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Burning romance chapter 37

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I sobbed as I watched him leave, he is right though, I really am heartless.
My life is full of so many regrets and I wished I could make amends but it’s already too late. These days I have spent in prison are the worse days of my life, I realized I really changed from the once caring Logan to and evil monster.
Hazel put me to most of the evil I did and that changed me a lot, now she’s died and I have face the consequences alone, what a life!.
“I’m sorry” She muttered and she too left. Owen is right, I really am the worse father ever.
I punched the wall hard and sobbed. In as much as I hate him for what he did, he is still my father and I hate to see him that way.
Not until Four months ago he was still the best father I could ever ask for.
He cared so much for me even more than my mother did, my mother never really cared for me and my dad. It was an arranged marriage and she hated the fact that she had to marry my dad and she hated me too but I loved her still.
Dad never left my side, it was always his shoulders I leaned on, when I’m down. It was his words that kept me going, when I had problems, he was always there for me and even after the death of my mother, he was the best.
It baffles me how much he changed. I never expected the caring father I always looked up to to turn into a monster overnight.
Autumn walked up to me and sighed. “Owen. You have to forgive dad. He is truly sorry”
“I don’t know Autumn”
“This may be your last chance Owen to talk to him. He cares so much about you, I could see it in his eyes”
“At least hear him out. Please”
“Fine, let’s go”
“Thanks” She giggled and followed me closely behind
“Logan It’s time to you back into your cell” the warden said.
“But…” We walked into sight.
“Please can you give us some more time?”
“Fine, take your time”
“Thanks a lot”
“I will excuse you guys”
“Owen, I’m ready to talk. I’m ready to come out clean”
“What do you mean?”
“Seat first, both of you. My lawyer will be here any minute” we both sat down opposite him. I can’t believe I’m doing this. There was an awkward silence between us before the lawyer walked in minutes later.
“Mr Logan sorry I’m late” the lawyer apologized.
“It’s fine. Seat please”
The lawyer settled on a chair beside us. “All that I’m going to say I want to have I recorded” I wonder what he’s about to say.
The lawyer brought out a digital voice recorder and placed on recording.
“Done. What information would you like to give us?”
“I have done a lot of evil in my life, I was cruel to people but most of the things I did, I did for love. A love that only lead me to destruction, a stupid and one sided love”
“Dad what are you talking about?”
“It all started when I accidentally killed your mom
I walked into my house tired. I just got back from a business trip. I signed the contract earlier than expected so I came home one day early.
Owen was having a sleepover at his aunts place cause I knew Bridget will never agree to stay home with her, she doesn’t care us.
A strong smell of alcohol hit my nose and also the television was turned on with a lot of noise emitting from it.
I looked around to see bottles of alcohol and also her shirt and bra was on the couch ‘What could Bridget be up to?’ I had asked myself. Hope it’s not what I’m thinking.
I didn’t turn off the television but headed to the room. I proceed to walk into the room but stopped on my track when I heard moans from a familiar voice. It was Bridget’s voice. Oh God, this better be a dream.
I pushed the door open and got the shock of my life when I saw her having sex with another man on our matrimonial bed. Wasn’t I enough for her? I know our marriage was arranged but how could she do this?
I gave her all she ever wanted money, sex, love, care, happiness but she never cared about those things. I felt great anger rise in me as she continued moaning from the guy’s thrust obviously oblivious of that fact that I was in the room.
Words finally came out of my mouth in a yell. “Bridget what the fuck are you doing?”
“Jesus… Logan…” the guy got off her. I grabbed hold of the guy and beat him to pop.
“Logan stop” she yelled and I let him go. He ran out of the house taking his clothes with him.
“I should stop? How could you do this? You are a married woman for Christ sake. I gave you all you wanted but you stab me in the heart. How could you?”
“Don’t you fucking yell at me? You have no right to be mad about anything. This marriage was arranged Logan, I hate the fact that I have to stick to you. I hate the fact that I had to have your child, I never wanted to be in this family. I hate you and that bastard Owen. You are not worth my love” I fumed in anger. How dare she call Owen a bastard?
“Take back your words back now”
“I won’t. You are Owen are bastards” without thinking twice I gave her a hot slap, a slap I regret up to this day, a slap that left her dead. Who would have thought that a slap could kill someone? I never knew until it did.
She fell to the ground and started gasping for breath. I looked at her dying figure on the ground and a guilt enveloped me. I should never have slapped her.
“Bridget… I’m sorry. Please don’t leave me” I cried holding her but she breath her last.
“No” I screamed. Logan what have you done?
“Bridget please…” She was already dead and they was nothing I could do about it. How could she die from a slap?
I can’t go to jail. Owen will hate me for life. He would be so traumatized, his pairs would mock him. He was just a teenager then and I didn’t want to subject him to such.
I had to do something to cover up to this mess so I scattered the entire house and made it look like armed robbers came here. I shot her, shot myself on the leg and called 911. Thankfully no cameras where in my house.
An autopsy was carried out on her body and it was discovered that the slap twisted her neck bone and as a result her neck bone broke and her carotid arteries bursted. In short, she died of several internal bleeding. I made the police believe that an armed man slapped my wife and shot her.
The man my wife cheated on me with ended up going to jail cause both our fingerprints were on her face and he was seen entering our house in a suspicious way. I wasn’t a suspect cause I made myself the victim.
All the that I did at that time was for Owen.
“So you didn’t mean to kill my mom but framed someone else with it?”
“I didn’t intentionally frame him up, his fingerprints were on her face and surveillance caught him sneaking into our house. The police assumed he killed her not me, I didn’t even know he was gonna get involved…”
“…I forgot about the fingerprints and street cameras, despite the fact that I hated him for sleeping with my wife, I didn’t want him to go to jail. My hands were tied Owen it was either me or him”
“What about Daisy’s mother? Why did you plan to kill her?”
“I didn’t plan to kill her. Hazel did”
“What? How?”…
Logan is now confessing πŸ˜‚
How did Hazel plan to kill Ellie?
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The truth is that every one has a story. Let’s find out together how Hazel changed him to the monster we know now.
Also, please violence and anger is bad. Who would have believed a slap would kill Bridget. Please refrain from slapping people but anyhow, punching someone on the stomach or neck. These are very little and common things that can actually cause death.

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