved me as much as Darrell does, I probably wouldn’t have believed but here I am leaving the life I never imagined I would.
I guess fate decided to shine on my side after being through a lot. I guess I’m talking too much already.πŸ˜‚
It was finally time for Tasha and her husband to leave.
“Xander and I will be here for a week. Maybe we can hang out together sometime and do some shopping at my boutique. Don’t worry I’ll give you guys wonderful discounts”
“We know you will. I’m glad you came we had a lot of fun”
“Yeah, me too”
“So bye girls”
“Bye cousin” Asher pulled her into a hug.
“Bye” We all said our goodbyes and they finally departed.
“I can’t believe we had a backyard pool in this house and I knew nothing about it” I mumbled as we walked into the house.
“You never asked” Darrell chuckled.
“I wonder if there is also a money tree in this house”
“There is”
“Two actually” Asher said grinning.
“Really? you’ve got to be kidding me”
“Darrell and I are the two money trees”
“Birds of a feather, you both are so full of yourselves” I muttered and they chuckled.
“I totally agree”
“Sunshine I can’t believe you are supporting Claire”
“Sunshine, wow that’s new” I rolled my eyes and Darrell chuckled.
“You know Tasha was right about you having a sugarcoated tongue”
“She really said that?”
“And that you were a Casanova and a playboy in your school days”
“God, remind me to kill Tasha”
“Wait for Xander then”
“You girls don’t really know how to gossip and keep secrets” Darrell said chuckling.
“Yeah, they suck at it” Asher breath out.
“Look there is really nothing to be ashamed of, after all we all had some past we are really not proud of. What matters is that those things stay in the past and they don’t affect our present and future” I said.
“I guess you are right” Asher muttered.
“Wow, no one told you could be a motivational speaker” Darrell said and I chuckled.
“Come on, let’s retire to bed”
“I’m sorry” she said as we walked into the room. I furrowed my brows at her confused.
“For what?”
“Tasha told me about how you were going to confess your feelings for me but didn’t because you caught me on bed with Kelly. It just kinda of made me guilty”
“Geez, she really said a lot of things”
“Are you mad at her?”
“Not really but hey that happened about eight months ago it really shouldn’t bother you besides I was at fault for not telling you how I felt earlier. If I did, you probably won’t have done that. Just like Claire said it’s all in the past now and it should remain in the past”
“I love you so much Asher” she hugged me tight.
“I love you so much more” I kissed her hair.
“How about we make those babies we talked about?”
“You’re such a pervert just like your brother”
“Wait a minute, did you girls gossip about our dick size?”
“We don’t need to because yours is small”
“God, you’re so mean. We both know it’s not small” I pouted and she laughed.
“It is”
“How about I show you how big it is?” I smirked and swept her off her feet carrying her on my arms in a bridal carry.
“What the hell! Asher put me down” She yelled and I dropped her on the bed.
“Don’t scream too much because I won’t go easy on you. I suggest you don’t go to school tomorrow because you may have difficulty in walking”🀣
“God, I’m in trouble” she muttered. I’m glad she knows that.πŸ˜‚ That’s her punishment for calling my dick small. I’m so gonna fuck her brains out.
“Ahhh Asher, I’m gonna cum again” she screamed as I fucked her from behind hitting her g-spot. I told her.πŸ˜‚
“God, this feels so good” she moaned and squirted on my dick. What the fuck!
I spanked her ass and increased the pace of my thrusts.
“Oh God, I’m gonna cum again” her core tightened around me and I felt my dick twitch. I groaned and came in her.
We both fell to the bed breathing heavily.
“You still think I’ve got a small dick. I made you cum five times” I smirked and she glared at me.
“And you broke my waist in the process. You’re so mean”
“I warned you”
“Fuck you!”
“I just did unless you want a second round. Just so you know, you might end up using a wheelchair for a week”
“Meany. Asher you’re so wicked”
“You really shouldn’t underestimate me you know” I grinned and she huffed.
“Yeah, right”
“You’re still awake?” Darrell asked getting out of bed. It’s just 11:32 pm at night. I stayed up a little late to read.
I have to read to get good grades. I don’t wanna go through the back door.
“I’m almost done besides I’ve just been up for two hours and a thirty minutes”
“It’s great to see you studying, you don’t know how proud I am but you’re carrying my babies and you need a lot rest. I don’t want you stressing yourself too much. Two hours of studying at night is okay but not more than two hours. You can also try studying on your free time in the school’s library”
“But Darrell…”
“I’m gonna pee by the time I come back, you should be in bed” with that, he walked into the bathroom.
Why does he have to be domineering sometimes? I guess he cares too much about me.
I closed my books and headed to the bed. I laid on the bed and drew the duvet up. He came back into the room and laid beside me.
He cuddled me softly in his arms and sighed.
“Are you mad that I didn’t let you stay up some more?”
“No, I understand that you care about me and you want the best for me. I guess you are right I shouldn’t stress myself out since I’m pregnant” He kissed my forehead and I smiled softly.
“Good night Daisy”
“Good night”
I walked into the gym hoping to see Darrell there and there he was lifting two dumbbells in both hands.
He was looking all sweaty with his chest left bare and he was on his pajamas bottom and damn he looked so hot.
Yeah, it’s morning already, just a few minutes to five and I feel weird today.
Weird as in horny. Damn, I hate to admit it. Pregnancy hormones I guess, the doctor said some women tend to have high libido in their first and second trimester. I know Darrell, he’s definitely gonna take advantage of that.
“You’re not gonna stand there all day. Are you?”
I chuckled and walked up to him and he dropped the dumbbells.
“You look hot” I bit my lips and he furrowed his brows.
“Wait are you horny or something?” How did he know? Is it that obvious?
“You need a fuck?” he smirked and I nodded. He held my waist and turned me around. I felt my ass touched his growing erection.
“Darrell we are in the gym. What if some walks in?” I gasped softly when I felt his breath on my neck
He kissed my neck and squeezed my breast in his hand. I moaned softly and bit my lips.
“Your nipples are so sensitive now” he whispered against my neck and all I could do was moan from his touch.
One of his hands went into my pajamas bottom. I moaned softly when I felt two of his fingers slide into my wet core.
“Fuck you’re so wet” he muttered as he thrusted his fingers into me. I moaned loudly and he turned me around and kissed me probably because of my moans.
His fingers slide into my wet core again and I moaned in his mouth. He fingered me till I came on his fingers. He slide his fingers out of me and shoved it into my mouth so I could taste myself.
He made to kiss me again when…
“Mummy, daddy” Oh God, not now πŸ˜‚
Zach come spoil show πŸ˜‚
Asher is bad oo and Darrell too.
Daniela hope you enjoyed your punishmentπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
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