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Burning romance chapter 55

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Dad, should I get you hot water to you know, to press your face”
“Are you mocking me? get out of my sight you coward”
“Sorry oo. I’m leaving now”
“Bastard” I muttered. You just added yourself to the list Xander. I’m gonna make sure you pay for this humiliation. Killing you won’t be a bad idea.
I put across to one of my assassins. Xander must die today.
“Hello Boss”
“Scorpion, I have a job for you”
“Okay, who do you want me to kill this time?”
“Xander Hudson, I will send you his picture right now” I sent the picture to him immediately.
“This guy is a handsome man. You want to just waste him like that”
“How those that concern me? name your price”
“One thousand dollars”
“Done. I’ll transfer half of the money to your account now, make sure you do a smooth job”
“Sure boss. Give us his location”
“He is likely to be in the Mount Elizabeth Hospital and don’t touch the woman beside him, she is my daughter”
“Consider it done” I smiled and ended the call. I quickly transferred half of the money to his account.
“Dad, who was that?”
“None of your business. Go get me a first aid box and cold compress and be fast about it”
“Of course, it’s my business. Who was that?” he crossed his arms and stared at me.
“Lee get me a cold compress now you coward of a son”
“I didn’t want what happened before to repeat itself. I did have an encounter with that guy before and I got seriously beaten. Remember the day I came back home with a swollen face when I was nineteen, that motherfucker did that to me”
“He did that to you?”
“Yeah, I hit his car when I was over speeding. I was supposed to apologize but I didn’t, instead I was busy ranting and insulting him so I got beaten”
“Too bad, he won’t be alive to beat people anymore” I muttered.
“What? Dad are planning on killing him? was that the hitman you just contacted?”
“Yes, you should be lucky, I’m taking revenge for the both of us”
“No, no, no, Dad. Tasha is pregnant, killing him will mean making her a widow at a young age and making her unborn child, fatherless”
“Like, I care. She’s better off without him anyways. Who beats up their father-in-law?”
“No dad. You can’t do this, think about how Tasha will feel?”
“Since when did you care about Tasha, I thought you hated her”
“I don’t really like her though and her husband but for the sake of her unborn child, please don’t kill her husband. The child is innocent”
“You are getting soft Lee and I hate it. I need to toughen you up a little. Don’t think of betraying me because of your useless sister, I will forget that you are my son and kill you. Be warned”
“Dad, how can you say such a thing?”
“I have two useless children from two useless mothers”
“Dad, leave my mom out of this”
“Fuck you and your useless bitchy mother. Now go get me what I asked you to get”
He stared at me with disdain and walked into the kitchen.
“Don’t try to doublecross me Lee, I was serious about killing you”
“Are you okay?” I asked her on our way home.
“I guess I’m fine. I almost had a panic attack when the bazooka exploded in front of us. I thought I was gonna die” she sobbed and my heart melted.
“But you didn’t, thanks to Claire. I promise you sunshine, we are gonna put an end to my evil uncle”
“Sunshine? since when did you give me a nickname?”
“Since today” I whispered smiling.
“I love you Asher”
“I think I should get a nickname too”
She chuckled, “Tell me you love me too”
“I love you so much more”I kissed her lips.
“And we are here” I whispered and we got down from the car.
“Uncle Asher, uncle Asher is here and Aunty Daniela” Zach giggled and ran to hug me and I lifted him up.
“Hey kiddo, how was school today?”
“Not bad. Daddy got to know that I have a crush”
“You have a crush?” I asked surprised.
“Your mummy is gonna freak out when she learns about this. My sister actually told me that Claire is strict about these things”
“Yes but daddy says it has to be books before girls” he sighed.
“You know he is right”
“Of course”
“Yeah, that reminds me, no one told me mom was a superhero. Look at how, she took care of the bad guys. It was amazing” he squealed.
“Yeah, your mom is pretty super”
“Superheros are meant to save scared people like Aunty Daniela” I laughed as he said that.
“I was not scared” she frowned.
“You were”
“Yeah, whatever. Who wouldn’t be scared?”
“Uncle Asher, I wanna become a policeman…”
“What?” Daniela and I yelled.
“Did I say something wrong?”
“Why on earth would you want to be a policeman? your dad is wealthy for crying out loud” Daniela said.
“But that has been my dream and my former daddy supported me” he pouted.
“Your aunt is right. Claire would not even hear of it, talk less of my brother. Choose another profession instead”
“A soldier?”
“No, that’s even worse”πŸ˜‚
“OMG! Darrell, I think I forgot my purse in the hospital”
“What? why should you forget your purse in the hospital? Are you a baby or something?
“No time to ask questions, just reverse back”
“It’s still hard to believe a grown up lady forgot her purse. ”
“Darrell, were you not in the hospital with me, why didn’t you remind me to take it” I glared at him.
“How was I supposed to know?”
“We are not at fault here, so don’t try to shift the blame on me”
“Are you still going back to the office?”
“No, I will just think I will stay home since Tasha and her husband will be coming over”
“oh, okay”
“Trust me, you’ll love her”
“If you say so”
We soon got to the hospital and Darrell parked the car in the parking lot.
“Stay here and wait for me”
“Why can’t I come with you?” he pouted.
“No, Darrell. Stay here, I’m just gonna get my purse from the doctor’s office”
“Fuck! fine. Just go”
“And please be careful”
“I will” I pecked his lips and stepped out of the car.
I walked into the hospital and headed straight for the doctor’s office. I was on the hallway leading to the doctor’s office when I sighted two guys in casual wears seated close to two couples who were busy kissing. They both looked suspicious.
The other guy nodded for the guy closer to the couples and he put his hands behind him obviously, he was gonna bring out a gun.
“Mrs. Tasha Bingwen Hudson”
“That’s us” I heard the woman tell her spouse.
Tasha Bingwen. Is she Darrell’s cousin? Someone wants to kill Darrell’s cousin😱.
Without thinking twice, my hands reached into my thigh and I brought out a pistol gun from my thigh holster.
The couples already stood up and were about entering the doctor’s office when the other guy pointed the gun at the man. They were both backing them already so they probably won’t know what was going on.
I aimed for his hands and shot his hands. He screamed and the gun dropped from his hands. The other guy tried to reach for his gun but before he did, I shot his forehead. People already started screaming and running.
“What the hell! who sent you to kill me?” they guy immediately pounced on the guy with the bleeding hand.
“Claire” the woman ran to hug me.
“How do you know my name?”
“You are my cousin’s fiancΓ©e. I’m Tasha and thanks for what you did back there”
“It’s nothing”
“Daisy are you okay?” Darrell ran to me and pulled me into a hug.
“I’m fine Darrell”
“I panicked when I heard gunshots”
“Darrell your cousin is here”
“Tasha? and is that Xander?” he asked referring to the guy who was busy beating up one of the assassins. The guys face was already bleeding and I heard a bone crack as he twisted the guy’s arm.
“Your husband is pretty good at tutoring people”
“Ahhhh, I’ll talk. Shane Bingwen, he is the one who wanted you dead”
“That’s all I need to hear” he gave him a huge punch that made him go unconscious.
“What? my dad wanted my husband dead?”
“Baby, don’t try to stop me. I’m gonna kill your father”
“We are on the same page then cause I’m still gonna kill him”
“That’s good to hear. Nice to meet you again Mr. Bingwen” they both exchanged handshakes.
“Thank you Miss Claire for saving my life”
“You are welcome. I did it for humanity, I guess”
“I think I like the new you” Darrell whispered and kissed my forehead.
“Actually Darrell, I think I left my purse at home”πŸ˜‚
Claire ooo πŸ˜‚
Daisy just saved Xander’s life.
Zach wants to be a policeman😱
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