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Burning romance chapter 33

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Uhmm… I think you are right. Daisy misses you alot, she might find it hard to believe that you are still alive”
“I only did what I thought was right at that time. Logan thought he killed me and he ended up laying his filthy hands on my daughter. I failed as a mother, I wasn’t there for her” I sobbed.
“It wasn’t your fault Ellie, you couldn’t have done anything cause your life was on the line. I’m to blame for all this, I shouldn’t have abandoned her. Logan is paying for his sins now and Claire is doing fine now”
“I know that, heard she got herself a rich boyfriend. Don’t you think she is too young to have a boyfriend? My baby girl is just eighteen and I don’t want her to get heartbroken”
“Claire is not a kid anymore besides, Darrell is a nice guy and he loves our daughter very much. I don’t think he would break her heart”
“You never can tell, I mean you said you loved me but you ended up breaking my heart”
“Ellie what happened…”
“You destroyed our family Adrian, what else do you have to say? Look I came for my daughter and not you. Set up a family dinner, I would like to see my daughter and also meet this Darrell” I stood up to leave but he held my hands and walked over to me.
“Ellie I’m sorry for all that happened in the past but I didn’t mean to leave you and Daisy. I still love you and I don’t wanna loose you again”
“But you married her Adrian, do you know how I felt? how Claire felt? Loosing her dad at an early age. You ran to be with Hazel, you forgot all the sacrifices I made for you when she left you. Did you even love me at all, Did you?” I yanked his hands off mine angrily.
“I love you Ellie, I never for once stopped loving you. I admit I was a coward, I should never have left you and Daisy, I should have stayed back and fought for you and for that, I’m sorry”
I let out a scoff. “Too late for that, If I hadn’t called you that day. Would you have offered to take Claire away from Logan…”
“… She is our daughter Adrian but you abandoned her and because of your neglect she got raped and you stand here to talk to me about love? I hate you Adrian!” I yelled at him as I tried to fight back the pending tears.
“You know what? I’m out of here. Screw you Adrian, Screw you!” I poke his chest with my fingers but he held my hands and squeezed it softly.
“I’m sorry, I failed both you and Claire but I’m ready to make amends. Let’s get married again”
I chuckled. ” Are you crazy? You want me to be part of a polygamic marriage? This is the US not Africa, polygamy is forbidden”
“I know that Ellie, I wanna divorce Hazel”
“I’m serious Ellie, let me rewrite my wrongs”
“Adrian there can never be us, it was over a long time ago and you know it. As for rewriting your wrongs, you lost that chance when you let Logan and his son rape my daughter. Just set up the family dinner Adrian but I can never be your wife again”
“Ellie” I proceed to walk away but he held my hands and turned me to face him.
His hands held my waist and he pulled me closer to himself.
“Adrian…” I tried to struggle out of his grip. Why does he have to be this strong? He smells nice too and he’s still very cute. Ellie get a hold of yourself.
He leans closer to kiss me closing the distsnce between our lips and I felt my heart skipped a beat.
“Adrian what are you…” I felt his lips graze mine and my breath literally shortened. After all these years Ellie, she still can’t let go of your addiction to him.
I felt a the rush of helplessness, as he claimed my lips in his. With my hands on his chest, I felt his tongue slip into my mouth.
I couldn’t help it anymore as I found myself kissing back at him with desperation.
“Adrian we shouldn’t be doing this” I mutter pulling out of the kiss.
“Why not? I love you Ellie” he kissed me yet again.
I smiled softly as I trailed my fingers slowly on his bare chest, it’s still hard to believe we just had sex after eight years of our divorce.
It’s time to take back what’s mine, what Hazel stole from me, it’s time to get it all back.
I know you all may be wondering how I survived, I mean I died right, I was even buried but yet how the hell did I survive?
“Just make sure she doesn’t come out of that room alive, also prepare her body for burial, I want her to be buried immediately. Do this and you will see your son again or he dies”
“Fine I’m gonna do it but please don’t kill my son”
“That all depends on you” he hung up.
. . . . .
The doctor walked into the theater a confused man. His profession was to save lives but now he was gonna take one.
I laid there on the bed not knowing if I was gonna make it or die in the process.
I thought about my daughter the most, how would she feel when her mother is no more.
I made the decision to live for my Daisy not knowing that Logan already wanted me dead, a man I thought I loved.
“Doctor may we proceed with the operation” the theater nurses asked.
“I can’t do this” he muttured to himself.
“Doctor are you okay?”
“I would like to have a word with the patient alone” I laid there in the midst of confusion and with death endlessly knocking at the door of my soul as I watched the nurses leave one by one.
“What is happening?” my voice came out muffled because of the oxygen mask.
“Someone is after your life, Logan he doesn’t want you to make it out of this hospital alive”
“What? Logan How?” I felt hot tears slip out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe it, I trusted him, Why would he want me dead?
“He is with my son and if I don’t kill you, my son will die, so I’m gonna kill you” I felt my heart skip a beat.
“I can’t die”
“Yes you can, you are gonna play dead”
“What? How is that possible?” he brought out a syringe containing a liquid.
“The content of this syringe will slow down your heartbeat to the point where doctors would nearly not be able to detect a pulse. You will become unconscious but if you aren’t given the antidote in less than ninety minutes. you would really die” he brought out another syringe which contained the antidote.
“But I don’t want to die, what if I don’t get the antidote on time!”
“You will, Logan wants you buried immediately after you are confirmed death. Your burial world be quick and after you are buried, we we dig you out and give you the antidote”
It was a big risk but it was one I was willing to take for my daughter, for myself, for Adrian and for the life of the doctor’s son on the line.
“What if the operation fails? What if I die during the operation?”
“Do you believe in God?”
“You need him now more than ever. I will call in the nurses” I nodded.
As fate would have it, the operation was successful and I survived and the serum was injected into me.
Logan thought I was dead, well I almost died. After I was given the antidote, I remained in vegetative state for days because I was deprived of oxygen for long.
NB: Vegetative state is absence of responsiveness and awareness due to overwhelming dysfunction of the cerebral hemispheres that is, a state of partial consciousness.
During those days, I was treated in the doctor’s house, his family took me in and Logan later released his son.
After spending a week with them, I was fully recovered and thd doctor whose name was Connor wanted me to leave.
“Ellie you have to leave this place now it isn’t safe for you. Logan might figure out you are here and we will all be dead…”
“…Here, passports, plane tickets and your visa to Canada. It cost me a fortune getting these ready” he gave me the travel documents and an envelope which contained some money.
“Inside the envelope there is an address on it, I have a little cottage house in Canada, you can stay there for the main time” I stared at him dumbfounded not knowing what to say.
Do people like this still exist in this world?
“Thank you” I told him in tears.
“Aunty Ellie Do you really have to go?” his son Zach asked in tears.
“Yes sweetie. I will come visiting sometime”
“Connor, Logan and his boys are here” his wife Miranda who was busy checking the window announced.
“This is not good. Come on, three of you hide in the little man hole. I’ll go talk to them”
He raised the rug carpet in the sitting room and opened the wooden flat cover that had a little hole underground.
“Come on. Get in” I quickly took Zach with me to hide underground.
“Miranda come on. Go in”
“No. I’m coming with you” Miranda said.
“Miranda…” we heard a knock on the door and they were quick to shut it close quietly.
“Corner come on. Let me in or I come in forcefully. At that moment, I feared for the life of the doctor and his wife. Logan was a dangerous man and he was capable of murder.
I wondered what made me fall for him in the first place. I held Zach in my arms as he shivered in fear. I too was scared but I tried to be brave for the little child who was just seven.
“Logan I already did what you wanted, I killed the woman. What else do you want?”
“I know and you did a great job but I have been thinking. Why should I trust you? Who knows you might decide to rat me out”
“I would never do that, I already killed the woman. Just let my family go”
“I’m afraid I can’t do that? I can only be sure you don’t tell, if you are dead”
“Force them on their knees”
“Logan you can’t do this to me”
“Of course I can. Go find the child”
“Yes boss”
“Please let my child go” Miranda begged.
“I won’t rest until you are all wiped from the surface of this earth”
“Logan you are a devil”
“It took you so long to find out” he chuckled.
“I hate you. You will pay for this”
“Shut her up permanently” a silent gunshot followed. Zach and I were already in tears and I had to cover his mouth to prevent him from screaming.
“Miranda… Miranda… please don’t leave me” he cried
“Don’t worry you will join her soon”
“You are heartless Logan. You will pay for this”
“Boss, we couldn’t find his son”
“Now Connor tell me. Where you are hiding him?”
“Bastard, I rather die than tell you”
“Your choice but be rest assured, I will find him and kill him. Go to hell and be with yiur wife” two gunshots followed.
It finally dawned on me that Daisy could still be living with this monster and I had to do something to get her out of there and that almost cost Adrian his life.
After they left, I took Zach with me to Canada to start a new life.
πŸ“²” You know I would never let you go. It’s a trap Daisy”
πŸ“²” I know it kinda of seems suspicious that he asked me to come alone. But what is their aim this time?”
πŸ“²” He asked you to come to a restaurant and not a club which means he’s not gonna try and rape you. Their aim is to make me chase you out of my life which means, their plan was to make it look like you were cheating on me”
πŸ“²” And?…”
πŸ“²” He was gonna kiss you Daisy and someone will be there to take pictures and those pictures would be sent to me to create a bad impression on you”
πŸ“²” Oh my God! Those witches…”
This guy is so smartπŸ˜‚
Logan na devil ooπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
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