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Burning romance chapter 57

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“What the hell? why would you think of becoming a policeman?” I yelled.
“I won’t even allow it. You are the son of a billionaire, why would you even think of wanting to endanger your life by being a policeman?” Darrell yelled.
“We told him so”
“But daddy…” his eyes were teary.
“Go to your room. There is no way I’m letting you become a policeman”
“Now!” Darrell yelled and he ran into his room in tears.
“Maybe you are being too harsh on him” I told him and he sighed ruffling his hair.
“Maybe I was but I hate the fact that he is actually thinking of becoming a policeman”
“You both should try talking to him” Asher said and Daniela sighed.
“Maybe, we should”
We both walked into his room where he Zach was shedding tears.
“Zach” I called and he raised his head to look at us. I sat beside him while Darrell stood
“Mummy, daddy. Do you hate me?” be sniffled
“No, Zach we don’t hate you. We only hate your choice of profession”
“Zach, daddy is sorry for yelling at you but think of the choices you are about to make. Being a policeman is noble profession but it comes with sacrifices. You know that one day you may never come home to your family. You are my first son and we don’t wanna loose you”
He sniffled, “You are not gonna loose me. I already thought about it”
“You are still a kid, Zach. Maybe waiting till you are grown up. If you don’t change your mind before you clock eighteen, then we won’t stop you” Why the hell would he say that?
“Really?” he giggled.
“Darrell, how can you say that? I can’t believe you are support of him being a policeman”
“Daisy I’m not in support of his decision but we can’t stop him if that’s what he wants to be”
“There is no way I’m letting you become a policeman. That’s ridiculous”
Despite the fact that I’m not his biological mother but I take him as my son and there’s is no way I’m gonna let him endanger his life. I bet his mother would want that too.
“But mummy…”
“I’m outta of here” I told them and walked out of the room in anger.
“I think she’s mad at me” I heard Zach mutter. Of course, I am. I am very mad at him for choosing a profession that would endanger his life and that of his family. I can’t believe Darrell is in support.
I sighed as Daisy left the room. She’s really difficult sometimes. I am not in support of Zach been a policemen, I don’t even like the idea but if that’s what he wants be, can I really stop him?
I don’t really have the right the determine my child’s profession.
“Daddy please talk to mummy to stop being mad at me. I love her and I hate it when she gets mad at me”
“You love mummy more than me?”
“Maybe a little” he giggled.
“Ah, that’s not fair and you want me to talk to her?”
“Yes, because she’s gonna be your wife soon”
“Mummy is concerned about your welfare but I will talk to her”
“Thank you Daddy”
“Are you sure you really want to be a police officer?”
“Yes daddy” I hope he changes his mind soon.
“Daisy” Darrell called as he walked into our room. I was on the bed taking a nap and at the same time boiling in anger.
“I don’t wanna talk to you right now. I’m still very mad at you”
“I’m not in support of whatever thing Zach wants to be. He might just be saying it out of childish exuberance and that’s why I want him to grow up and think about it carefully”
“What if he still wanna be a policemen even after he’s grown up?”
“Then I’m afraid we can’t stop him. I will be a dream killer if we do so”
I breath sharply when I felt his hands on my waist and his breath fanned my neck. When did he get on the bed?
Pervert! we are talking about his son and he’s trying to seduce meπŸ˜‚.
“Like I care, you are his father. You should persuade him and don’t think of seducing me, it won’t work” I smacked his hands off my waist moved away from him.
He chuckled and moved closer to me. I tried to move again but he pinned my hands to bed and hovered on top of me.
“Darrell, I was serious when I said no sex for you” I told him and ignored me and took off his suit shirt. My eyes fell on his flawless abs and I swallowed hard. Why is it so hard to resist Darrell?
“I don’t think so” he muttered smirking as he lowered his lips to mine.
“Darr…” he kissed my lips at once cutting me off from from speaking further. I felt my whole body heat up as he kissed me tenderly and passionately.
My hands caressed his back as I moaned softly in his mouth. He lips went for my neck planting soft kisses on them as he cuddled my breast in his hands.
“Darrell” I moaned and bit my lips. He took off my crop top and unclasped my bra and I think he flung it to God knows where.
He bit his lips as he stared at my topless self.
“Damn, you are beautiful Daisy” he muttered and his lips immediately went for one of my nipple. He cupped the other breast in his hands and squeezed them softly.
After pleasuring my nipples to his satisfaction, he took off my jeans trouser. He let out a gasp as he sighted a knife and a gun in my thigh hostler.
“You carry a knife too?” he asked and I took off my panties and my thigh hostler.
“Yeah, it’s for defense anyways. Your enemies are so many I need to protect myself”
“I guess you are right. I’m sorry that I have to put you through all these”
“Darrell please don’t spoil the mood and make love to me already. I’m not complaining”
“I thought you said you didn’t want it” he smirked.
“You already put me in the mood, you have to complete what you started or maybe I should complete it for you” I pushed him on the bed and sat on his torso.
“I’m in charge now”
“Woah, you like being in charge?”
“Yes” I kissed him and the same time my hands fiddled with his zipper. I brought our his dick and stroked it my hands.
He moaned in my mouth and muttered, “Fuck Daisy”
It took me seconds to take off his trousers and boxers completely. I bit my lips and stared at his raging erection.
“How about we try out a 69 position?”
“We watch too much porn” he told me and I chuckled.
“So we are trying it then”
“Maybe, we are” I turned backwards and straddled my knees on his head and at the same time, his dick was on my face.
I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him like a lollipop πŸ˜‹. Darrell is so big and I like it.πŸ˜‚
He groaned and almost the same time, I felt his lips on my core. It was so intense as we were both pleasuring each other at the same time.
The moans that erupted from my mouth was muffled as we sucked on each other’s genitals crazily.
We soon came in each other’s mouth and I straddled him in reverse cowgirl position with my ass facing him.
“What the hell” he muttered. I inserted his dick slowly into my core and we both moaned at the penetration.
I rammed my core up and down on his dick and then backwards and forward and then rolled my core in a circular motion.
“Fuck! where the hell did you learn to fuck like that?” he groaned holding my ass as his fingers went for my clit and flicked on it.
“Fuck! I’m cumming” I moaned loudly and came on his dick. Without, letting my orgasm subside, he turned me around and made me lie on my chest. He raised my hips up a bit and parted my legs open slightly. What the fuck!
“Now I’m in charge. Since we are both trying new positions, maybe we should try this out” he whispered into my ears and penetrated me from behind.
“Oh God” I moaned loudly and he drilled me hard till we both came.
“You know you should stop being mad at Zach” he told me as he cuddled me in his arms.
“I’m not really mad at him, I’m just mad at his choice of profession”
He nodded, “Come on, let’s go freshen up”
“Where the fuck is Darrell and Claire? we’ve been here for over thirty minutes, yet no sign of them” Tasha said.
She told us everything that happened and how Claire saved Xander. Claire is pretty brave and yeah, she also got to meet Zach.
She said he’s adorable and yeah, we also told her about dream of becoming a police officer and she supported himπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ saying, he can whatever he wants to be as long as it’s decent. I don’t support itπŸ˜’
“They are both in the room” I grinned.
“What are they doing in the room?”
“You know what normal couples do in the room when they are together”
“Oh, that”
“Uncle Asher, what is mummy and daddy doing in the room?”
“They are praying” πŸ˜‚…
Asher will not kill me with laugh oo πŸ˜‚
Hmm, Darrell and Claire, I dey see una oo πŸ˜ƒ
I would have posted last night but by the time, I finished tying this chapter, it was very late at night, so I decided to post it this morning but don’t worry I will give you guys a chapter tomorrow.

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