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Burning romance chapter 29

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I chuckle softly as I dropped the phone.
“Danielle right?” Darrell asked as he pulled me to himself on the bed.
“Yeah. It was Owen, he scared shit out of Danielle by driving recklessly”
“That brother of yours sure is crazy”
“Yeah he is”
“Daisy I’m gonna have to go to the office tomorrow”
“Which office? Are you gonna fly back to Singapore” I mumbled.
“No…” he rolled his eyes. “We’ve got a branch office here in the states”
“And I thought this was supposed to be like a vacation?”
“I’m just going to check on it. Besides we’ve got an important board meeting tomorrow.”
“Fine but you are definitely going sight seeing with me next tomorrow”
“Sure thing ma’am” he said and I chuckled.
“I can’t believe you’re making fun of me” I got on top of him and pinned both his hands to the bed.
“I’m not”
“Yes, you are” I lowered my body to his as our eyes maintained an intense eye contact. The tension between us was electrifying as our hot breath and both heat further intoxicated the moment.
As if compelled by an invisible force, I clasped my lips against his softly loving the feel of his lips against mine.
He kissed me back and deepened the kiss as our tongues glided together in a perfect rhythm. He groaned softly when I grinded my crotch against his.
“I want you Darrell” I whispered against his ears as I trailed my fingers slowly on his abs. I felt his breath shorten as I continued trailing my fingers down to his pelvis. I grab hold of his dick through his trousers and he groaned.
“Geez Daisy, you’ve grown to be a bad girl” I bite my lips and unzipped his zipper.
“Your bad girl” I whispered stroking his dick with my hands. He moans and pulled me into a passionate kiss.
“He really did did that?” we both chuckled as Danielle told us what Owen did yesterday. We were in the large swimming pool and on tiny bikinis.
Darrell already left for work, we were all bored so we decided to swim.
“Yeah and after that, we had sex” she giggled.
“Woah so you guys are officially together?”
“I can’t seriously remember the last time, I had a good screw. About three months ago” Daniela said.
“Three months? Don’t tell me you?…” I trailed off raising my brows at her.
“Of course, I had it with one of the male servants” she rolled her eyes.
“Holly molly. You need to get laid sis. How about we hit the club tonight?” she giggled.
“Hell no” my eyes widened.
“Claire don’t be a killjoy” Daniela pouted.
“Fine. We are gonna hit the club but first we need to go see your mom”
“I don’t wanna see her. She abandoned me remember?”
“Claire is right Daniela. Mom misses you, not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about you”
“I don’t care. I don’t wanna talk about mom”
“Well you’ve got no choice here. You are coming with me to see your mom”
“I’m serious”
“Fuck! fine. You are acting so much like your boyfriend now”
“What do you expect? She is his girlfriend now, of course she has to act like him. I think I like the new Claire”
“Thanks Danielle… Daniela the main reason I let you come with us was because I wanted you to reunite with your family and that includes your mom. I know she was wrong but we are humans and we make mistakes. You should hear her out”
“I already said fine”
“Hey come on. Let’s go get dressed”
“You can do this Daniela” I told her as we stood in front of her mom’s house.
“We will both go in first” Danielle whispered holding my hands. She pressed the door bell and her mom soon opened the door.
“Wow Claire” she smiled at me.
“Good day ma’am”
“Hey mom” Danielle hugged her mother.
“Come on, come in” she beamed a bright smile. Her smile faded away when she saw Daniela.
“Daniela?” she asked surprised as tears welled up in her eyes.
“Hey mom. Don’t give me that look, I know you wish me dead”
She pulled her into a hug.”How would I wish you dead? I’m sorry Daniela. I’m so sorry, I should never had done that to you” She cried still hugging tight to Daniela.
“Too late for that. You already did” she forced herself out of the hug.
“Do you know what I fucking went through in the hands of my so called foster parents? Did you care how I felt when you abandoned me? Did you bother to check up on me? Instead, you lied to Danielle that I was dead!” she yelled in tears.
“I’m sorry Daniela, I did check up on you but I was told they already moved out. I searched for you, not a day went by that I didn’t think about you. Do you think it was easy raising you both? Your father abandoned us and ran away with my life savings. Do you think it was easy letting you go? I did it for all of us!”
“No you did it for yourself. You did it because you loved Danielle more than me. And you did it for your own selfish reasons. You sold me like a common commodity”
“All I did, I did for you and your sister. It was hard for us to feed at that time, I didnt want you to suffer. I never sold you, I only gave you up for adoption. And I love both of you equally, you are both my daughters”
“Daniela please forgive your mother already. All she did, she did for you and your sister. You should be lucky to have a mother who cares about you” I told her in a soft tone.
“Daniela please forgive mother already. She loves you and all that she said is true. Dad ran away with the money she gave to him to start up a business leaving mom penniless. Mom never forget about you, I was there with her and I saw the pains she felt of losing you”
“Fine, I forgive you mom because Claire asked me to” I hit her playfully and she laughed.
“Seriously mom I forgive” she pulled her mother into a hug.
“It’s so good to have you back”
“I missed you mom”
“I missed you so much more than you can imagine”
I sigh and put a call across to Darrell. It’s almost seven in the evening and he’s yet to come back home. It’s weird because Darrell doesn’t stay too long in the office.
πŸ“² “Daisy?”
πŸ“²” Darrell you had me worried. Don’t tell me you are still in a board meeting”
πŸ“²” I’m not. These workers are stressing me out”
πŸ“²” Really? what happened?”
πŸ“²” You wouldn’t believe I caught the manager having sex with two of his female workers”
I chuckled loudly. πŸ“²” Two? Oh my God. Tell me you’re lying”
πŸ“²”I’m not. The workers all complained of his gross misconduct and Casanova attitude. Some of the workers here don’t come to work and still get paid. I sacked all of them including their manager. I can’t keep unprofitable workers”
πŸ“²”It must have really been a stressful day. Don’t you have people who monitor your branch offices?”
πŸ“²” Of course I do. Well it’s obvious now that most of them collect bribes and write false reports. I’m gonna address this matter properly when we get back to Singapore”
πŸ“²” Don’t stress yourself out too much”
πŸ“²” I’m already stressed out” I sighed. How I’m I supposed to tell him that I plan on going to the club when he’s obviously stressed out.
πŸ“²” Daisy? Is something bothering you?”
πŸ“²” Uhmm Darrell you see the girls and I want to go to the club?”
πŸ“²” The club? It’s full of those drunk pervert men. What if something happens to you?”
πŸ“²” Darell stop being paranoid. Nothing is gonna happen” I rolled my eyes.
πŸ“²” Fine, but you should take Enzo with you. Just in case any idiot tries anything stupid”
πŸ“²” Geez, I’ve got an over protective boyfriend”
πŸ“²* Chuckles. “I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend, of course I have to be protective of what’s mine” I blushed as he said that.
πŸ“²” I miss you already Darrell” I bite my lips.
πŸ“²” You know I miss you more. Don’t stay out too long and make sure you take Enzo with you”
πŸ“²” Noted and you shouldn’t stay out too long”
πŸ“²” Yeah, I’m almost rounding up”
πŸ“²” Ok. ByeπŸ‘‹”
πŸ“²” Bye” I smiled and ended the call.
“Seriously? I thought you were never gonna end that call” Danielle said.
“So what did he say?”
“He agreed but on a condition that Enzo must tag along”
“We don’t need a baby sitter. We can handle ourselves well”
“Don’t tell me you want Claire to go against his orders? Hell no, you certainly don’t know how angry he would get at both of us if anything happens to Claire” Daniela said.
“Nothing is happening to me and I can’t go against Darrell’s wishes”
“I know you both love each other and nothing is gonna happen. Besides it looks really awkward taking a bodyguard to the club. Come on Claire besides no one is gonna tell Darrell”
“Enzo will”
“We can always talk to him”
“I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this. Darrell is gonna get mad if he finds out”
“He won’t”
We giggle like highschool teens as we walked into the club. Alot of people mostly drunk people danced to the hip hop music. Some were even making out. This is gross.
My body was clad on a red strapless Bodycon Jumpsuit Romper with Choker that showed off my curves and round ass.
On my feets was a pair of white ankle boot high heels and my ears were adorned with designer earrings. On my face, wore a light make up and on my hand was a white clutch purse.
Danielle was clad on a black mini ruffle off shoulder bodycon cocktail dress that exposed part of her cleavages and also showed off her curves and on her feets was a pair ofblack stilettos.
Daniela on the other hand, was on a midi bandage spaghetti strap bodycon dress and she looked hot in them. We all looked hot.
“I’m getting laid” Daniela giggled.
“I’m so getting drunk”
“Well I’m driving two drunk people home” I rolled my eyes as we walked to the bar.We sat on the bar stool and ordered for drinks.
“A bottle of Tequila and two glass cups please”
“A bottle?” my eyes widened.
“Yeah we were serious about getting drunk” I watched as the bar attendant poured their drinks into their cups.
“Claire don’t tell me you are not taking anything” Daniela said as she sipped from her drink.
“A cup of Fruity mocktail will do”
“Seriously? no alcohol?”
“Thanks” I whisper to the bar attendant as he gave me my drink.
“No. I’m fine with this” I sipped on my drink.
“If you say so”
Minutes later, they both started talking funny. Alcohol at workπŸ˜„
“Hi pretty” A guy walked up to us staring at me lustfully but I pretended not to see him.
“Mind if we dance?”
“Claire he’s taking to you” she whispered.
“Yes pretty, if you don’t mind. Dance with me”
“Sorry dude but I’m already taken”
“It’s just a dance”
“What part of she doesn’t want to dance with you don’t you understand? Leave here this minute before I crack your skull open” Daniela yelled clinging onto the bottle on the table.
“Woah, easy. I’m leaving”
“I’m so horny right now, that hot dude over there will surely satisfy my urge. See you later girls” Daniela giggled away.
“I’m dancing. Claire come on, dance with me”
“I’m fine, you can dance alone”
“You are so not fun” she staggered into the dance floor.
“Easy bestie”
“Another glass of this and also calculate out bills”
“Mind if I sit here?” I turned to see another guy.
“Sure” I huff silently and gave the bar attendant my card.
“Let me?” he said bringing out his card.
“Thanks but I can foot my bills myself” I gave the bar attendant my card.
There’s is no way I’m letting this guy pay for my drinks that will be one of his excuse to get into my pants besides money is not my problem. Darrell wires enough money to my account every week.
“I like your type. How about we go somewhere private to talk” he wanted to touch my thighs but I spanked his hands off.
“We’ve got nothing to talk about”
“Hey come on. Stop acting like you don’t know what I mean. You’ve got a nice ass” he spanked my ass on the stool.
“What the fuck! How dare you? “I gave him a resounding slap.
“Feisty huh? Stop acting like a saint when we both know you badly need to be banged” he made to touch me again but I grab hold of a bottle and broke the bottom on the table.
“Come close to me and you will get a stab in the stomach”
Just then, Darrell’s bodyguards surrounded him. What the fuck? Does that mean Darrell is here too.
“What the fuck is going on…” before he could complete his sentence they cleared him off the ground and his ass landed on the broken bottle on the floor.
People began to give way as Darrell walked through the crowd.Some girls began to giggle and guys muttered to themselves. I never knew he was this popular.
He had an angry expression on his face as he walked up to me.
“Darrell…” he shut me up with a kiss that left me awestruck. I could here gasps and murmuring as we kissed on.
“I though I told you to take Enzo with you but you defiled my orders. Not too worry, I know just how to punish you” he whispered biting my ears softly and I gasped.
He turned to the idiot who tried to molest me.
“Take him outside and teach him a lesson”
“Please… I didn’t know she was yours” he cried as they carried him out…
Awwwn see love oooπŸ˜€

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