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Burning romance chapter 27

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Danielle did you still get into College?” I asked on the dinning.
“No” she said sadly.
“They didn’t take me because my GPA wasn’t as high as expected and my SAT score too. You know I’m an average student” she pouted.
“That’s because you put boys before books”
“I can’t believe you are seriously scolding me right now”
“But it’s true”
“Danielle what was your GPA and SAT score?” Daniela asked.
“Do you seriously need to ask?
“I do”
“3.0 and 1100 respectively” she mumbled.
“It really is an average score”
“Which University?” Darrell suddenly asked.
“University of Chicago”
“That won’t be a problem, I happen to know the chancellor”
“What? Seriously?” she giggled.
“You would get your admission letter in less than three days”
“I feel like fainting”
“If you faint, you wake up”πŸ˜‚I said and they started laughing. Darrell squeezed my hands softly and I bite my lips staring at him.
“Bestie you are so mean… Thank you so much”she giggled.
“It’s nothing actually”
“It’s something to me… Claire hold on tight to this guy, he’s jackpot!”
“You seriously don’t need to tell me that, Of course I know”
“And I’m guessing he’s the reason Hazel and her daughter showed up at the airport. The sight of those two make me wanna puke”
“Me too”
“You guys seem to hate them alot. What was their offense?” Daniela asked.
“Everything” we both replied.
“Woah, chill”
“Tell me what did they do to you?” Darrell asked.
“Well Autumn and I once attended the same highschool. She was always so mean to me and would do alot of things to humiliate me all because she was dating the hottest guy in school as at then”
“The idiot onced asked Claire out but she refused. Claire was always this book before boys type. Some days later, we heard that he had starting dating Autumn. Infact all the guys, she dated all asked Claire out”
“Of course, I mean who wouldn’t want Claire. My bestie is pretty with a lush body and innocent face”
“Danielle don’t flatter me” I blushed.
“Actually what she said is true, you really are beautiful” Darrell said and I blushed even more.
“Thanks…so back to the story?” I bite my lips softly.
“Yeah continue”
“Each time she bullied me. Danielle will always be so mad ‘Claire how can you let her do this to you and couldn’t even fight back…”
“… Little did she know that all what she was doing, I counted them against her and when the time came, I gave her the biggest humiliation of her life and for that sole reason, she left the school”
“Daisy what did you do?”
Daniel chuckled. “You seriously don’t want to know”
“I kinda of uploaded a sex video of she and I dude in the school’s website” they chuckled at what I said.
“What the fuck?”
“That’s not the full gist, Claire say it already”
“Tell me what else did you do?”
“I… I added a text to the video”
“What was the text?”
“Damn sis you fuck pretty hard!🀣”
“Oh my God”
“No wonder she left”
“She deserved it anyways, after that, she tried to mess me up. She ended up in a coma for three days!”
“Seriously? you must have really beaten her hard” Darrell chuckled.
“Of course I did, and after that her mother came to our house and started ranting like a mad woman she is. At the end, we were the one’s who called for an ambulance” they all started laughing.
“My mom was so angry, after what she did, she had the guts to come to our house. It was like signing her own death warrant. Mom used that opportunity to vent out her anger on her and I joined in beating her too… she destroyed our family, she deserved worse than death” I clenched hard on my chopstick that it broke.
“Daisy it’s fine, I’m here now” I sniffle and rested my head on his shoulders.
“I know… thinking about it, makes me angry”
“Claire the food is getting cold, you seriously don’t want such good food to go to waste” Danielle pouted and I smiled.
“Miss Claire someone is here to see you” Dala said bowing his head slightly. Darrell brought along about four of his bodyguards, says it’s for protection πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ.
“Who is that person?”
Owen? Come on, let him in”
“What is that jackass doing here?” Danielle said face palming herself.
“Don’t tell me you hate Owen?”
“Of course, he’s a big time tease and I can’t stand him”
“Why do I have the feeling that you like him sis?” Daniela grinned.
“What? Hell no” she was quick to reply and I chuckled.
“She really does like him”
“I don’t” she muttered.
“Looks like I’m in time for something” I giggled seeing Owen.
“Owen” I smiled and hugged him.
“Claire, I’ve missed you”
“Ough Ough” Darrell pretended to cough and I quickly pulled out of the hug. I can’t believe he’s jealous for a simple hugπŸ˜‚.
“Uhmm, you must be Darrell. I’m Owen” he smiled stretching his hands out for an handshake which Darrell received.
“I know you”
“About Claire. I’m sorry…”
“It’s fine, I didn’t come after you because she forgave you”
“Thanks” he sighed.
“Seriously? Danielle no one told me you had a twin” he said sitting beside her.
“How did you know it was me?”
“She’s more pretty than you” he winked.
“Fuck you!” she huffed.
“Thanks for this” he said and took her food eating from it. Danielle looked like she would cry any minute.
“You are so mean… Claire tell Owen to give me back my food”
“Owen you really haven’t changed, you are still a foodie”
“Claire!” Danielle yelled my name.
“Bestie please don’t cry”
“You are so mean” we all laughed at her facial expression.
“Yes master” he answered running out of the kitchen.
“Give Danielle another plate of food”
Danielle giggled and stuck her tongue out to Owen. He smiled and looked away.
Pipi soon brought another plate of food. Before Danielle could take a bite from the food, Owen snatched the food from her.
“Owen stop this” she yelled angrily.
“You are beautiful when annoyed”
“Wow sis, he’s indirectly telling you he likes you” Daniela winked at her sister.
“You both will make a wonderful couple” I giggled.
“You wish!” she huffed and took her plate of food back.
“Can we talk?”
“No” he held her ankle and dragged her out.
“I’m seriously starting to think something is happening between these two. Darrell what do you think?”
“Why are you asking me?”
“You are the genius here, you should know what going on between those two”
“I’m not God” he rolled his eyes.
“But if you ask me, I think they have both been intimate” we gasped as he said that.
“Like had sex”
“Yeah and it’s obvious she likes him but Danielle doesn’t look like someone who wants to be in a relationship”
“That’s right, Danielle hates commitment and likes guys alot”
“Why did you bring me here?”
“Seriously? What’s your problem?”
“My problem is you… what happened between us was a mistake. Stop bugging me”
“That didn’t feel like a mistake to me. Danielle I love you”
“Well I don’t love you and please forget about me cause I don’t want to be in a relationship with you”
“Why do you hate me so much?”
“I huffed. “You seriously don’t know? You rapped Claire remember? Who knows if you haven’t raped other girls?”
“I apologised and she forgave me already. And I’m not a rapist”
“Well I didn’t forgive you and honestly, I can’t have a rapist as a boyfriend” I yelled.
“You made your point Danielle” he looked hurt pretty bad. Danielle what have you done?
“Owen… I…”
“You are right you know. I don’t deserve you” he said lowly and walked away.
“Owen” I called but he ignored me. My eyes were already teary, I shouldn’t have said that. I felt hurt knowing I just hurt him.
“Danielle you suck at love” I muttered to myself.
“Danielle where is Owen?” I asked as I walked outside to see her sobbing. She looked pretty sad. What could have happened between these two?
“He left”
“Danielle what did you do?”
“Claire… nothing” she lied. I know Danielle too well to know that she’s lying.
“You are lying”
“I messed up Claire… it was stupid of me”
“What did you do Danielle?”
“I called him a rapist”
“You did what?”…
Danielle was way too harsh on OwenπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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