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Burning romance chapter 47

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
Darrell inserted the flash drive into his computer and a folder appeared in the laptop.
The folder has just two files which was actually a video and the other I don’t know.
“Just a video?” Daniela muttered.
“How about we find out what’s the content of the video first” Asher rolled his eyes and started at Daniela who in turn blushed at the eye contact. Okay, these two look cute together.
Darrell clicked on the play button and the video was set in motion with a man’s face who I assumed to be the doctor popping out of the screen.
“Is that the doctor?” Danielle muttered and I made a shushing sound. “Shh”
πŸ’»”Hi. I’m Doctor O’Connor and if you are watching this video, I believe it will be in the right hands. I did some really evil things which I regret but I also did it you save Zach. Zach is not my son but the son of Darrell Bingwen and Lora Anderson. Lora was kidnapped by Shane Bingwen, his uncle and during those period, I was the doctor who treated her. I was too scared, I shouldn’t have told the police about it but how on earth was I supposed to fight against Shane”
“Shane wanted to kill both mother and child when he found out she was pregnant but I pleaded with him not to that I would take the child to a very far away country. He them ordered me to kill his mother after childbirth. I did all I could to save his mother but she died while birthing the child…”
“…She was just sixteen and and she needed an emergency C-section to birth her child. I was no gynaecologist but a neurosurgeon and Shane knew that. I pleaded with him to take her to the hospital but he said it was better if they both died as that was what he had earlier wanted”
“Despite not being a gynaecologist and also being short of surgical instruments, I operated on her without an anesthesia. I did want to give her an anesthesia but the one I had with me, Shane took it. He enjoyed hearing her scream in pain, there was really nothing I could do as I was in a place full of armed men. Doing anything stupid would have led to my death”
“It was a painful procedure but I was able to get the child out of her successfully. She named him Zachary meaning ‘God remembers’ and gave up the ghost afterwards” he cried and I felt like crying too.
I didn’t know I was crying until I felt Darrell’s finger wipe away the tears from my eyelids. I saw Darrell’s fist tighten and I knew he was angry. Well, he had every right to be. That was his baby mama
“After the death of his mother, shane wanted me destroy all evidence of his and he also planted fake evidence just to nail Darrell for the murder of Lora and I have prove. Attached to this file is the audio recording of my conversation with Shane. I hope this gets to Darrell so he can get justice that sixteen year old girl and his son” the screen suddenly went blank.
“Shane is surely gonna pay for this!”
“I know right, I can’t believe he did that to Lora. made her go through all that pain” Asher muttered and it’s obvious he’s pained by what happened to Lora. Everyone was and you could see it on our faces
“This is so painful. I can’t believe she had to a C-section without an anesthesia. I can’t imagine the pains she went through for a sixteen year old” Danielle facepalmed herself.
“I don’t think I want to give birth after this” Daniela muttered. Is she serious?
“Wait what? Are you serious?” Asher asked getting irritated by what she said.
“No way. I’m kidding, I love children” we heaved a sigh of relief.
“You shouldn’t joke with something like that?”
“What? scared that I might ask the doctor to take out my womb so I won’t have to go through the pain of childbirth. You know I’m actually thinking of that” she grinned.
“It’s not funny”
“What about the audio recording?”
“Yeah, that’s right”
Darrell played it and it was all the plot Shane had with the doctor, even her painful childbirth.
πŸŽ™Her screams could be heard from the background and she was yelling Darrell’s name.
“Sir, she can’t push the baby. She needs to undergo an emergency C-section”
“Ain’t you a doctor? Why don’t you perform the operation”
“I’m a neurosurgeon not a gynaecologist, she needs to go to the hospital”
“A doctor is a doctor. One more thing… she won’t be needing any anesthesia”
“Give that back. How on earth I’m I supposed to operate on her with an anesthesia”
“Conner do as you are told. You know the mother has to die and I don’t care if the child dies too. Do the contrary and you get a bullet in your brain”
“Be a good girl Lora, you should have known better than to get involved with Darrell. Too sad your death is gonna be a painful one”
“ahh…. I don’t wanna die please take me to the hospital” she screamed. Why are people this mean?
“Not your choice to make. Begin with the C-section”
The next thing we heard were screams and cries. It’s obvious they were cutting her stomach. Darrell slammed the laptop shut and said, “I don’t wanna hear anymore of it”
“I’m sorry” I muttered
“It wasn’t your fault Daisy. It was my fault, she went through all that pain because of me”
“It’s not your fault Darrell. Shane did all of that. He has to pay! She was my best buddy, how could he treat her that way”
“Shane better prepare for what’s coming his way”
I raised my head up and saw Zach descending the stairs.
Good morning” he giggled and hugged me.
“Mummy you look sad and daddy too and uncle Asher. What happened?”
“You must be hungry. Let me go tell Pipi to serve the table”
“Why do you always like to change the conversation? I will ask daddy then” Okay, kid, you don’t talk like your age. I wonder if this was how Darrell was when he was young.
“We are all fine Zach. No need to worry your little brain”
“Uhh, my brain is not little” he said touching his head and we laughed.
“At least. I made you laugh” he grinned
“He looks like he also took after Asher”
“It seems he did”
“Daddy. I wanna go to the beach. It’s really boring staying home”
“OK then the beach it is”
“Yeah” he giggled.
I paced round the room in thoughts, I just watched the video on the net. People were busy pouring insults on me. This would ruin my reputation. How could Lee be this stupid? He ruined the plan completely.
I should never have entrusted such an important thing to him. It’s obvious he took his mother brains, he is just as stupid as she is.
“Dad” I turned to see Lee in my room.
“What happened to all the money in our account?”
“Darrell is behind it” I immediately slapped him.
“You scumbag. How could you be this stupid? I entrusted something important to you but you ruined the plan completely”
“Dad. I’m sorry. It’s not my fault”
“Oh, it’s now my fault. Do you know what this means? It means we are poor, Darrell will have the upper hand now. I may go to jail for this. You are just so dumb, dumb like your mother”
“Leave mother out of this”
“How dare you speak back to me? Your sister is better than you!”
“You know I hate it when you compare me to her”
“But that’s the truth. Get out of my face, you are useless to me now.
“You are the useless one dad. At least, I’m not the one going to jail. Why don’t you run back to your slutty daughter? That’s what you always do when there is a problem” How dare him?
“How dare you Lee? I am still your father, remember you are illegitimate…”
“Yeah dad. Keep slamming it to my face they I’m illegitimate. I don’t think you love me at all”
“What the hell are you saying? I favour you more than I do to your sister. I let you run the family business despite the fact that you are unfit to manage my businesses. How dare you say it to my face that I don’t love you?”
“I’m sorry dad”
“I will punish you later. I cannot be defeated by Darrell”
“What do you intend to do? Darrell is bent on sending you to jail”
“Not if I kidnap his son first”…
Lora suffered sha😣

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