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Burning romance chapter 54

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I sighed as we walked out of the hospital.
“I still can’t believe I’m pregnant with triplets”
“Better believe it now. I’m super excited, I’m gonna have three more children” he said as he opened the door for me.
“Easy for you to say, you’re not the one pregnant. No more sex for you Darrell” I said as I got into the car.
“Wait what? You know that is not possible”
“Of course it is, you added the last baby to it. If we have sex again, I will definitely give birth to ten children”
He chuckled and turned on the engine, “I wouldn’t mind. I have all the money to take care of them”
“Are you serious? You’re so mean”
“You know you can’t deny me of my rights”
“We are not even married” I muttered.
“If you want, I can wed you right here and right now” he stared at me and I smiled.
“No way, that will be a secret wedding then. I want the whole world to know I’m your wife”
“You’re talking like the wife of a billionaire already” he said and I laughed.
“Maybe, I am”
“But first, I need to take care of something”
“Your uncle?”
“Yes, Daisy. He has to go, he doesn’t look like someone who would give up even when put behind bars. I have to kill him before he kills us all. It’s the only way we can all have peace”
“I guess you are right”
“How dare you try to slap my wife?” Xander rushed to beat him up but I held him back. Lee already ran behind dad, coward. Maybe I should just allow Xander beat him up.
“Baby it’s fine. He didn’t slap me”
“If I didn’t come earlier this bastard would have laid his hands on you, just let me teach him a lesson” Oh yeah, he’s still learning to control his anger and he’s so bad at it.
It feels good to know I’m the only woman who can pacify his anger even his mother can’t. It wasn’t really easy being with him at first, I mean no woman will like to stay with a violent man but in time, I adapted.
“Xander, it’s fine. Remember you promised me to control your anger in public” I gave him those cute puppy eyes and he sighed.
“Just let me beat small. I promise I won’t kill him”
“No baby, no” I frowned.
“Fuck, fine” he sighed defeated and I gave him a peck on the lips but he held the back of my head and deepened the kiss instead.
Dad cleared his throat and we stopped kissing.
“Welcome Xander, come on seat?” he put up a fake smile. I know dad too well, there is an agenda behind that smile.
“I see you and my daughter have gotten along pretty well”
“We are in love and your daughter is a wonderful woman”
“I know she is” I rolled my eyes as dad said that. It is now he knows I’m wonderful, I thought I was useless before.
“What can we offer you? champagne, whiskey…”
“I’m fine. My wife and I won’t be staying to long”
“Oh, okay. Tasha darling, please can you excuse us, we have some men discussion to discuss”
“Why can’t my wife be here?”
“It’s not everything a woman needs to hear”
“I’m not going anywhere” I crossed my arms. Maybe he wants to talk Xander into doing evil, I trust him though, he will never agree to such a thing but I still need to be here.
“Come on, Tasha, you can go and wait in your room. It’s still intact”
“No dad”
“Come on baby. It seems pretty important, I promise I’m gonna tell you about it”
“Promise” I pouted.
“Of course” he smiled and kissed my forehead.
I reluctantly stood up and walked out of the sitting room.
My eyes followed her upstairs as I watched her enter her room. I smiled softly and turned to Xander.
He is rich and asking for help from him won’t be a bad idea now that I have used up almost all my savings, I need more money to make sure Darrell and his family die and I know Xander won’t refuse me.
If Tasha were here, she will definitely talk him out of it, that why I sent her away.
“What is it you want to say?”
“You see Xander your father-in-law is in need of money”
“Money? don’t you have your own money?”
“My evil nephew made us go bankrupt and he planned to kill me and my son. I need to make him pay but I have no money” I pretended to be sad.
He laughed, “You’ve got to be kidding me now”.
“Do I look like someone who is joking?”
“Were you not the one who attempted to kill your nephew’s fiancΓ©e?”
“Tasha told you that right?” That bitch! just as bitchy as her mother.
“Don’t mind that daughter of mine. She has always been obsessed with her cousin and she always turned a blind eye to his evil doing. I love my nephew but he hates me and he wants to kill me, so I have no choice to kill him before he does”
“I’m sorry but I can’t fund you in doing evil. I’m with my wife on this one. I’ve met your nephew once before I married your daughter and he doesn’t look like someone who would do evil unless you push him to do so. In my opinion, I think you are the one after him and not the other way round”
“After what you did to his fiancΓ©e, I heard he doesn’t joke with that lady, it’s expected he will surely come after you. I would do same if anyone does that to my wife”
“Like you are not evil. I heard you beat up my daughter”
“That was in the past at least, I don’t hit her anymore because I love her” he yelled. Obviously, he was already getting angry.
“You should be thankful to me for giving my daughter out to you. Remember the two women you married before ran away. You should lucky my daughter decided to stay with a man like you, no woman will” I yelled and I saw his fist tighten. Is he gonna hit me?
“You should be lucky Tasha already told me to control my anger else I would have dug your grave right here” πŸ˜‚
“You think if your mother hadn’t pleaded with me to let you marry my daughter, you think I would have let you. Watch me take my daughter back”
“You do no such thing dad” I heard Tasha say as she walked down the stairs.
“Why not? can’t you see you married a psychopath who seriously is in needs to be put in an asylum”
“That’s it, you’ve said too much, old man” before I knew what was happening, he rushed to me and reigned several blows on my face and I groaned in pain trying to fight back but it was effortless.
Lee already ran to his room, I have a coward as a son. He couldn’t even join me in beating himπŸ˜‚
“Xander it’s okay. He’s still my father” she separated us both and I took that chance to punch his face but it felt like I did nothing.
Is this guy a wrestler or something? I touched my already swollen face, you will pay for this Xander.
“Fuck, dad it’s okay. I wouldn’t have you insult my husband that way and Xander it’s wrong to hit my father”
“But he called me a psychopath”
“And you showed him you’re one by hitting him. You promised me you would control your anger. I’m so mad at you right now” I thought he was gonna hit her but instead he apologized.
“Baby, I’m sorry” he wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her neck.
“I’m not forgiving you” she frowned but he tickled her and she laughed. Traitors.
“Fine, promise me you won’t do it again”
“I promise” he pouted and she giggled.
“Dad you should refrain from my husband names, I won’t take it from you”
“I brought you to this world Tasha and you choose him over me just look at what he did to me”
“And he’s the one I’m spending the rest of my life with and not you. I will always choose him over you dad”
“Someone who can’t even get you pregnant. You’ve been married for three years now yet nothing to show for it. Your husband is impotent” I saw his fist tighten in anger again and Tasha was trying to pacify his anger.
“Who told you Xander is impotent, for your information dad, I’m pregnant”
“You are?” he asked surprised.
“I am, remember how I felt unwell some days ago. I did the test just now in my room and it came out positive. It was supposed to be a surprise but you spoiled it already” she brought out the pregnancy test kit from her bag which read two red lines.
“But you saw your period last month”
“Yeah but not this month. My period is supposed to start today but I guess I missed it”
“You are pregnant. Oh my God! finally” they hugged each other and I groaned at my aching face.
“Come on, we need to go to the hospital to do a proper pregnancy test”
“OK, let’s go”
“Who knows if he’s the owner of the child?”
“Ignore him. Let’s go baby”
“Yeah, sure” they both walked out of the sitting room.
“Dad, have they gone?” Lee came out of hiding.
“You coward, you abandoned me when I needed you the most”
“Dad I was busy giving you signs but you didn’t see any of them. No one asked you to talk any how. I cannot come and receive another person’s beating”…

Lee nor dey waste time to run πŸƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Shane dey there make Xander turn your face to punching bagπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Xander wey he head nor dey houseπŸ˜‚
What do you think about this Xander guy?πŸ€”

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