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Burning romance chapter 35

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
The police soon arrived and she was put in a body bag.
“Mom” Autumn cried. I really feel her pains, I felt that way too when mom died or almost died. She is yet to tell me the full story.
“Claire you douchebag, you are the reason why my mom is dead. You killed her” she to hit me but Darrell pushed her back.
“You witch! how dare you accuse my daughter of killing your mom. Your mom killed herself after confessing to all her numerous crimes”
“Officer. She killed my mother, arrest her”
“I’m afraid we can’t do that. We’ve checked the CCTV footage and it was clearly seen that your mother killed herself. My advice to you, go home and mourn your mother”
“Owen take her along with you, she is now your responsibility”
“Ok” he sighed.
“Come on evil sis, go pack your bags”
“I’m not evil”
“Whatever, just go”
“Mrs Ellie, we would like to have your statement now. Tell us all that happened and how you survived” the detective whose name was Adams asked holding a note pad.
I felt hot tears slide out of my eyes as mom narrated her ordeal. Logan sure is evil, he planed to kill my mom, killed doctor and his wife, raped me and many more. He deserves to die just like Hazel.
It’s still hard to believe that Hazel is no more. She separated our family for eight years for a child that wasn’t my dad’s. She’s wicked just like Logan and I bet she’s roasting in hell right now.
“Do you have any evidence to present to the court to Strengthen the case we have against him?” the lawyer asked. Darrell actually hired him and he’s one of the lawyers in the US.
“The doctors house actually had CCTV cameras but cameras went blank during operation which means Logan hired someone to hack them. It was a planned operation they couldn’t have been evidence” Adams said.
“Actually there was a mini wireless CCTV in the flower vase”
“How do we get the footage?”
“It actually sent its footage to a mini chip at the back of the doctor’s ears”
“That man sure is wise. Like he planed everything out”
“Where is the chip now?”
“It’s with me”
I cried endlessly in my new room. Why would mom leave me? Just like that. I hate you so much Claire, your badluck caused this.
“I hate you Claire” I yelled smashing the flower vase on the floor.
Owen ran into the room and stared at me and then the broken flower vase. He immediately fumed up seeing what I did.
“Are you crazy? Do you know how much this cost. God, I can’t do this, you should go be with dad in prison!” he yelled.
He actually took to his house earlier, I didn’t realize he had his own house and car too. He’s a race car driver that’s explainable.
“Why should I go to prison? You should be the one in prison” I yelled back.
“I hate the fact that you have to be my brother, you are just like that witch Claire”
“You are the witch Autumn”
“What’s happening here?” I hissed when I saw Danielle. What is she doing here? I hate her so much.
“What are you doing here?” I asked.
“I should be the one asking you that. What are you doing in my boyfriend’s house. Wait a minute did you come here to seduce Owen like you tried to do with Darrell?”
So she’s actually he’s girlfriend, he really lacks taste.
“Babe, she’s my sister”
“What? How? I thought she was Adrian’s daughter”
“We thought so too, turns out her mom lied about her paternity”
“How are you sure she’s your sister?” she said eyeing me.
“We are getting a DNA test done tomorrow”
“What? A DNA test. Don’t you believe I’m your sister”
“I wish you are not. Clean up the mess you made. Come on babe, let’s go”
He really is my enemy. Why would Claire’s bestie be my brother’s girlfriend? Traitors!
“I hate the fact that I have to be responsible for her. Dad should be the one doing this”
“Look, I hate her alot but she just lost her mother Owen, try being nice to her. You know so she doesn’t make wrong choices and end up like her mom”
“She’s not being nice to me either. She’s just too difficult”
“You are her brother, if anyone can help her it’s definitely you”
“I’ll give it a try. Thanks Baby” I smiled.
“You are welcome ‘Mon Amour'” I raised my brows at her.
“That’s sounds like French”
“Well it is. It actually means my lover duh”
“Oh you should know, I’m not French but American”
“You can at least try” she muttered.
I smiled as I watched her sleep peacefully. I kiss her forehead and get out of bed. I put my on my trousers and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
I walked into the kitchen only to find Autumn cooking.There is no way I’m eating that, she could probably have poisoned the food.
I opened the fridge and poured the water into the glass.
“Hey” she said.
“Hey, I just came to to get this” I took my glass of water and made to leave but her voice stopped me.
“About yesterday, I’m sorry. I should never have spoke that way to you” I pinched myself to be sure I’m not dreaming. Did Autumn Just apologize? The Autumn I know never apologize.
I literally wanted to snub her but then I remember Danielle’s words ‘ Try being nice to her’. How about giving it a try?
“I guess I was wrong too. You just lost your mother, I should have being a bit nicer to you after all you’re my kid sis now”
“Does that mean I’m forgiven?”
“Yeah but you are definitely buying that flower vase you broke”
“No way, I’ve got no money on me”
“It’s fine. I’ll replace it myself”
“Do you really have to date Danielle?”
“Yeah, I do. I love her and I know where this is heading to. Look Danielle is not your enemy and so is Claire. Autumn your mom destroyed her family when she was a kid. It’s not really easy growing up in a divorced home”
“Put your self in her shoes. How would you feel if that happened to you”
“Awful, I guess” she sighed.
“That’s it, that’s how she felt. I know you hate Claire alot but she’s a nice person when you get to know her better. You should apologize to her.
“Easy for you to say. Why would I do that?”
“Cause you need to. Think about it, an apology won’t do you any harm but good. You owe her one”
“Apologizing to here will hurt my ego plus I hate her alot. I’m not sure I can do that”
“Of course you can. It’s your choice whether you want to remain her hater and live the life your mom lived, no offense or you wanna be different. That’s totally up to you”…
Do you think Autumn will listen?
I’m sorry this one is short, I also want to apologize for not posting this morning as promised.

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