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Burning romance chapter 43

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
She blushed “Fuck you girls”
“Actually, that was what you and Asher did last night” we laughed.
“Argh, I hate both of you” we laughed again at her facial expression.
“So what’s up? Are you guys like dating now?”
“I’m not answering that” She blushed again.
“Wow, you should get an award for blushing”
“Shut up” she rolled her eyes.
“Come on Daniela, give us the gist”
“Fine, we are dating now” she squealed.
“Awwwwn, you guys suit each other. Two crazy people”
“OK girls enough with the jokes. We should head to the church now.
“Mom, what about dad?”
“He left for the church already”
“I can’t wait to get married” I muttered.
“Actually, that’s gonna happen pretty soon” Daniela winked.
“How do you know that?” I asked her suspiciously.
“You’ll see”
“What are you hiding? Come on spill it out”
“Not happening” She giggled.
“Maybe Darrell is planning to pop the question ” Danielle whispered and I blushed. I’ve been waiting for him to do that ever since. Wait a minute, is he going to do it today?
Danielle did say maybe and Daniela looks like she knows something. Geez, I hate been kept in dying suspense.
“Mummy” Zach ran to me.
“I thought you left already. You were supposed to leave with Danielle and Daniela” They had left earlier in another car.
“No. I wanna ride with you”
“Get in the car then”
“Yippee” he giggled happily and got into the car with mom and I.
He sat on my lap still giggling. “Come on Zach, there is enough space in the car”
“But I wanna sit on your lap” he pouted.
“OK” I smiled softly and he rested his head on my shoulders.
“Daisy, have you thought about what I told you yesterday?” Mom asked.
I sighed. “I have”
“What’s your decision?”
“I will adopt him with Darrell’s permission of course” I felt him giggle as I said that.
“You made the right decision Daisy. Thank you” mom smiled through her veil.
“You don’t need to thank me mom. I owe it to his parents” I said stroking his hair softly.
Mom alighted from the car in her A line High low ruffle wedding dress that was moderately long so I don’t have to hold her dress.
She also had on a ballet length polka dot wedding veil. Her thin gold high heels wedding pump clicked at every step she took. She also had a beautiful presentation bouquet of flowers on her hands.
I also came down from the car with Zach. I was on pink chiffon halter V neck short bridesmaid dress and silver rhinestone stiletto heels. On my head was a pink rose crown and on my hands was a posy flower boutique.
“Finally” Danielle giggled.
“Welcome ma’am” the event planner smiled. I think her name is Bree.
“Good day to you Miss Bree” mom smiled.
“Uhmm, the doors will open soon. That’s right Daniela where is the wedding sign?” she asked.
“Right here” she handed the white on black printed wedding sign to her. It had an inscription ‘Here comes the bride’.
“There you go” She said and wore it on Zach’s neck. Actually he’s our pageboy.
“Where is Ashley?” Ashley is the flower girl. Her mother is actually my mom’s sister who I probably haven’t seen since I was born. Well, that’s because she lives in Australia.
According to mom, her husband is a very strict man and he barely lets her leave the house. She’s actually like a prisoner locked up in a big mansion.
“There she is” It’s a miracle that she is even here, maybe they sorted out their differences already.
“Sister” mom hugged her sister and smiled.
“I’m sorry, we are late” Tina apologized.
“It’s okay Tina”
“Wow, Claire you’ve grown so big now. The last time I saw you, you were actually a baby, so I guess you don’t remember me”
“Yeah. Nice to meet you” I smiled.
“Awwn, Ashley looks so cute” I pouted holding her cheeks and she giggled. She should probably be around five years of age.
“She is not as cute as I am” Zach huffed.
“Come on. Don’t tell me you are jealous?” I giggled tickling him slightly.
“I’m not” he tried to maintain a frown but ended up laughing.
“You got me. I’m… jealous” he said laughing.
“Wow, Claire. You make a great mother” Danielle said.
“She sure does” mom smiled.
“Ok. The doors will open soon” I smiled trying to change the conversation and thankfully I did.
“Yeah. That’s right.”
Zach was made to hold Audrey’s hand. Mom also held her sister’s hand since she was the one to walk her down the aisle.
I stood behind mother and Daniela and Danielle were behind me, they are also bridesmaids.
The doors soon flung open and wedding songs emanated from the church. Dad was on a black suit with smiles plastered on his face.
His best man was right behind him, Mr Cameron. I’ve seen him a couple of times, he actually resides in Canada.
You know how brides walk, too slow. I finally got to see Darrell, he was dressed in a black tuxedo suit and damn, he looked so cute.
He actually sat at the front seat with Asher and his eyes were on me which made nervous. I bite my lips and stared at him, he winked at me and I blushed.
I really wished he could kiss me right now, I missed him so much.
“Nice eye raping session” Danielle whispered.
“Shut up” I whispered and she giggled. My aunt let go of my mother.
We soon reached the alter and mom and dad faced each other.
“We are all gathered here today to witness the solemnization of holy matrimony of Mr Adrain Willows and Ms Ellie Johnson. I declare the ceremony open in the name of father, son and the holy spirit” The priest announced.
“Now to the groom; Mr Adrian Willows, do you take Ms Ellie Johnson as your lawfully wedded wife; to love and to cherish her; in sickness and in health; in riches and penury, till death do you part?”
Dad smiled. “I do”
“Now to the bride; Ms Ellie Johnson, do you take Mr Adrian Willows to be your lawfully wedded husband to love and to cherish him; in sickness and in health; in riches and penury; till death do you part?”
“I do” I smiled inwardly. Finally mom and dad are a couple again.
“By the power vested in me as the priest of the most high, I here by pronouce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride” Here comes the juicy partπŸ˜‹.
Dad walked closer to mom in smiles and lifted her veil up to reveal her face. Mom was seriously grinning, I mean who wouldn’t be?
“I love you Ellie” he muttered and planted a kiss on her lips.
“Awwwn” I squealed happily. They soon signed their marriage certificate and they soon departed in the same car to the reception.
I wrapped my hands around Darrell’s shoulders and kissed him passionately. His hand encircled around my waist and he kissed me back roughly and desperately.
We kissed like two horny couples who haven’t seen themselves in years.
“I’m missed you Daisy” he muttered staring at my eyes as we tried to catch our breath.
“Me too”
“Mummy, who is he?” Zach asked and Darrell gave me a confused look.
“How about we talk about this at home?”
“Fine, by me”
“Here I thought that kiss wouldn’t end. We are off Claire” Danielle winked as the car engine started.
“Enjoy yourself brother” Asher grinned with his hands wrapped around Daniela. Wow, they look cute together.
“Fuck you!” he muttered and I spanked his shoulders.
“Ouch, what was that for?”
“Darrell, there is a kid right here”
“Oh” he muttered.
“Mummy, what’s the meaning of Fuck you?'”
“Oh God” I muttered.
“What’s his name again?”
“Zach, that word is a very bad word. You should never mention it” Darrell told him.
“Why then did you mention it if it’s bad?”
“This kid is smart” he muttered and finally said,
“Cause you are a kid and I’m an adult”
I chuckled. “Seriously? Come on Zach let’s get into the car”
“Mummy is he your husband? Does that make him my daddy?”
“Come on Zach, we are running late” I tried to change the conversation.
“Mummy loves to change conversations a lot” he crossed his armd and we both stared at him in awe.
“I think, I like him already”
“Yeah, he’s smart”
We were seated in the reception hall at the round table in the front. Darrell sat beside me with Zach in the center and Daniela beside Asher.
Owen and Danielle were actually seated on a different table. He had earlier said he could only make it to the reception. Autumn was also seated on the table.
“Amongst our special guest, let us make welcome; Mr Lee Bingwen for his enormous contribution to this wedding, please move to the front seat”
“Wait a minute, are my ears deceiving me?”
“No, they are not” Asher muttered.
“What the hell is Lee doing here?” I was forced to ask when I saw his face.
“Bastard” Darrell muttered under his breath obviously angry. “Who invited him here?”
We all looked at Asher. “I didn’t” he raised both hands in the air.
“Actually, Claire I think you did” Asher said
“Me” he showed me my Instagram photos.
“You mean I indirectly invited the devil to my mom’s wedding?”
“I think you did”
“That’s why I hate social media” Darrell muttered.
“Are you still gonna do it?” I heard Asher whisper to Darrell.
“Why not? It will be even better if he’s here”
“What are you guys planning?”
“You’ll see” he smiled. Wait a minute, are they planning to sell me? πŸ˜‚
“Hey Cousin, I see you have a child that no one knows about. Claire, how about you opt for me now? My offer still stands” he said revealing those rotten teeth of his.πŸ˜‚
Claire ooo πŸ˜‚
Lee’s backπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ and Darrell likes Zach😁😍

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