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Burning romance chapter 40

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I stared at him in awe, what kind of boyfriend keeps track of their girlfriend’s period?
“Please don’t give me that look. We should get ready, we are going to the doctor” he smirked and walked out of the bathroom.
“You can’t run away from this conversation Darrell” I ran out the bathroom to meet him.
“How can you possibly be keeping track of my period?”
“You are my girlfriend, why shouldn’t I keep track of your period?” he shrugged with a smirk.
“You are so unbelievable, that shit ain’t funny” he bursted in laughter.
“Are you laughing at me?” I yelled hitting his chest continuously. He held both my hands and pinned me against the wall.
“I wouldn’t do that if were you, you just turned me on” he whispered and kissed my earlobe. I gasped with sexual desires running through my receptors.
He grab hold of my ass and pulled me closer to himself. I let out a soft moan and he leans closer to take my lips in his.
“How about I give the baby some milk?” he smirked and brushed his lips slightly against mine.
That light touch sent shivers through my nerves, shivers that made my whole body tremble and collapse at the same time.
“Pervert!” my words came out breathless. He smiled seeing that I was already turned on.
“Looks like someone can’t get enough of me”
“Shut up and kiss me Darrell” I reached for his neck and pulled his lips into mine
I felt him smile against my lips and he shoved his tongue into my mouth. I knotted my fists in his shirt, pulling him harder against myself. His lips felt so good on mine and I wanted more, I wanted him, I wanted to have inside of me.
He groaned softly and carried me on his torso with his lips still working wonders on mine. He dropped me and the bed and got on top of me. He kissed my neck slowly as he trails his fingers slowly on my breast.
He squeezed it softly and I bite my lips and moaned.
He went further and touched my already dripping core.
“Fuck! you’re so wet” he groaned and slide two fingers into me. I moaned loudly and flexed my core against his fingers. He bit my bottom lip and pushed his tongue into my warm mouth.
I moaned in his lips as I came on his fingers. He slipped his hands out of me and licked his fingers. Within seconds, his clothes were off and he placed his dick at my wet core. He teased my clit slowly with his dick and I moaned.
He pushed it into me slowly and a loud moan escaped our lips.
“Fuck! you are so tight” He groaned as he thrusted into me, slowly at first and then with a quicker pace that drove me to the edge of my orgasm.
He kissed me yet again as he drove his length deeper into me. I looked down to where we met and sight of his sight of his hot length buried in between my pussy lips drove me insane. In no time, we both moaned and came together.
He got off me and cuddled me in his arms. I smiled softly and trailed my fingers slowly on his chest.
“I love you” he kissed my forehead and smiled.
“I love you too Darrell”
We sat at the doctor’s office awaiting the test results. The nurse soon came in and handed the doctor the test results.
He read the test results and smiled. “Congratulations Miss Claire, you are three weeks pregnant.”
“Told you” Darrell whispered smiling. I couldn’t hide the smile on my face, I’m pregnant! with Darrell’s baby.
“Thanks doc” Darrell and the doctor exchanged handshakes.
Darrell put his laptop on his lap and put a video call across to his brother on Skype. I sat beside him with my head on his shoulders. I had earlier asked him to do so cause I wanted to invite him to mom’s wedding.
πŸ’» “Hey bro”
“Darrell? Oh my God, I missed you bro. I feel like shedding tears” Darrell rolled his eyes and I chuckled.
“Not funny”
“Claire agrees that it’s funny” he stuck his tongue out . “Right Claire?”
“Yeah, I missed you Asher”
“Seriously?” Darrell rolled his eyes.
“Looks like someone is getting jealous. Please don’t say that again before I get a bullet in the head”
I laughed. “Asher you really haven’t changed, you’re still funny”
“I’m funny” Darrell told me.
“No, you are not” Asher said loudly.
“My Darrell is very funny and sweet. Darrell don’t mind Asher, he’s jealous” Darrell smiled broadly.
“Sweet? Don’t mind her Darrell, she’s just deceiving you”
“I’m not” I frowned.
“So, when Am I expecting a little nephew?” Asher grinned and I blushed.
“Soon” Darrell smiled.
“Soon? as in. Wait a minute, you are pregnant?”
“Awwn, Darrell well done. You worked well” he grinned.
“Asher you are crazy”.
“How did you know? I was born crazy” I immediately bursted into laughter. Darrell huffed silently.
“Brother stop being jealous” Asher grinned.
“I’m not jealous”
“You are”
“Fuck you!”
“I think that fuck you is meant for Claire”
“Uhmm, that reminds me. How is Daniela?”
“You like her?”
“I don’t”
“He does” I giggled.
“You are unbelievable. Ok, jokes aside. Why did you call?”
“Don’t try to run away from this conversation”
“Ok fine. What do you want me to say?”
“That you like her of course” I rolled my eyes.
“I like her” he blushed.
“Awwn, he is even blushing”
“I did suspect something before but you lied about it”
“I am not having this conversation with you”
“Why don’t you ask her out?
“Not happening”
“I think he’s shy”
“I never knew Asher to be the shy type”
“Love made him shy”
“Will you two stop talking about me?”
“Fuck you!”
“I think that fuck you is meant for Daniela” Darrell grinned and I laughed.
“Not funny” he huffed.
“Actually I think it is” he crossed his arms and stared at us.
“Well, the reason we called is because I wanna invite you to my mother’s wedding”
“Your mom is getting married?”
“Yeah, to my dad”
“Awwn, that’s great news. When is the wedding?”
“Next week Saturday”
“Of course, I’ll attend”
“And Daniela is going to be there too” Darrell teased.
“I can’t believe you are actually teasing me” he pouted.
“You started it first”
“Ahh, are you serious?” Daniela screamed. I know you guys may be wondering where she has been, well she has been living with her mom and sister.
“Yeah, I’m pregnant”
“Wow, Claire. I’m so happy for you. I’ve got cute names for the baby” Danielle giggled and I rolled my eyes.
“Danielle we don’t know the gender of the baby yet”
“Yeah, that’s right. I heard your mom and dad are getting married”
“Uhmm, yeah. This week is gonna be super stressful for me”
“I wish I could help but school wouldn’t let me”
“You don’t need to worry yourself Danielle, Daniela is gonna help out”
“Yeah, Claire and I got this”
“Uhmm that reminds me, what about Luca?” I winked at her.
“They went on a date which I literally forced her to” Danielle chuckled.
“Seriously? How come I didn’t know about this?”
“Because it isn’t important. Nothing happened, Danielle thinks something can happen between us but it can’t. We had sex and that’s all”
“Stop lying to yourself Daniela, you like him” Danielle giggled teasingly.
“I don’t”
“You do”
“Both of you are crazy”
“Danielle says she doesn’t like him, now tell us who do you like?” I asked raisimg my eyebrows at her.
“No one” she blushed.
“I think she’s in love with someone else”
“But who could that be?”
“You girls should stop it. Will you?” she tried to hide her blush.
“No, we won’t”
“Suit yourself then” she huffed.
“Uhmm that reminds me. I invited Asher for the wedding”
“Asher is gonna come?” she asked all of a sudden.
“Ah, so it’s Asher you like huh?”
“It was just a question” she blushed.
“Woah, sis you are blushing hard. So you have a secret crush on Darrell’s brother?”
“erm…I should leave… I forgot my head in the room”
“Oh your head?” we bursted in to laughter.
“I mean my phone”
“You should have forgot your butts too”
“I hate you” she muttered.
“You wish”…
ah Daniela will not kill me with laffπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
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