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Burning romance chapter 34

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
πŸ“² “Am I the only one who thinks you are not human?” I asked and he chuckled.
πŸ“² “No you are not, Asher thinks so too. I’m human Daisy maybe a psychic?”
πŸ“² ” A psychic? like you literally see the future? Read people’s mind?”
πŸ“² “No way, I’m just kidding Daisy. I am no psychic”
πŸ“² “Darrell are you trying to pull my legs?”
πŸ“² “I’m not. Seriously let’s just say I’m a genius. King Solomon the second” I chuckled as he said that.
πŸ“² “Darrell don’t make me laugh. You king Solomon?, that means you have so many wives and concubines”
πŸ“² “No way, I have just you and no one else” I bite my lips and smile.
πŸ“² “I know that Darrell and I love you for that”
πŸ“² “I love you more Daisy and thanks for telling me about this”
πŸ“² “Of course I will. No secrets remember?”
πŸ“² “Yeah no secrets. Don’t miss me too much”
πŸ“² “That is so not possible, I miss you already”
πŸ“² “I miss you more Daisy. I’m gonna be home soon and please don’t go out with that punk”
πŸ“² ” Of course, I won’t. Goodbye”
πŸ“² ” Bye” I smiled and ended the call.
“Mom are you sure this plan is gonna work?. I’m yet to get the pictures from Stella and Levi is yet to call me. Maybe I should call him?”
“Don’t call him, Autumn. You will ruin everything if you do”
“It’s been two hours now mom. Don’t you think something might have gone wrong?” I paced around.
“Will you stop pacing around?. You are making me dizzy and I’m trying to think”
“Fine” I sat on the bed. My phone soon started ringing and I smiled looking at the ID. It was Levi.
“Mom Levi is calling”
“I told you. Come on pick up the call” I smiled and swiped the answer icon.
πŸ“² “Hello Levi. Did you get it done”
πŸ“² “No I didn’t…” a frown crept on my face.
πŸ“² “What do you mean you didn’t? That was a simple job Levi and you couldn’t kiss her?. You shouldn’t have called you if you are gonna tell me bullshit”
πŸ“² “You really wouldn’t let me finish”
πŸ“² “What is there to finish other than you failed”
πŸ“² ” Failed? I should blame you Autumn for bringing up some dumb plan and bringing me into it. I really don’t know what your motive is but it is certainly not good and the reason your plan failed was because Claire didn’t show up”
πŸ“² ” She didn’t show up?”
πŸ“²” Yeah”
πŸ“² “Bastard it only means you didn’t do your job well. You ruined the whole plan. I have such a dumb boyfriend, it’s over Levi. I’m tired of you”
πŸ“² “Really Autumn? I should have known better than to have a bitch as a girlfriend. You think I didn’t know that you always cheated on me? It’s actually for the best, I’m sick and tired of fucking your loose pussy. Look you don’t dump me Autumn, I dump you”
“Bastard” he ended the call.
“That bitch!”
“Autumn forget about that dumb ass Levi. It seems Claire has gotten smarter, the best option now is to eliminate her so she can go and be with her bitch of a mother in hell”
“Mom don’t think that is too extreme”
“Stop being a coward Autumn or don’t you want Darrell?”
“Of course I do but…”
“But what? Autumn. Do you think Claire would let you have Darrell?, she won’t. She needs to die that way she won’t bother you and Darrell”
“Fine mom. We kill her”
“Now that’s my daughter”
I sighed tiredly as I walked into the sitting room.
Pipi was busy setting the table when I walked in. He sighted me and ran to meet me bowing down slightly.
“Welcome Master” I nodded in acknowledgement.
“Where is Daisy?”
“She’s in the kitchen”
“Keep this in my room” I gave him the briefcase and headed to the kitchen.
I smiled at the aroma that hit my nose before I could even get to the kitchen and it reminded me that I was hungry.
I leaned my body on the door post and I watched her cook. She looked so beautiful on her apron.
“Pipi what’s taking you so long? Darrell would be here any minute”
Pipi rushed to the kitchen and was about entering when I stopped him. I gave him a ‘leave’ signal and he nodded.
I went in myself and wrapped my hands around her waist.
“Darrell” she smiled softly knowing I was the one. I kissed her neck softly and she gasped. I trail my fingers upwards from her waist and groped her soft breast.
“Darrell, we are in the kitchen” she moaned softly and I continued squeezing her breast.
She let out a gasp and I pulled her into a short and passionate kiss. I pulled out of the kiss and let her go.
“Uhm that looks good” I said staring at the food. My favoriteπŸ˜‹.
“You should go take a bath first before you can have a taste of it”
“Yes mom” I said and she chuckled.
“Silly boy. Come on go take a bath”
“Geez you just made me feel like a kid”
“You are still a kid Darrell aa long as you suckle from my boobs” she grinned push walking my out of the kitchen. Is she serious?
“Then maybe I should stop. I really don’t want to look like a kid” I smirked and she frowned.
“You wouldn’t dare”
I smiled. “It’s obvious you like been sucked”
“Geez, Darrell you are such a pervert”
“Your pervert” I smirked and left the kitchen.
“Wow Daisy this is delicious” he said taking a bite from the food and I smiled.
“I’m glad you like it”
“I love it” I smiled softly and I too started eating. My phone rang in my shorts, I dipped my hands into my pocket and brought it out.
“Who is that?”
“My dad” I swiped the answer icon and pressed the phone on my ears.
πŸ“² “Good evening Dad”
πŸ“² ” Good evening Daisy. How are you doing?”
πŸ“² “I’m fine Dad and you?”
πŸ“² “Same dear. So I was thinking if you could bring Darrell along with you for a family dinner tomorrow?”
πŸ“² “A family dinner? I thought you were supposed to be on a business trip”
πŸ“² “Well I canceled it. There is something important you must know Claire and I want you to bring Darrell with you”
πŸ“² “Ok dad. I will. Time?”
πŸ“² “5pm”
πŸ“² “Ok. Bye dad”
πŸ“² ” Bye” he ended the call. Something important? what could that be?
“Anything the matter?”
“Dad invited us to a family dinner tomorrow”
“We go then”
I sighed as I helped Dad set the table. It’s great he cooked the food himself and not those witches.
If they had cooked the food, I would never have eaten. They could probably have poisoned the food.
They both looked at me scornfully but I ignored their looks and sat beside Darrell.
“Autumn dear why don’t you seat beside Darrell”
“Yes mother” she smiled and walked to seat beside Darrell so he would be at the center.
“Don’t you dare, seat with your mother” Darrell told her and I smiled. She stood beside Darrell like a policewoman.
“Darrell it’s not a big deal” hazel smiled.
“Well you should ask my girlfriend cause I don’t think she would agree to such”
“She’s your girlfriend and not your wife”
“I did say before that Daisy and I would be getting married”
“wow that’s great news” Dad smiled.
“Adrian don’t you think Claire is too young and fragile to get married now”
“Of course not, she’s already an adult and of marriageable age”
“How can you say that? She’s just eighteen”
“Step mother. Why should you care about when I get married?”
“Wow looks like I’m in time” Owen grinned as he walked into the dinning.
“Who invited him here? This is supposed to be a family dinner”
“He is part of our family so I invited him over” I told her.
“How dare you Claire? Does this look like your house?”
“Hazel let him be. She’s right, he’s part of the family”
Owen sat beside Darrell and Autumn frowned.
“I was supposed to seat there”
“I didn’t see your name on this seat and you were not seating on it either” he mocked.
“You… mom” she sniffle and went to seat beside her mother.
“Cry baby” I muttered and Darrell chuckled.
“Adrian why are we here? I obviously can’t stand your daughter”
“Me neither” I scoffed.
“How dare you talk back at me? Adrian she just talked back at me”
“Hazel will you shut up and listen” dad said getting irritated.
“Adrian you just told me to shut up?”
“Of course he did” I heard a familiar voice that made me stiffen up.
I turned my head slowly and was shocked to the bone to see my mother. I felt tears slip out of my eyes and I momentarily lost my voice.
Everyone looked surprised, well except for Dad. Does he know about this?
“Mom?” How? I saw her buried. Without thinking twice I ran to hug her.
“Mom I missed you”
“I missed you more Daisy. I’m gonna explain every thing to you later” she patted my back and I nodded. We soon pulled out of the hug.
“Wipe your tears Daisy. I’m here now” she smiled and cleaned my eyes.
“Mom I’m sorry. I failed you” Owen who was already in tears said.
“Come here Owen” she pulled him into a hug and smiled. A loud grunt followed and I chuckled seeing that she kicked him on his…
“Ouch” he groaned holding his dick.
“That’s for raping my daughter”
“I did apologize. How do I get my wife pregnant without this?” he muttered.
“Figure that out yourself?”
“You are so mean” he muttered.
“You said?”
“Mom, this is my boyfriend Darrell. Darrell meet my mom”
“Nice to meet you ma’am” she smiled softly.
“Same. My daughter is fragile, hope you won’t break her heart?”
“Be rest assured ma’am. I love your daughter very much and I would protect her with my life”
“Wow, its great to know someone loves my daughter that much and you look responsible. Let me give you the benefit of the doubt”
“Ellie how are you still alive?” Hazel asked.
“Where you expecting to die? I came to take back what’s mine Hazel”
“You might end up loosing your life for real this time”
“Is that a threat?”
“No. It’s an advice”
“Bitch!” I muttered under my breath.
“Are you indirectly telling us that you planned to kill Daisy’s mom?” Darrell asked.
“I don’t know what you are talking about. Let’s just eat” she faked a smile.
“Trying to change the conversation huh? That proves that you are guilty”
“Darrell how dare you try to lie against me?” she yelled.
“Feigning annoyance over a direct question? That actually proves you have something to hide”
“Hazel did you fucking plan with Logan to kill me?” mom fumed in anger. Logan? Logan planned to kill mom.
“Answer the question” dad yelled.
“I… don’t know what you… are talking about” she stuttered fearfully.
“My mom didn’t do anything. Stop accusing her” Autumn said.
“Will you shut up there” dad yelled and she flinched.
“You got two options Hazel either you confess right now and you walk away a free woman or you don’t confess, I will dig up every single criminal activity you’ve been in, trust me I will find something and you spend the rest of your life in jail”
“You bastard!”
“I’m gonna count to five. I don’t joke with my words Hazel, I’m dead serious”
“1… 2….3…4…”
“What you said is true, I planned with Logan to kill Ellie”
“You bitch I hate you!”
“You witch, you planned to kill my mom. Who knows if you didn’t plan to make him rape me?” I yelled in tears and Darrell pulled me to himself and tried to console me.
“I didn’t plan for him to rape you. I only wanted him to marry you and make your lives miserable but he ended up falling in love with you. Knowing Logan was a dangerous man, I told him you were cheating on him that was why he planned to kill you”
“You deserve to die”
“Tell me Hazel is Autumn really my child or that was also part of your plan to destroy my family”
“Dad I’m your daughter”
.”Who asked you to talk. Shut up”
“She is your daughter Adrian”
“Fuck Hazel, how dare you lie to me? Answer me before I strangle you to death” dad was really anger.
“She is… your daughter?”
“Hazel what do you take me for? You bitch!” dad charged at her.
“She is not your daughter Adrian” she yelled in tears.
“Mom what are you talking about?”
“I’m sorry Autumn but your real father is Logan”
“What? she can’t be my sister. I have an evil father now I have to cope with an evil sister too” Owen protested.
“I’m not evil and mom tell me you are lying”
“I’m not lying. It’s true”
“So you knew Autumn wasn’t my child and you destroyed my family?”
Just then, we heard police sirens fast approaching.
“I thought you said no police. I can’t go to jail”
“Well, I lied” Darrell smirked.
“You bastard… I rather die than go to jail” she picked up a cutlery knife.
“Hazel what are you doing?”
“Mom put the knife down”
“I can’t live anymore” she slit her throat with the knife and fell to the ground with blood gushing out of her neck.
“Mom” Autumn cried holding her mother.
“Don’t… be like… me Autumn” she stuttered breathing heavily and gave up the ghost…
Finally Hazel has diedπŸ˜‚
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