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Burning romance chapter 51

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Be a good boy okay?” I told him ruffling his hair.
“Ah daddy, mummy spent hours styling my hair so I will look cute” he pouted rearranging his hair and I chuckled.
“OK, then. Bye”
“Bye daddy” he giggled and followed his teacher into the class.
“Zach do you have a mummy?” I heard the teacher ask.
“Yes and daddy and mummy are getting married soon so you see why I said daddy is already taken” I chuckled silently.
“Bolin, you stay here and watch over my son. Anything odd happens, report it to me”
“Okay boss”
I still got one more thing to do😏.
“What are you doing here?” he asked walking into his sitting room.
“Is that the way to welcome your nephew” I smirked.
“A nephew that can make his uncle’s business go bankrupt is not a nephew”
“An uncle that can kidnap his nephew’s baby momma and make her go through unbearable pains and also give his child out with his nephew’s consent is not an uncle. You had a beef with me why include Lora into it. You have a daughter, imagine if your daughter went through that pain, how would you feel?”
“So you came here to lecture me?”
“Actually, I’m here to tell you that you are going down”
He chuckled, “You think you can bring me down, I don’t think so Darrell. I will destroy you Darrell and make you beg for your life”
“Is that a threat?”
“It’s more than a threat. I told your father same but he took it as a mere threat. I should have had you killed long time ago” I felt my fist tighten in anger. He killed my father? I always had suspicious about his death.
“You really don’t want to punch your uncle, do you?”
“If I have to, yes. How wicked can you be Shane, you killed your own brother because of greed” I yelled at him in pain and anger. How could? You’re going down for this Shane?
He scoffed, “You were just like your father who thought he could be the best in every damn thing. I knew from moment you were seven that you were going to be a threat to me just like your father and I wasn’t wrong about you. You think you are the best, wait till I put you in a fucking coffin like I did to your father. Don’t expect an happy ending Darrell cause your story is gonna end in a sad note”
“You bastard! You killed my father now you have the guts to threaten me”
“Your father was a fool, a big one. He put so much trust in a maid not knowing I had secretly paid her to poison both of you to death but you acted so smart and rejected any meal she had cook…” I knew that cook was up to something. I always suspected her involvement in dad’s murder but had no proof.
I walked into the kitchen feeling sad. Mom had just ran away some days ago with Asher leaving dad heartbroken.
He just stayed in his room all day and sulked. I had wished they was something I could do.
Freda was busy preparing dinner. She had made to taste the food but abruptly dropped the spoon probably because she remembered they was poison in it.
I have known Freda since I was a kid, when she cooks, she always taste the food. I bet everyone does that.
It made me suspect that the food was poisoned.
“Hey Darrell. Food is almost ready. You can wait in the dining” She smiled but I knew that smile wasn’t genuine.
I left without saying anything and I had talked to my dad about what I had suspected but he laughed sadly.
He thought maybe because I missed my mother so much I was imagining things. He trusted her so much because they both grew up together as kids.
My dad ate the food and didn’t yield to my warnings. I on the other hand, stopped eating her food. I always ordered for my food myself and made sure it was delivered to me and not any servants.
They was a time she took my delivery for me and came to me shedding tears that she hated the way I treated her and how I stopped eating her food.
No one needed to tell me that she had already poisoned the food.
“Come on Darrell. Do you prefer this to the food I give you? Have it then if that’s what you want” she yelled feigning annoyance and dropped the take out and walked out of the room.
I took samples of the food to the doctor but found nothing.
Some days later, dad started getting sick. I had warned him earlier but it was too late, he later died in the hospital.
I knew his death wasn’t ordinary and I immediately ordered for an autopsy but no trace of poisoning in his blood.
I badly wanted to kill her but no proof to do that. I fired her immediately even though they was no proof that she killed my father.
A lot of people assumed heartbreak killed my father, mom thought so too and she ended up taking her life.
I knew heartbreak didn’t kill him, now it’s all clear to me that his brother did.
“You bastard! You’re gonna rot in jail”
“Empty threats. Don’t dare me Darrell, now get out of my house. Don’t make me take away the person you love the most” this time I couldn’t help it anymore, I punched him on the face.
“Don’t you dare lay a finger on her or my son or any of member of my family. I won’t hesitate to kill you you if you do so”
“I’d like to see you try, you know you should really watch your back cause I’m coming for you”
“Not if I kill you first”
I smiled softly as I chatted with Daniela. We were on our way to home.
School was kinda of stressful judging by the fact that we didn’t resume on time. I missed a lot of stuff and i will take some serious reading to get back on track.
“How was class?” I asked Daniela.
I chuckled, “Why?”
“Maybe because I was trying so hard to listen to the lecturer and some people were busy distracting me. It was tiring”
I laughed and she frowned. “It’s not funny”
“What about you? How was yours?”
“Great and I made a lot of new friends”
“Great. I get it, you’re a people’s person”
“I wouldn’t say that you know plus I had about five guys who kinda of asked me out”
She laughed, “Are you serious?”
“I wouldn’t joke about such a thing and do you know when I told them I was already taken. They said they was nothing wrong with cheating after all a rich man like Darrell isn’t faithful so it wouldn’t do me any harm if I do”
“They really said that. Darrell is gonna get mad if he hears about it”
“Obviously, worse part they are all my department”.
“I must say Claire you are surrounded by idiots”
“I guess I am cause that’s what they really are” I sighed and looked at driver’s mirror and noticed that a car has been on our tail since we left school.
“Hey Daniela. Do you observe that car has been on our tail?”
“Oh shit. It is really is us they have been tailing”
“You might wanna put on your seatbelt for this one”
“What are you planning on doing?”
“Loosing them of course” she quickly put on her seat belt.
“Fuck Claire they know we’ve found out and they are gonna be shooting at us any minute”
“I hope this car is bullet proof”
“They is no way we are going to be playing fast and furious” Danielle screamed as they started shooting at us.
“No no no, not my Bugatti” I screamed as two bullets hit my windshield. Thank goodness it’s bullet proof.
I bought out a double barrel shotgun from my car. I purchased these and a pistol in a gun shop in the US.
“Is that a…”
“Yes it is”
“Do you even know how to fire that”
“I wouldn’t buy it if I don’t know how to fire it. Dating a billionaire with so many enemies is not an easy task”
“I agree”
“We wait for the reload and then you take the wheels”
‘Wait what?”
“Now and please don’t get us killed” she took the wheels and I brought out my head and aimed for the tyres.
I shot at the tyres several times and the driver lost control and bumped into a house.
“Ouch. I wish that was a moving truck”
“Yeah, me too” I took the wheels and started driving again. One of the occupants of the car came out with a bazooka.
“OMG! Is that a…”
“…bazooka?” I completed.
“Claire. I’m not ready to die yet”
“Neither I’m I”
Before our eyes the missiles was released and it was coming at us. I swayed the car and it hit the ground instead which immediately bursted into flames.
“Phew that was close” she breath out.
“You should call Darrell”…
Nor be small thing ooo πŸ˜‚
See wahala😁πŸ˜₯

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