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Burning romance chapter 25

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Happy now?” Zasha asked in handcuffs.Darrell wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me to himself.
“Well I’m happy and sad… happy that you won’t be a bother to us and sad that you are leaving… You really did alot of mean things Zasha but it still doesn’t change the fact that you were my ex. In your next life be a better person” Darrell told her as she sheds tears.
“I’m sorry Darrell for all I did… I don’t want to die”
“But you killed people, don’t you think those people deserved a second chance? It’s called justice Zasha and you can’t escape it… take her away”
“Darrell, Darrell” she cried as the policemen took her away.
“Wow so touching” Lee said walking into the conversation. Seriously? doesn’t he get tired?
“I’m seriously not in the mood for your nonsense”
“I want to talk to Claire alone”
“That’s not possible… Lee go get your own girlfriend and stop running after mine”
“That should be my business… I still want to talk to Claire”
“Well I don’t want to talk to you and stop being a jerk. Darrell let’s just go” he smiled broadly as we walked away from Lee.
“You can’t run away from me Claire. Lee always gets what he wants”
“Screw yourself” I yelled back.
“Inna get ready for our next case and it’s gonna be against Lee”
She chuckled. “Very funny”
“Well I’m serious”
“OK, I should be on my way now” she waved at me slightly and left.
“Are you guys like friends now?”
“Maybe, but you seem to know her alot”
“Not really but she happened to be my senior in high school”
“So I guess I should start getting ready to go back to the states” I giggled as we headed to the parking lot.
“Yeah, we are leaving tomorrow”
“I can’t wait to finally see Danielle, I miss her so much”
“Danielle? Daniela’s twin”
“Yeah… Darrell can Daniela come with us? Please”
“She can come along if she wants to but she’s coming back”
“Of course, thanks Darrell” I giggled kissing his cheeks.
“That kiss should have been on my lips” he pouted. I smiled wrapping my hands on his shoulders as I pulled him into a short kiss.
I felt my blood boil as I watched them kiss, I must have you Claire. Let’s see how long she can stick to him when he looses everything.
I will ruin you Darrell and take your beloved from you. You will pay for what you did to my father. You think you can be happy, let’s see how long your happiness will last.😠
“I got a something to tell you” I giggled.
“What is it? or are you pregnant?” she grinned.
“Geez no, guess some more”
“Zasha was sentenced to death?” I hit her shoulders playfully.
“I already told you that”
“Well I’m not good at guessing. Just tell me already”
“Darrell agreed to let you follow us to the states” I screamed.
“You must be kidding me”
“Do I like like I’m joking? I’m dead serious”
“Oh my God” she screamed happily hugging me tight.
“Am I dreaming or something?”
“No it’s real”
“Thanks Claire. I love you so much and you are the best friend one can ask for” she hugged me again.
“You too. You will finally get to see your family again”
“Danielle is the only family I have and she’s the reason why I want to go back”
“What about your mother?”
“She abandoned me and left me to the cruel hands of my foster parents. I don’t regard her as my mother Claire”
“I bet she regrets it everyday Daniela”
“I don’t want to talk about my mother, let’s talk about something else”
“Fine… Darrell did say you will have to come back with us”
“That won’t be a problem… I don’t plan on staying there for long anyways”
“Ok” I nodded slightly.
I sigh tiredly as I sat on my office chair. I just had a meeting with the board members.I had to return to work after the court trial.Asher smiled as he walked into my office.
“Darrell you are such a bad ass genius” he smiled.
“Lee will sure fall into this trap” I smiled.
“Darrell I’m sure gonna miss you”he pouted.
“Don’t give me that look, it’s just for a few weeks, no biggie. So while I’m gone, you are gonna be in charge”
“Yeah of course” he said sadly.
“Stop making me feel emotional with that look. I’m not running away” I rolled my eyes at him.
“You really are cold” he muttered.
“Asher… come on in for a hug”
“Darrell I can’t remember the last time we hugged, I guess that was in preschool”
“That’s a big lie”
“But it’s true”
“Do you want the hug or not?”
“Of course I do” he grinned and pulled me into a hug. I smiled slightly still hugging him. Asher is really important to me, he’s one of reasons, I had to take on my uncle for the company.
Had I let him take over, he would obviously had made us miserable and I didn’t want that for Asher and myself.
“Sleepy head wake up”
“Mom” she mumbled sleep talking.
“Autumn wake up” I tapped her slightly.
“But I still feel sleepy” she sighed tiredly sitting up on her bed.
“You seem to be forgetting something. Darrell is arriving today”
“What? mom why didn’t you wake me earlier?”
“Don’t be silly and go take a bath.You are following your dad and I to the airport”
“Yes mom” she giggled
“Remember Autumn you have to seduce Darrell into your bed, get pregnant for him and make sure Claire is kicked out of his life for good. I want her to feel the pain I felt when Adrian left me for her mother”
“Don’t worry mom, Claire will surely suffer”
“I know she would. Go freshen up, breakfast is ready”
“Ok mom” she smiled and walked into the bathroom.
I hate you so much Ellie and your useless daughter Claire. It feels so good to know that you are dead. Too bad you won’t be able to watch me make Claire miserable. I smiled and walked out of my daughter’s room.
“Honey come have some more breakfast”
“Mom I’m full already”
“I know you are not, you are just in a hurry to go see Claire”
“Yeah you caught me, I miss her mom. I want to be one of the first persons to see her”
“You shouldn’t lie to your mother, of course I would always let you go see Claire, she’s a nice girl and she has been through alot”
“I know that and I’m definitely gonna scold her for not telling me about her problems”
“Well you better get there early so you can scold her some more” I laughed as she said that.
“Thanks mom” I pecked her cheeks before taking my sling bag and walking out of the house.
I sighed tiredly as we walked out of the airport lounge. We just landed from one of Darrell’s private jet and the airport check in officer had to screen our papers.
“Oh my God Claire” Danielle ran to hug me. I guess she hasn’t seen her sister yet.
“I missed you Claire”
“I missed you too bestie” we slowly pulled out of the hug and that was when she sighted her sister.
“Daniela?” her jaw dropped.
“How? how? Daniela” tears rolled freely from her eyes as she hugged her sister.
“I missed you Daniela… I thought you were dead” she stuttered still hugging her sister.
“I will explain everything to you later”
“Mom… mom she wouldn’t stop thinking about you. She cried all night for you Daniela”
she let out a scoff. “She was the one who gave me up for adoption. Why should she care?”
“Mom told me you were dead”
“Yeah, to her I was dead”
“Daniela what matters is that you are back now” they hugged themselves again.
“So who’s this hot guy by your side, your boyfriend?” Danielle whispered.
“You really haven’t changed abit”
“How about an introduction?”
“Darrell this is my friend Danielle, Danielle my boyfriend Darrell”
“Nice to meet you and thanks for taking care of my naughty friend here” Darrell chucked slightly.
“I agree with her Daisy you really are naughty” he winked and I bite my lips.
“I can’t believe you are taking her side”
“Speak of the devil” I muttered as I sighted my evil step mom and sister.I smiled seeing dad.
“What are they doing here?” Danielle asked angrily. She hates Autumn and her mom a lot and so do I.
“Dad” I hugged him tight.
“Daisy… I’m sorry for not be the best father to you”
“Dad you already apologized and I have forgiven you” I smiled as we pulled out of the hug.
“Thanks Daisy… You must be Darrell, my daughter’s boyfriend”
“Thanks for saving my life and thanks for taking care of my daughter”
“No need to thank me… Daisy is the love of my life and I would do anything for her”
I noticed that Autumn and her mother were giving me scornful glances.It’s normal since we all hate each other.
“Daisy you are lucky to have this man in your life, keep him ok?”
“Yes dad” I smiled staring at Darrell.
“Claire won’t you introduce us to the young man” Hazel asked faking a smile.Her daughter was looking all adorned in make up and a skimpy dress. Wait is she trying to seduce Darrell? She wouldn’t dare.
“Oh forgive my manners step mom, this is Darrell Bingwen and he’s my boyfriend…” I emphasized the word boyfriend.
“… Darrell, this is Autumn and Hazel my evil step sister and mom. Don’t talk to them, they are both witches”…
Na word oooπŸ˜‚
Claire just finish mama and pikinπŸ˜€πŸ˜

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