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Burning romance chapter 58&59

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
CHAPTER 58 & 59πŸ’
They all chuckled as I said that, “Huh? praying?”
“Yes Zach, they are praying”
“I want to pray too, I should go join them in praying. Hopefully, mum will stop being mad at me”
“It’s a special prayer for adults only” I rolled my eyes. It’s so hard to convince this kid.
“Why does everything have to be adult stuff?”
“That’s the way, it is Zach. When you grow up you will definitely know how to pray like that”
He sighed, “OK”
“Asher, you really haven’t changed at all. Still as funny as ever” Tasha smiled.
“I guess so”
“Finally I thought you guys were never gonna end your praying session” Darrell raised his brow and chuckled while Claire blushed.
“Mummy, daddy uncle Asher said you both were praying” he glared at me and I chuckled.
“Yes, Zach. Mummy and I were praying. Serious prayers and I believe our prayers have been answered” we all laughed as he said that.
“Geez Asher looks like you’ve added Darrell to your crew”
“Actually, Claire did all that not me. She kinda of changed Darrell”
“She really did a great job, the Darrell I know barely smiles”
“Mummy are you still mad at me?” Zach pouted sadly.
Claire sighed, “I’m not mad at you anymore. I just don’t want get hurt”
“I won’t, I promise I will be careful”
She nodded, “Have you done your home work?
“No” he pouted.
“And you watched TV? you should know your studies should be your top priority. Not just about doing your homework but also about reading your books”
“I’m sorry mummy. I won’t watch TV again unless I do my homework and read”
“Come on, let’s go get your homework done and after that you’re gonna nap for one hour”
“I hate naps”
“Napping is good make your little brains sharp”
“But mummy I don’t have a little brain”
“What then do you have?”
“A big brain like daddy’s”
“That’s my son” Darrell hi fived Zach.
“OK Mr. Big brains, come on let’s do your homework”
“OK mummy” he giggled and ran upstairs with Claire.
“Wow, cous. What the hell are you waiting for? get married to her already, women like her are rare. I mean look at the way she dots on Zach like he is hers”
“You don’t need to tell me about it. I’m gonna wed her soon”
“Seriously not all women would do what she’s doing right now”
“Claire has been through a lot in the hands of her evil step dad and step mom so she definitely understands what it feels like to be maltreated and how much she longed to have a normal life. With this experience, I don’t think she would want Zach to go through all of that in her hands” Daniela said.
“All the same, she’s still a good person… Some women will actually transfer the frustration on the child”
“Claire already loved Zach even before she found out she was my brother’s son”
“OK, enough talk about my woman. Let’s talk about something else”
“Baby does that mean if I have a chi…”
“Don’t even think of it Xander, you both won’t even step your feet into the house”
“Whoa, that was just a joke baby”
“A bad one”
“That reminds me Darrell you really haven’t told us to outcome of the test you guys went to do in the hospital”
“The babies are fine”
“Babies? Claire is carrying twins or something?”
“Actually it’s triplets”
“Geez that’s gonna be really stressful when she’s heavy. I don’t wish to have triplets but all the same, I’m happy for her” Daniela said and I chuckled.
“Then we can go for quadruplets”
“What the hell, no way. That’s even worse, maybe twins will do”
“Twins it is, so when are we starting?”
“Asher, you’re crazy”
“I know”πŸ˜‚
“And done”
“Thank you mummy”
“You are welcome Zach” I smiled and helped him put his books back into his bag.
“Zach it’s time for a nap”
“But mu…”
“Do you want mummy to get mad at you?”
“No mummy. I’ll sleep” he sighed and laid on the bed.
“Mummy when am I getting a sibling?”
“Soon Zach. Mummy is pregnant” I giggled.
“Really? I’m gonna have a sibling soon”
“Actually, it’s siblings. Mummy is pregnant with three babies”
“I’m gonna have three siblings. I can’t wait”
“I know you are excited but you still need a nap. Remember you’re gonna be a big brother soon”
“Thank you mom”
I furrowed my brows at him, “For what?”
“For taking me in as your son. You are the best mummy I can ever ask for. You are God sent mom”
“Seriously Zach, don’t make mummy get emotional. You’re also God sent and your daddy too. I’m happy to have you both in my life” I sniffled.
He smiled and closed his eyes and I think he fell asleep.
“I love you mummy” he sleep talked and I kissed his forehead before walking out of his room. I love you too Zach.
“Come on girls, let’s go have a girls time” Tasha giggled.
“I’m in”
“What the hell. What girls time?”
“You mean gossip time, they are probably gonna gossip about our dick size” Asher said and we frowned.
“Asher you’re crazy”
We giggled and walked into one of the guest room.
“Your boyfriend is crazy Daniela, I can’t believe he said we were gonna talk about their dick size”
“Asher has always been crazy but I love him still”
“That’s the spirit girl. You know when Asher told me you guys were dating now, I was surprised”
“You knew about me before?”
“Of course, I know about all of you. Asher and I also talked on facetime”
“Wow, now I’m jealous”
“You don’t have to be. Asher loved you Daniela from the very first day he set his eyes on you”
“From the first day? That’s about a year ago. Why did he have to wait that long to tell me about how he felt?”
“He was shy” I butted in.
“That’s right. Asher was damn shy, when he told me about you, I told him to ask you out but he said he couldn’t”
“I was surprised you know, Asher isn’t the shy type in fact he was a complete playboy in high school and college and he was known for his sugarcoated tongue. Being a basketball player, he fucked both Darrell’s fans and his. Darrell wasn’t really interested in women but Asher was. He felt he was helping his brother have the fun he was missing”
I chuckled. Thank God, Darrell wasn’t a CasanovaπŸ˜‚.
“I’m in trouble then”
“Well, he’s changed now because of you. After convincing him for months to tell you about how he felt, he finally agreed to”
“He did? what happened?”
“You don’t wanna know”
“Of course, I do”
“Come on tell us already”
“Well, he caught you on bed with one of the male servants”
“He… he saw that?”
“He did and after that, he kinda of gave up on you”
“That’s sad but it’s great you guys are together now”
“Yeah, all thanks to you Claire. If you and Danielle didn’t intervene we probably wouldn’t have dated”
“I’m glad I could help after all, you’re my bestie”
“Awnnn, I’m blushing”
“You’re crazy just like your boyfriend”
“Shut up”
“Wow, I admire the bond you both share. I wish I had a friend like you guys”
“We are a trio but we can add you to the group making us a quartet so you can be our friend even though you’re kinda of older”
“Really? awnnn thank you so much” she hugged us.
“You’re welcome”
“I don’t mean to poke into your love affair but how did you do it you know? How did you change Xander, I heard he has anger issues”
“We are friends now, you should feel free to ask me questions”
“It wasn’t easy at first, I hated dad for giving me a, man like Xander and I also hated him too. I was engaged before I was forced to marry him, you know how it feels when you don’t get to marry the love of your life, we were together for more than six years and still didn’t end up together”
“That must have been really painful”
“Of course it was. When I got married to Xander, I didn’t do any house chores on purpose, didn’t cook for him and I even denied him sex because I wanted him to get tired of me and send me out of the house instead I got beaten not knowing Xander was a no nonsense man with anger issues”
“I felt sad though, luckily he didn’t rape me but he beat me up constantly”
“Your relationship with him started rough”
“Yeah, it did. When I told dad about it, he said it was my punishment for always defiling him. He didn’t even care if I died”
“That was really mean of him”
“When I told Asher about it, he said he could help me get away from him if I wanted to and he was also gonna deal with him for beating up his cousin”
“He really said that?”
“Yeah, my crazy cousin said that” we laughed as she said that.
“I also asked Darrell for help he gave me a simple advice ‘Geez, Tasha. You should also understand that your husband has serious anger issues. Obviously, he had a rough childhood. The guy is a man, how on earth would you starve him of sex? and you don’t even do any chores Don’t blame him if he brings women home.Try being a better wife to him you know and just maybe, he would also become a better man for you. You should also try praying you know’.”
“Wow, Darrell said that?”
“No one told me he was a marriage counsellor and a priest too” Claire muttered and we chuckled.
“I didn’t know it too”
“Did he really have a rough childhood?”
“Well yes. His mom and dad were always fighting or maybe his dad was always beating his mom”
“No wonder he became like that”
“Yeah… Well that night Darrell advised me, the worse happened”
“What happened?”
“He brought another woman home”
“What the fuck is Darrell a prophet or what?”
“Maybe he is. They both had sex on our matrimonial bed. I got so mad hearing her moan under my husband. It then dawned on me that he wasn’t going to send me away instead he wanted me run away myself”
“I can’t believe that’s the same Xander in our sitting room”
“Me too”
“I disrupted the sex they were having and I ended up chasing the girl out and also got myself beaten”
“I did what Darrell asked me to do, try being a better wife to him. I cleaned the house, did the laundry, washed the dishes, cooked his food and I also prayed”
“Didn’t you guys have a maid or something? It must have been really stressful”
I chuckled, “A maid? no one wanted to live in the same house with him not even a maid”
“That was serious”
“When he woke up that morning, he was surprised with the change of things. He didn’t eat my food that morning because he thought I poisoned”
“That was mean”
“On a second thought, who wouldn’t think that way. He knew I hated him so much and I woke up one morning and became nice to him and even prepared breakfast? If you were in his shoes, you would definitely do same”
“This continued for weeks. Well, one day I confronted for not eating my food, for acting like I’m invisible and for always beating me up. I also told him I was getting tired of the marriage”
“And you got beaten after that?” Claire asked.
“I didn’t get beaten. Obviously, he was getting soft and he kinda of ate my food that morning. I had to taste it first though”
“I knew it was time to strike so that night I planned to seduce him” I grinned.
“What the hell!”
“Now it’s getting juicyπŸ˜‹”
“Well, that night, I wore a really short red sexy lace lingerie nightgown and thong panties and no bra. There is no way, he would have been able resist that. I mean it’s just like wearing a net on a naked body”
“You’re so bad”
“Of course, I was showing him my asset”πŸ˜‚
I was in the sitting anxiously waiting for him to come home. I heard the bell chime and I giggled and opened the door for him.
“Hey baby” I kissed and he took the opportunity to look at my nightgown. He had a surprise look on his face and his eyes darkened as it held a lustful gaze.
“What are wearing?” he asked in a husky voice. I smiled innocently knowing he was obviously getting aroused. I was just gonna tease him enough to make him slam my back against the wall and fuck me.
I rolled my eyes, “A nightgown? Come on let’s go to the room. You should freshen up, I made dinner” I took his briefcase from him and headed to the stairs.
He followed me closely behind and I made sure to shake my ass knowing fully well he was behind me. (see temptationπŸ˜‚)
“Fuck!” I heard him mutter. We soon got to our room and I pretended to try opening the door of the room but couldn’t making sure to bend down a little making a little part of my ass naked to him.
He pressed his bulge against my ass and grabbed hold of my butt cheeks planting rough kisses on my neck. I bit my lips and tried so hard not to moan.
“Xander what are you doing?” I asked innocently. He held my waist and turned me to face him.
“I should be the one asking you that. What are you trying to do? I thought you would have left by now”
“Why should I leave? after all, you’re my husband”
“You shouldn’t stay with me Tasha. I don’t deserve you”
“We are in this together and I’m not giving up on you just yet”
“Why? why don’t you just runaway like the others”
“Because I love you Xander”
“You love me? even though, I beat you up. Who would want to stay with a man like me?”
“I would”
“You wanna stay? fine stay. You should know I’m your husband and you can’t deny me sex”
“Who’s denying you sex?” I smirked.
“Make love to me Xander. I want you now” he grabbed hold of my ass and carried me on his torso.
“Gladly” he claimed my lips slowly in his mouth and we had sex.
“The next morning, he served me breakfast on bed”
“Yeah and after that, he promised never to hit me again”
“Even when you made a mistake or annoyed him?” Daniela asked.
“Yeah, since then he has never raised his hands to hit me again”
“I’m glad you guys sorted out your differences”
“It wouldn’t have been possible if your hubby didn’t give me good advice”
She chuckled, “I guess so but we are not yet married though”
“But he’s planning to and you’re even carrying his babies. I’m definitely gonna attend your wedding”
“Of course, you would”
“I’m gonna be your bridesmaid”
“Sure thing but your sister is gonna be my chief bridesmaid”
“You have a sister?”
“A twin sister actually”
“That’s cool. I would love to meet her”
“You will soon”
“What the hell are you girls still doing in there?” we heard Asher yell from outside.
“Gossiping of course” πŸ˜‚
“Lee we have to act fast and destroy them all or Darrell will kill me before I even get a trial”
“This is where I can help you to Dad. I can’t go any further. I wanna change and be different from you”
“What are you talking about? I didn’t raise you to be a coward”
“It’s not cowardice, it’s repentance. I thought about what Tasha told me and I’ve decided to turn a new leave”
“Tasha, that bitch. How dare you back stab me Lee?”
“Dad can’t you see? What ever evil plans we make, we also loose. Maybe you should apologize to Darrell”
“Never! get out of my sight you bastard. I’m gonna destroy all of you”…
Shane you nor dey tire πŸ˜‚.
See seduction oo. Tasha na baddo πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
This life sha just do your part and let God do the rest, just like in the case of Tasha.

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