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Burning romance chapter 36

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I sighed and smiled softly at him. I guess he’s right though, mom did say not to live the life she lived so I guess this is a new dawn for me, a time to correct all the mistakes I and my mother made and I know she would want that.
“You are right Owen it’s my choice to make. I don’t wanna live the life mother lived. I don’t wanna end up like her. I wanna be different, be my own person. I know she would want that for me”
“You made the right decision Autumn. Come here” he pulled me into a hug and I smiled.
“Wow happy reunion” Danielle walked into the kitchen on Owen’s shirt. She literally didn’t let me sleep with her loud moans.
“Hey babe” he kissed her on the lips.
“Danielle I’m sorry. I was wrong to have hurt your bestie and done all those mean things I did to you in school” she stared at me awestruck.
“This is new, Autumn is apologizing. Tell me Owen what did you feed her with?”
“Nothing” he pouted.
“Well, I forgive you Autumn but the person that needs your apology is Claire and her mother too”
“I don’t think they will forgive me easily”
“My bestie has a big heart and so does her mother”
“Nice acting Autumn. You think I’m stupid, you and your mom tried this before but failed. Don’t you give up? You and your mom ruined my family, now you come to ask for my forgiveness. Screw you Autumn, you bitch!. Get out of my house this minute I don’t want to ever see you again” she yelled and stormed out of the sitting room.
“You should leave. I’ll talk to her” he said coldly.
“I’m sorry Darrell, I should never have tried to take you away from her. It’s understandable if Claire won’t forgive me, I probably don’t deserve her forgiveness”
“Maybe you don’t. See yourself through the door” he said and left too.
That was a great advice Danielle. I knew Claire would never forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive myself either if I were in her shoes.
Atleast, her mother forgave me, that’s something.
I walked into the room with anger boiling up in me. What does she take me for? A fool or something, not after what her mother did.
“Daisy” I smiled softly when I felt Darrell wrap his hands around my waist.
“You know you should forgive her”
“Why should I? It’s obviously one of her tricks again. She destroyed my family and tried to take you away from me”
“I know she hurt you badly but she’s not faking it Daisy. She’s sincere”
“She’s not?”
“She’s not Daisy”
“Well it doesn’t matter. Darrell I don’t think I can forgive her. Maybe I would someday but right now, it’s impossible”
“I respect your decision”
“Thanks” I whispered and he turned me to face pulling me to himself. I bite my lips and stared at his eyes as they ignite a burning passion in me.
What I feel for Darrell is extra ordinary, it has no boundaries, it’s eternal and his touch has a way of making me want even more. I can’t seem to get enough of him. This feeling
is… our burning romanceπŸ”₯.
“I love you Darrell” I moaned out as his lips trail kisses and my neck.
“I love you more Daisy” he whispered into my ears. I moan and ache my back as his hands grab hold of my ass.
“Oh God, Darrell” I moaned when I felt his hands on my already soaked panties. He shifted my panties aside and explored my wet core with his fingers.
“You are so wet” he whispered and slid a finger into me.
I moaned at the assault and beaconed on him to continue. He increased his fingers to two and I moaned even louder rocking my hip to meet his thrust.
I grab hold of his hair and kissed him roughly sucking his lower lip and biting it slowly.
I gasped as I felt his tongue slid into my mouth. His fingers were still stuck inside of me sending pleasures down my receptors.
“I want you Darrell”
I sighed and knocked on his door after ringing the door bell several times but no response. I badly needed to apologize to him, I was wrong for speaking that way to him.
He opened the door and had a furious look on his face.
“I told you to leave already. Why are you bugging me?”
“Look, I’m sorry. I should never have said that to you, I should never have cheated on you. I’m not asking you to take me back, I’m just asking for your forgiveness”
He sighed and looked at me. “What has gotten into you Autumn. You never for once apologized or even admitted to your mistakes when we were dating”
“Don’t you like the new me?”
“Uhmm, well I do. I’m sorry about your mom’s death”
“It’s fine. So can I come in?”
“Yeah, sure” he opened the door wide open and I stepped in.
“I should apologize to you too, for what I said on the phone.
“It’s fine Levi, I should actually be the one apologizing”
“You already did and I forgive you”
“Really?” I giggled and hugged him tight.
“I missed you Autumn” he strokes my hair softly.
“I missed you too”
“I can’t believe I’m actually here and vowed never to step foot here now I’m here because of you” Owen mumbled.
We were actually at the prison to see Logan. It’s just a day to his trial and also the DNA results showed that I’m actually his child.
“Owen” he smiled happily seeing him. A warden was behind him and his hands were handcuffed. He looked tattered, it’s obvious he has suffered a lot here.
“I give you ten minutes” the warden said and left.
“Owen I thought I would never see you again. How have you been?”
“Fine and better off without you”
“I know I hurt you son but I’m sorry”
“Too late for that dad. I’m not here for this, Hazel is dead”
“What? How? I…”
“She committed suicide but before she did she actually left you a present”
“A present”
“Congratulations, you guys had a child together. Nice match” I literally rolled my eyes as he said that.
“What do you mean? Hazel never told me she had a child for me. Is she the one?” he asked referring to me.
“Yeah dad and a DNA test proves it” he showed him the DNA results.
“Hazel lied to me. I asked her about Autumn but she said she was Adrian’s, she even went ahead to show me the DNA results”
“Well, it’s obvious that she faked it. She is your child dad”
He stared at me affectionately and placed his hands on mine.
“I’m sorry I found out late. We don’t have enough time Autumn your mother didn’t give me the chance to know you”
“It’s okay dad on behalf of my mother, I apologize” he smiled softly.
“I loved your mother so much but she didn’t feel the same way about me. Your mom and I were college lovers but she dumped me for Adrian. She loved him but when she saw her had no money, she fleed. I didn’t know she was pregnant with you at that time. It hurts that she lied to me all these years and now it’s too late cause it’s obvious I will never walk out of here a free man”
“Consider it a payback for all the evil you did”
“Fuck you dad. How could you be so heartless, you planned to kill Ellie yet you claimed to love her. You killed the doctor and his wife, you even wanted to kill the son too. How many more sins have you committed? You deserve death”
“Owen how did you find out?”
“Ellie told me”
“Ellie is dead”
“No dad, she’s alive. You thought you killed her but you didn’t, the doctor played a fast one you”
“How? ho…” he stuttered.
“I didn’t want to kill her but Hazel told me she cheated on me”
“Even if she did dad. Does that give you right to kill her? Did my mother cheat on you too? Is that why you killed her? What about the doctor and his wife, were they not humans? yet you killed them like animals. How heartless can you be? I feel ashamed to call you my father cause you are the worst dad ever” he yelled.
“I’m sorry… I’m”
“Save your sorry Logan, today will be the last day I will see you again. Don’t worry I will make sure to give you a befitting burial, one befitting a devil like you. I’m out of here” he walked out.
“Owen… Owen”
“I’m sorry” I muttered and left too.
Logan ooo🀣
I go chop your burial riceπŸ˜‚
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