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Burning romance chapter 24

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I sigh trailing my fingers slowly on Darrell’s oily chest.After the massage, Darrell offered to also give me a massage, a hot one at that and we ended up fucking after that.
“You know tomorrow is Zasha’s trial right?”
“Yeah, I know that”
“Get some sleep, you will need it” I sigh and slowly closed my eyes.
“Good night” he pecked my forehead.
“Good night” I whispered.
I smile nervously as Darrell and I walked hand in hand with each other to the entrance of the court room.
I smiled faintly at the female lawyer Darrell hired outside the court room.
“Hi I’m Barrister Inna.You must be Claire” she smiled broadly stretching her hands out for an handshake which I gladly received.
“Yes, I heard you are one of the best”
“Yes” she nodded slightly still smiling. I think I like her, I mean the way she smiles.
“I see I was completely forgotten” Darrell shrugged frowning.
“No you were not” I nudged his shoulders slightly and he smiled.
“So did you do what I asked you to do?”
“Of course, we are definitely gonna win this case Mr Darrell”
“Do what Darrell?” I asked
“You’ll see” he smirked.
“Wow wow wow, look who we got here” Lee smiled walking up to us. What the fuck is he doing here?
“What do you want Lee?”
“Your girlfriend… Claire” How did he get to know my name?
“Oh I did as you said, I asked google and your name happened to be there. But I happened to find out about your past Claire, interesting huh?” I huffed silently. I looked at angry Darrell, his fist were clenched and he was ready to beat this punk up.
“Darrell enough” I whispered holding his hands.
“Claire you heard what he said”
“Let’s just go in, he’s not worth our time besides we are in court”
“Fine” he shrugged and followed me into the court room.
“I will have you Claire” I heard Lee’s voice.
“You guys should probably get a restraining order on him”
“Like he would obey anyways”
“The prosecutor may now call out it’s first witnesses”
“Thank you, your honour… I’d like to call on my first witness Miss Claire Willows” Darrell squeezed my hands softly giving me the go ahead signal.
I sighed and walked to the witness box.
“Step in the box please”
“Take an oath of truth before this honourable court”
“I Claire Willows do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.So help me God”
“How well do you know the defendant?” my lawyer asked.
“I don’t really know her too well” I told her truthfully.
“In your opinion, what do you think prompted the defendant to try to kidnap you?”
“Hatred and Jealousy. Because I got Darrell and she didn’t” I looked at her and I saw her let out a scoff.
“Did she in any way threaten you?”
“She didn’t need to, it was allover her face”
“That would be all, you may return to your seat”
After I was called upon, she later called Darrell, Janet, and also the kidnappers. The kidnappers had separate trial dates as they had been involved in many malicious crimes and also because Darrell didn’t file a law suit against them but the state.
“Your honour I’d like to call on the defendant”
“You may proceed”
“Miss Zasha Salvador please step forward” she walked to the witness box and took the court oath.
“Why did you kill your husband Mr Moscow?”
“I didn’t kill him”
“You didn’t? Do you realise lying to the court is under oath is a serious offence?”
“Really? well I didn’t lie about anything”
“What prompted you to cut the brakes of your brother’s car which lead to his death?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
“Your honour I want to show the defendant item 1 marked for identification” a picture was distributed to the judge and was also placed in front of Zasha. She had a surprised look on her face but was quick to hid it.
The picture was shown on a large screen for the entire court to see. It was a young teenage girl about my age.
“Do you know the lady on this picture?”
“I don’t”
“How do you claim not to know the little maid who worked for you and your husband? Who you thought you had killed the night you killed your husband”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Your honour I want to call out a witness”
Zasha was asked to step down and she headed back to her seat.
“Miss Yvonne.Please step forward for the court to see you” the girl stood up showing herself to the court.I’m guessing she was the person Darrell talked about with his lawyer earlier. He did have this all planned out.
Zasha had a shocked expression as she walked to the witness box.She took the oath and step into the witness box.
“Miss Yvonne please tell us your relationship with the defendant”
“I was her maid.Her husband took pity on me and picked me out of the streets to live with them”
“Can you please tell this honourable court in full details how she killed her husband and how she tried to kill you?”
“Mrs Zasha would always poison the my boss’s food at night. I tried to tell him about it but he never believed. Who would believe a thirteen year old girl anyways?. Whenever she poisoned his food, I would usually switch the food out. After two years, her husband refused to die, she them decided to kill him herself…”
“…that night,I happened to be in my room. I was preparing for my singing audition the next day, when I held muffled screams. Without thinking, I sprang out of my bed and headed to their room. The door was left slightly ajar and I watched her suffocate my boss with a pillow. He shrugged with her but then she shot him on the head through the pillow…” she began shedding tears.
“…I made to run but she sighted me and dragged my fearful frame into the room. She put two bullets in me…” this time she broke into tears. I felt like crying too, how could Zasha be this wicked?
“You may step out of the box please” she cleaned her eyes and walked back to where she sat.
“Your honour I’d like to call back the defendant”
“The defendant may now step forward” she walked to the witness box.
Mrs Zasha can you please tell the court why you tried to kill an innocent thirteen?”
“I don’t know her, she’s just making up lies”
“Your honour I’d like to tender this audio recording as exhibit A” the bailiff took the CD from her and played it for the entire court to hear.
πŸŽ™ “Die Moscow, die” we heard Zasha’s voice and followed by muffled screams.A gunshot was heard and the muffled screams stopped.
“Yvonne?” her cries could be heard as she dragged her back.
“Please don’t kill me. I promise not to tell anyone”
“Too late for that Yvonne. I always wondered why Moscow refused to die after poisoning him for years. Now I realise you were the one who swapped out the food each time. You know too much Yvonne, the only way, I can be sure you won’t talk is if you were dead”
“Please don’t kill me… please… I won’t tell anyone. Please” she cried.
“I’m sorry Yvonne, in your next life, you will learn to mind your business” two gunshots followed after that and the recording stopped.
“Miss Zasha can you please explain to the court what we heard just now?”
“I don’t know”
“Mrs Zasha you seem to be forgetting that you personally confessed to your crimes on tape”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Your honour I’d like to tender this audio recording as exhibit B” the recording of how she how Darrell made her confess was played for the court to hear.
“Thank you your honour. That completes my cross examination” the lawyer sat down.
“The Defense, do you have any cross examinations?”
“No your honour… in fact I’d like to give my closing statement”
“You may proceed”
“My client Mrs Zasha, committed alot of crimes even to the extent of trying to kill an innocent child. I’m a lawyer your honour and I cannot turn a blind eye to all she has done. I ask that the jury pass out it’s verdict however it dims fit” This is crazy, her lawyer even testified against her.
“What? How could you say that? what am I paying you for?” Zasha yelled.
“Mrs Zasha do you realise you are in a courtroom?” she sighed and kept mute.
“The prosecutor may now give it’s closing statement”
“Your honour the evidence against Mrs Zasha is overwhelming even her lawyer testified against her. She is a dangerous criminal that would be toxic to the society if set free. I ask that the jury would give those people she killed and tried to kill justice and that you may pass out a fair verdict. That would be all your honour”
“Is the jury’s verdict ready?”
“Yes your honour” the jury spokesperson gives the the verdict to the judge.
“May the defense and the defendant rise” both Zasha and her lawyer stood up.
“Members of the jury have reached a verdict?”
The jury spokesperson stood up and said.β€œyes, your Honor, we have.”
β€œMembers of the Jury, on the Case of Mr Darrell Bingwen vs. Mrs Zasha Salvador, what you say?”
“Your Honor, the members of this Jury find the defendant guilty!”
“Members of the Jury, this Court dismisses you and thanks you for a job well done.” the judge said as he dismissed the jury.
“After much deliberation from the jury, this court finds Miss Zasha Salvador guilty beyond reasonable doubt and is hereby sentenced to death by hanging”…
Zasha has been found guilty oooπŸ˜‚πŸ€£

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