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Burning romance chapter 32

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I smiled as I shoved the popcorn into my mouth. The girls and I were actually watching a movie in the sitting room.
As usual, Darrell already left for work. We were supposed to spend much more time together but work wouldn’t let us.
Well, he did say he was gonna resolve the issue within a week. Honestly, I can’t wait, I want us to go to alot of places together and have fun.
“Ok, thanks alot” Danielle giggled as she ended the phone call.
“Who was that?”
“Guess” the grin on her face widened.
“Just spill it already”
“Fine. I just got admitted into the university”
“Wow that’s great news”
“I’m gonna have to thank your boyfriend but first thanks to you too Claire. You are the best friend one can ask for. You just made my dreams come true”
“Friends help each other Danielle. Make sure you read your books”
“You are starting to act like my mom”
“Daniela you never really told us about your sex escapades that day at the club?”
“Yeah that’s right. How was it?”
“Good” she simply replied.
“Just good?” Danielle shrugged.
“Yeah, well he actually gave me his Call card”
“Really? he did?”
“Yeah but I haven’t called him besides I don’t have a phone” she muttered the last part.
“That won’t be a problem. I actually got you a new phone”
“Woah, you got to be kidding me?”
I rolled my eyes at her. “I’m not. I ordered for it this morning. Let me go get it” I rushed out of the sitting room after a few minutes, I came back with the phone which was enclosed in it’s packet.
I handed it to her and she looked at me in disbelief. “Oh my God, Claire. Thank you so much” she hugged me tight.
“Awwn, thanks Claire” Danielle cooed.
“You welcome sweeties”
Daniela opened the phone packet and brought out the phone.
“Oh my God! An iPhone 11 pro?” her jaw dropped.
“This is really expensive. Thanks Claire”
“How many times are you gonna thank me already?”
“As many times as possible. You are such a darling” she giggles.
“Wow you got a universal sim card too?”
“Yeah, you should register that online”
“Let me help with that” Danielle said and she helped her sister register the Sim card on her phone.
“Done” she smiled.
“Thanks sis”
“You should call him now”
“No way besides, I’m yet to recharge”
“That won’t be a problem, I will transfer airtime to you”
“In a minute… done. Call him now” Danielle pouted.
“Danielle it was just a one night stand. No feelings attached”
“You should call him” I told her.
“You never can tell, He might end up being your boyfriend” Danielle giggled.
“Geez stop it”
“Call him”
“Fine” she sighed and brought out the call card from her purse.
“Wow Luca Mason huh? ” Danielle giggled teasingly as she looked into the card.
“Fuck you!” Daniela huffed dialing the number on her phone.
“Whatever sis”
She placed the phone on her ears and whispered. “It’s ringing”
πŸ“²” Hello is this Luca?” I asked unsure of if I should be doing this. I mean it was just a one night stand.
πŸ“²”No. This is Harper, What do you want with my boyfriend?”
πŸ“²” Boyfriend?” So this bastard has a girlfriend and he slept with me. I knew this was a bad idea.
πŸ“² “Yes, got a problem with that?”
“Harper what the fuck are you doing with my phone? and how did you get into my room” I think he dragged the phone from her.
“I see you have started screwing another bitch”
“We broke up remember, stay out of my shit”
“Luca…”. “Hello?”
πŸ“²” Hello… Hello”
πŸ“²” I knew this was a bad idea, I should never have called”
πŸ“²” Daniela?…” I hung up.
“What happened?”
“What happened is he has a girlfriend, he did mention they broke up besides I’m not ready to be caught up in love shit”
“So you hung up?. You could have at least gone on a date”
“Look, he’s calling again. Come on pick it t”
“No” I muted the call and Danielle was forced to pick it up and kinda of put it on loud speaker.
“Danielle!” I whispered in between gritted teeth
πŸ“²” Daniela? Can we talk”
πŸ“²” Well, Daniela doesn’t want to talk to you”
πŸ“²” I’m her sister Danielle. Look I got to tell you this, my sister is in love with you” Claire couldn’t help but chuckle as she said that.
It’s not funny
“Danielle!” I angrily snatched the phone from her and placed it on my ears.
πŸ“²” Hey Luca. Look it was a bad idea calling you and forget about what my sister just told you nothing can never happen between us”
πŸ“²”But I just wanna talk to you. How about I take you out on a date? Please say yes”
“Tell him yes” Danielle whispered.
πŸ“²” I’m afraid but I have to politely decline, I don’t wanna have issues with your girlfriend”
πŸ“²”She is not my girlfriend. We already broke up”
πŸ“²”It doesn’t matter Luca, what we had was just a one night stand. Please don’t bother calling me and I won’t call you”
πŸ“²” But…” I hung up.
“Why did you do that?” Danielle asked.
“That was so not cool, I mean it’s just a date. It won’t hurt to give it a try” Claire said.
“We all know where this date thing is gonna lead to. I’m not ready to get heartbroken again” I sighed sadly.
“Did someone break your heart?”
“Yeah, his name was James and we kinda dated in highschool. I was just sixteen then and I liked him a lot, maybe even love. He ended up taking my virginity and after that I got dumped. He simply said, “I’m tired of fucking your pussy. We are so done” I bursted into tears.
“Oh my God! That was cruel. I’m sorry sis” Danielle hugged me.
“I know he hurt you pretty bad but that doesn’t mean you should lock up your heart. Who knows Luca might be different”
“You just don’t get it Claire, not every guy is like your boyfriend. Not every love story is sweet and I’m not ready for love and all the bullshit that comes with it. Please drop this whole Luca thing”
“Fine, you are just too stubborn”
“Like you are any different” I muttered.
πŸ’—One week laterπŸ’—
“Mom I already did what you asked me to and he agreed but I must confess it wasn’t easy convincing him. He only did it because I threatened to break up with him”
“Great job Autumn. Things are about to fall into place”
“Mom are you sure this will work”
“Of course, he will surely send her packing after this or worse. But if he doesn’t, then plan C will be to eliminate her”
“She deserves worse than death”
“Our victory is near”
“Come on, go get ready,we got a trap to set”
I smiled as I went through my Instagram account, I hadn’t come online in a week. My followers were more now than 30M followers, I guess that’s how it is when you are a celebrity.
Danielle had already started college and of course Darrell plans on taking me out tomorrow. So glad, the issue at the office has been resolved.
Logan’s trial is in four days, I can’t wait for that monster to rot in jail for the rest of his life or probably get a death sentence.
A call came in from an unsaved number. Who could this be?
I swipe the answer icon and placed the phone on my ears.
πŸ“²”Hello. Who is this?”
πŸ“²”Claire? It’s me Levi”
πŸ“²”Levi? How did you get my number?
πŸ“²”I have my ways. How about we talk over lunch today? Just me and you”
πŸ“²” Like a date?”
πŸ“²” Something like that. So will you come?”
πŸ“²” No I can’t come. I’ve got a boyfriend now and if he sees both of us together, he will surely strangle you”
πŸ“²” Try to scare me huh? It’s just lunch Claire to a restaurant. Alot of people are gonna be there, be rest assured, I’m not gonna try anything stupid if that’s what you are scared of”
πŸ“²” Just lunch?…”
πŸ“²”Please”.” Fine”
πŸ“²”So how about in an hour time and please come alone”
πŸ“²” Why should I come alone?”
πŸ“²”Don’t you trust me? I’m not gonna harm you”
πŸ“²”I don’t trust you. If I’m gonna have to go on that date, then I’m coming with my bodyguard”
πŸ“²” You don’t need to come with a bodyguard”
πŸ“²”Of course, I do. No bodyguard, no lunch”
πŸ“²” Fine. You can come with your bodyguard. I’ll text you the address of the restaurant”
πŸ“²”Ok” he ended the call and I sighed.
Why would Levi wanna go on a date with me? I remember that he is Autumn’s boyfriend. Could this be part of their plan? This two witches won’t let me be.
I’m gonna have to tell Darrell about this before things go sideways.
I walked into the restaurant and sighted Adrian seated on our reserved table.
“Sorry to have kept you waiting” I sat opposite him and he was basically drooling over me.
“Wow, you look even more beautiful” but you married another woman.
“Thanks” I smiled.
“So when did you get back from Canada?”
“Yesterday. I’m actually here for my daughter, it’s time for her to know the truth”…
Who be this woman?πŸ™„
Hazel and her daughter are at it againπŸ˜‚

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