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Burning romance chapter 26

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
Darrell chuckled slightly as I said that.
“That’s right they are both witches” Danielle laughed at them.
“Adrian I won’t watch your daughter insult me and her step sister”
“Claire she’s still your step mom, you should apologize” Hazel smiled as he said that. That’s just the problem I have with dad, he let this witch of a woman control him.
“If I can remember vividly, I didn’t do anything wrong. I only said the truth, you are a witch Hazel and that’s the truth. I thought you never really liked me, so what the fuck are you doing here with your dumb ass daughter dressed like a prostitute?”
“Mom she just called me a prostitute”
“How dare you?” she proceed to slap me but Darrell held her hand and pushed it away.
“She’s my girlfriend and I forbid you from laying a finger on her” he told her sternly and I smiled.
“But… but… you heard what she said”
“I don’t care and don’t try to hurt my girlfriend. You should ask Daniela what I did to those who tried to. Come on Daisy, let’s go” I smiled broadly as we walked away.
“Adrian did you see that? See how rude and insolent your daughter has become, just because she has a rich guy as a boyfriend” I yelled.
“What do you want me to do?” he yelled.
“Scold her of course”
“Hazel I’m so sick and tired of you. I asked you before we left home why Autumn was dressed like this but you told me to mind my business. Now it’s obvious you brought her here to seduce Darrell. You are jealous of Claire’s progress. Don’t you see how you both embarrassed yourselves, he didn’t even spare you a look”
“Adrian so you’re taking her side”
“Daddy how can Claire get so lucky, she doesn’t deserve to be happy!” Autumn screamed in tears.
“Hazel see what you are teaching your daughter. How can you get so greedy, so inconsiderate? Can you go through all that Claire has been through and stand here. No you can’t, cause you are weak and selfish Autumn…”
“… It was because of you Hazel that I didn’t take responsibility of my child when her momma died. She was rapped by that pig, abused, beaten, do you even know what she went through in Singapore and now that someone good came her way, you try to take what is not yours. This should be the very last time this nonsense repeats itself” he yelled.
Adrian has never talked this way to me before, Claire must have brainwashed him.
“How dare you yell at me Adrian? because of that mistake of a daughter?”
“Claire is not a mistake, I married her mother and she was born out of love. You are the mistake Hazel, you ruined my relationship with Ellie with your child. You made it clear before that you didn’t want me, you wanted a rich guy who would take care of your needs…”
“… when you left Ellie helped me build back my life and we were happy having Claire as our only child until you came along with Autumn claiming that she was my child. You destroyed my family and drugged me to sign the divorce papers. You made me abandon my child. What was I thinking marrying a devil like you?”
“Adrian, you only realize now that I’m a devil. What? thinking of re marrying Ellie? Too bad she’s in the grave and you have only me” I smiled.
“You witch. I’m out of here” he walked to where we parked the car.Autumn and I followed closely behind.
“Adrian, Adrian, I’m talking to you” he ignored me and got into the car shutting the door. I tried to open the car door but it didn’t open.
“Adrian open the door”
He huffed. “You and your daughter can take a cab home” he said as he drove out.
“Adrian!” I yelled following the car. I looked around and saw that people were already staring at us in the airport.
“Mummy what do we do?” This is all Claire’s fault, she thinks she can be happy, no way. I’m gonna make her suffer!
I smiled as we looked around the mansion together. It was a beautiful white mansion with a beautiful scenery. It had some beautiful trees and also a very big pool.
“Wow Claire I envy you, your boyfriend is really rich. What was he again?”
“A billionaire” I smiled.
“Does he have a brother or something?”
“Yeah, he does. A cute one” Daniela giggled and I looked at her suspiciously.
“Wow he does?”
“Don’t tell me you like Asher Daniela?”.
“Chill Claire I don’t”
“It’s really not a big problem if you do, it will only be a big problem if hide it from me” I gave her a playful blow on the shoulders and she giggled.
“Now I’m jealous. You seem to like Daniela very much now and you forgot about me” she said sadly.
“Come on Danielle, you are still my bestie. It’s just that Daniela has been with me in one of the darkest moments of my life. We’ve been through alot together”
“That’s why I feel even more jealous. When you needed me Claire, I wasn’t there for you. The problem with Logan you refused to share it with me. What are we besties for if we hide things from each other!”
“I’m sorry Danielle, trust me, I wanted to tell you but I was scared. He threatened to kill me if I told anyone. Do you think I like keeping things from you? I don’t!”
“I’m sorry Claire, I didn’t know”
“It’s fine Danielle. I just want you to know, you and Daniela are two important persons in my life. Never forget that” they both smiled and pulled me into a group hug.
“I missed you so much buddy”
“Me too”
“Ladies breakfast is ready” we turn to look at the male chef, he was a plus size middle aged man with a little potbelly.
“Is Darrell at the table?”
“Yes, young master is already seated on the table and he asked me to get you… and your friends too”
“Wow Claire it would be so nice to try out some Singaporean dishes. Come on” Danielle giggled dragging me and Daniela along with herself.
“Bestie you are still as crazy as ever”
“I know right and you have grown to be a bad girl. I least expected that from you at the airport, the Claire, I knew will always overlook things. Seriously you are the only person who takes shit and says it’s fine”
“Well that Claire hasn’t changed abit. I just felt like I should give them a piece of my mind”
“I wish you could be like that always” she said as we walked into the dinning. I smiled and kissed Darrell on the lips.
“What took you so long? I’m starving already” he pouted and I chuckled.
“Well I’m here now” I smiled and sat by his side.The dishes were already served with a metallic cover covering each plate.
I opened mine and it was a Chinese chicken fried rice.
“Wow this looks delicious” Danielle grinned. We picked up our chopsticks and began to dig in. Danielle just stared at us fighting with her chopstick.
“Seriously I can’t use these”
“Come on Danielle let me show you how to use it” Daniela tried to show her how to use it but she still couldn’t use it. I was trying so hard not to laugh. The way she held it was funny.
“Seriously bestie don’t tell me you are laughing at me”
“I’m not” I tried to maintain a serious look.
“Geez I’m American and we use cutleries to eat rice”
“Pipi go get some cutleries” I told the chef.He soon came back with some cutleries and handed it to Danielle.
“So much better than using chopsticks” she muttered and began to dig into her food…
This life I can’t kill myselfπŸ˜‚πŸ™„
Danielle Biko use the one you know how to use😁

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