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Burning romance chapter 46

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“A Bingwen? Who are the Bingwen’s?”
“One of the most influential and wealthy family in Singapore”
“Singapore? You are really confusing me now. How did Zach end up with you?”
“Two brothers born in the family became enemies and rivals and they also passed the hatred to their children. Zach’s father is Darrell Bingwen which his uncle Shane Bingwen used me to take away from him”
“Oh my God. Does this Darrell know?”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“I really don’t know Ellie, I feel like my end is near”
“Your end? Don’t say a thing like that”
“I want you to have something”
“What is it?” he brought out a flash drive from his pocket and handed it to me.
“Evidence. Help me find Darrell and give him the justice he deserves”
“Consider it my last request”
“Oh my God mom. Why didn’t you say this earlier?”
“I didn’t know. How was I supposed to find him plus it never really occupied to me”
“You’re old school. How could you forget the Internet?” She held my ears and drew it and I screamed in pain.
“OK mom. I’m sorry” I pouted and she let go of my ears.
“What about the drive? I want to see what’s in it”
“I’ll send it over tomorrow”
Darrell squatted in front of Zach and stared intensely at the boy.
“Is it true that you are my daddy?” I could see Darrell’s eyes water. I’ve never really seen him cry before. He’s hurt and that makes me feel sad.
Imagine been separated from your child for years. Shane went too far this time and I trust that Darrell will put him in jail.
“Yes Zach. I’m your daddy”
“Daddy. Where have you been? How come I never saw you before?”
“A bad man caused it. I didn’t even know you were born and it hurts so much that I had a child I knew nothing about. I wasn’t there for you as a kid and I feel like a horrible father”
“No Darrell, you’re not a horrible father. Actually you do make a good father” I told him and he smiled.
“Thanks Daisy” he whispered to me.
“Daddy let’s go hunt the bad guys”
“Hey. What about me?”
“No mummy. Hunting is for men only” we all laughed as he said that.
“Wow Darrell. He really does take after you
I can’t believe I have a nephew already” Asher said ruffling his hair”
“Hey Kiddo. I’m your uncle Asher, your daddy’s brother”
“I knew that already”
“How did you?”
“You said it earlier”
“What the hell?”
“What? Are you surprised? he is my son after all” Darrell smiled.
“So this party is officially over” I said looking at the almost empty hall.
“Thanks to Lee. It is”
“That kid ruined my party” mom sobbed dramatically.
“Mom, don’t tell me you are crying?”
“Maybe. We didn’t even get any gifts”
“I did get a wedding gift though”
“Really?”mom squealed.
“Where is it?”
“C’mon let’s go check it out”
We got outside the reception and I gasped at the car in front of me. It would a Bentley Mulsanne, this car is damn expensive.
“OMG! A fucking Bentley. This car is damn good for racing. Do you mind leasing it out?” Owen grinned stupidly. Mom hit him hard on the shoulder and he yelled.
“Ouch That hurts”
“You’re lucky I didn’t do worse to you”
“Wow. This car is fucking beautiful” mom squealed and checked the car out.
“It sure is” Dad said as they checked the car out together.
“Don’t worry babe. I’ll get you yours”
I giggled happily. “Really?”
“Yeah” he smirked and I pulled him into a hug.
“Thank you so much Darrell”
“Yeah. Thank you”
“You’re the parent of the woman I love and it’s my responsibility to take care of both of you”
“Hey honey. You have a car already and I don’t so I’m taking this one”
“Not happening. I’ll take this one and you will use my old car” Dad retorted.
“What? You know this is my dream car”
“It is my dream car too”
“Maybe you should have bought separate cars for them” Asher said.
“OK mom and dad it’s okay. You guys are one now and you don’t really have to argue over a car”
“I did get you guys a gift too”
“Really? What is it?
“A vacation to Paris”
“Ahh… my dream city”
“You dream too much”
Darrell, Asher and I sat in the living room watching a random movie. It’s was just 7AM in the morning and Zach was still very much asleep. He must have been really tired from yesterday’s event.
“Your mom is still not here?”
“She never said she was coming. She’s sending Danielle over”
“Oh great. I’m bored to death”
“How about I tell a story?”
“No. Asher” Darrell sighed tiredly.
“C’mom Asher. Don’t mind Darrell, tell us the story”
“Never knew you were a baby”
“I am your baby” I pouted and he smiled.
“I guess you are right”
“How about we talk about our days in highschool?”
“No way”
“Yes way. You got something to hide?”
“No. I don’t”
“In highschool, Darrell and I were pretty popular. Darrell especially was a professional basketball player”
“Wow. Darrell played basketball?”
“Yeah and so did I. We never lost a match”
“You know I did most of the goal scoring”
“I scored goals too and I always assisted you”
“Yeah. Whatever”
“Girls were always flocking around Darrell…”
“Why does the story have to be about me?”
“Darrell please let him finish”
“Darrell being a cold fish never gave them attention” Asher is just looking for troubleπŸ˜‚
“Did you just call me a cold fish?”
“He started it first” he pouted. Asher stuck his tongue out mockingly and continued, “I was the middleman, of course I knew Darrell would never gave them attention. so…”
“You slept with them” Darrell completed it.
“Do you know that Asher lost his virginity at the age of sixteen?” Wait what?
“That’s pretty embarrassing”
“Well, you started it first”
“And you lost yours at the age of seventeen”
“Are you guys really arguing?”
“Who did Darrell loose his virginity to?”
“Lora, of course”
“Lora was my best friend and she had a big crush on Darrell. Darrell didn’t feel the same way and he was always so good at snubbing people”
“That was pretty mean”
“It wasn’t mean. I told her several times that I didn’t like her but she was always being too clingy. She became Asher’s best friend to get close to me. I wasn’t been mean to her, I was just trying to make her see reality. I do regret it now, cause she died because of me”
“Actually Darrell, I am the one to blame. After I found out what she did. I got really angry and confronted her. I said alot of mean things to her and after that, I never saw her again”
“It was neither of you guys faults, Shane is the one to blame for all these and he has to pay”
“Of course Daisy. I’m gonna make him pay”
After a long silent, I decided to ask; ” Your dad and uncle were enemies but you guys ain’t. Why?”
“Maybe we were as kids”
“I never saw you as the enemy Asher, you did”
“Maybe I did. Well, my dad always liked Darrell and he didn’t like me that much. Darrell was smart and he thought I was a joker so he didn’t take me serious. Mom tried to talk him out of it several times but he didn’t listen”
“And then Darrell and I started fighting and arguing and the hatred I had then grew. Despite being a cold fish, Darrell still cared about me, he too hated what dad was doing but I didn’t care. I thought he was actually enjoying it”
“I’m sorry”
“It’s fine. I’ve gotten over it”
“You really should stop calling me a cold fish you know?”
“I think I like the name cold fish” I said and he frowned.
“Don’t call me that”
“I will”
“Don’t or I’ll fuck you real hard and give you an orgasm overdose” he said in a whisper and I gasped. He meant it, pervert!
“You pervert!” he chuckled at my words.
“Your choice” he smirked.
“So how did you guys patch things up?”
“Mother did all of that. She was like ‘You both don’t need to fight you know. You both have your own potentials and you guys both make a fine team. Darrell is the brains while you Asher execute the plan”
“Wow. Your mom was great”
“Yeah she was my superhero”
“That is how it has always been and after that we became close again and dad had to apologize for almost destroying our family”
“Do you know that you are Darrell’s first love?” I blushed as he said that. Really?
“Shut up Asher”
“You know I won’t”
“Hey guys” Danielle and Daniela giggled walking into the sitting room.
“So where is it?”
“Right here”…
Evidence don showπŸ˜›
ah cold fishπŸ˜‚ Daisy is scared of getting an orgasm overdoseπŸ˜‚ πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

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