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Burning romance chapter 22

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“Yes sir” He said feeling uneasy and she chuckled silently. The guts of this man staring at my woman that way in front of me.
“Mr Tian brief him of his duties and also he can start work properly tomorrow. That would be all, you both can leave”
“Yes Sir” they both stood up and left shutting the door properly.
“Can you imagine the guts of him to stare at you like that?” I huffed angrily and she smiled.
“Don’t tell me you are jealous?”
“I have every right to be. You are mine Daisy”
“You said it yourself Darrell, I’m all yours and your secretary should be the least of your worries. No one can compete with you for me cause it’s you I want Darrell, just you” I smiled as she said that.
“I feel so good hearing you say that Daisy… but from the look of things that guy is gonna get fired in less than three days”
She chuckled. “Seriously?”
“Yeah, you should be my secretary instead” I winked.
“What? No way, I didn’t even get into college”
“Do you still want to go to college?”
“Yeah and I want to major in Biotechnology”
“Biotechnology? So you are a science major after all”
“You already took SAT?”
“Uhmm yeah”
“Your SAT score?”
“1,550” my jaw dropped as she said that.
“You got to be kidding me”
She chuckled. “I’m not”
“That score is awesome, you almost had a complete 1,600″
‘I know mom freaked out too and so did I. I had initially set my hopes on 1,300 but I got the shock of my life when I saw the score. I was like is this score mine?”
“Well sometimes, we usually get more than what we expected and sometimes less”
“Yeah, true”
“Just get all your necessary documents, I’m gonna process your admission into the National University of Singapore”
“What? That’s the best university in Singapore plus I heard it’s very hard to get in” she pouted.
I chuckled. “You seem to be forgetting who you are dating”
“How can I forget that?, Darrell Bingwen, one of the most famous, cutest and richest men in Singapore is my boyfriend” she giggles and I smiled.
“I’m glad you didn’t forget, you are gonna start school when we get back from the states.OK?”
“Yeah sure”
“How are you gonna cope with being my wife and going to college?” I muttered inaudibly.
“Huh? What did you say?” she smiled.
“Never mind” I chuckled softly.
“You really ain’t gonna talk?. Are you?” she asked trailing her fingers on my chest.
“Kiss me first” I bite my lips staring at her.
“That won’t be a problem” she wrapped her arms around my neck staring at my face and then my lips.
The grip I had on her waist tightened and she gasped slightly. She leans closer and slowly claimed my lips in hers.My eyes flutter shut as I kiss her back letting her take control.
Our tongues danced rhythmically as our breathing increased.My fingers run down her cheeks slowly as she kissed me more aggressively pushing her tongue further into my mouth.
She bits my bottom lip softly as she pulled out the kiss.
A smirk curl on my face ” Not bad, but I still won’t tell you” she frowned at me.
“Darrell ! you are so scheming and a tease” she huffed silently.
“That’s because you look so cute when I tease you” I made a funny face that made her laugh.
“That’s how you look when you are being teased”
“That’s not how I look” she protested and I chuckled.She rested her head on my chest sighing softly.
“Darrell… did you go to college?”
“Seriously? Why?”
“That’s gonna lead to a very long story”
“Well I want to hear it”
“Uhmm because that was when dad and mom died and I had to take over the company at the age of nineteen. At that time, my uncle kicked against it, he was always so greedy and he wanted to take the company for himself. He has always been in rivalry with my dad and I just couldn’t watch him take what was ours”
“He let you take over easily?”
“No he didn’t, he convinced the board members that I was just an high school graduate with no college certificate and they revolted. I decided to strike a deal with them”
“A deal?”
“As at then, the company was facing a lot of crises and I was made to temporarily take over for four months to resolve those crises. And that was when I showed them my business skills…”
“… I knew I was definitely gonna be the CEO one day and I had prepared myself for it since I was a kid and I had two great teachers, my dad and myself.Actually, I later enrolled for an online business class too”
“I was not only able to solve those crises, I also made a remarkable changes in the company.That only made me earn respect from the board members and I succeeded in beating my uncle to the game”
“Wow you are such a genius… what did your uncle then do?”
“Got angry, redrew his shares and started his own company.He also tried to get some of my investors but they all had faith in me and didn’t redraw their funds. He decided to manufacture electronic products like ours making us business rival.I knew he would do something like that and I had two back up plans”
“What were the plans?”
“Introducing a new line of product that will shake the market and also making the company a dual production company”
“What was the other product?”
“Agricultural products” I grinned.
“You really want to kill your uncle with your wisdom” I chuckled at her words.
“He asked for it” I rolled my eyes.
“So which of the factories do male servants at home work in?”
“The agricultural factory, it’s located far away from the company building”
“Is your uncle still your rival?”
“Not anymore, he retired and now his son is in charge. Lee Bingwen, my very annoying cousin.Just like his father, wants to have what I have”
“You sound like you hate him a lot”
“I do. I bet you will hate him too”
“If you really don’t like him, then I don’t like him too”
“That’s more like it”
I sigh tiredly from the boring lecture Mr Tian was giving.This is so not what I’m looking for.
“Are we done?”
“You are so not ready for work”
“Is your boss always that way? Bossy and cold?
“He’s the boss, he has to be bossy. What do you expect? You were the one at fault you know, just couldn’t get your eyes off his woman”
“She’s pretty. You really can’t blame me you know?”
“Well those eyes of yours will definitely get you into trouble”
“I think she is really unlucky to have a cold guy as a boyfriend”
“Are you crazy? Any girl would kill to be in her position”
“Whatever, it’s obvious she’s after his money. No woman would want to stay with him”
“Miss Claire looks like a responsible lady and they are both happy together.You should mind your business mister and for your information he has fired two of his secretaries because of that lady.If you don’t want to be the third, stay clear”
“Who would want to miss this opportunity? This company is a really big one and I bet you guys have really wonderful ideas.Just look how big the company is… you mind sharing some ideas with me?” I grinned hoping he would take the bait.
“Sure but that would be tomorrow.You can leave now and make sure you report early to work tomorrow”
“Ok sir” I smiled and walked out of his office.
Never knew it would be this easy to get the info from this man.Gullible old man.
Claire really is a beautiful lady.Taking her from him won’t be a bad idea at all.Darrell your end is near.
“He really said that?” Darrell asked.
“Yeah, just like you said before the interview , he really asked about ideas the boss has”
“I was right after all, he’s Lee’s spy. That bastard he really doesn’t give up… Good job, Mr Tian, for this you will get a twenty percent increase in your salary”
“Really? Thank you sir”
“It’s nothing, you can leave now” he smiled and opened the door to leave but he stopped when he saw a guy walk into the room.
“Speak of the devil” Darrell muttered.Two security men came running into the office.
“Sir we are sorry we tried to stop him”
“Just go, all of you”
“Yes sir”
“Is this how you welcome your cousin who just returned from a vacation?” he asked in a smirk as he sat on the chair opposite us.He really looks annoying.
“What do you want Lee?”
“Wow I see you found yourself an American beauty” I rolled my eyes.Punk!
“You should take your eyes of her, you just might go blind” I chuckled silently.
“May I know the name of this beauty?” he smirked.Seriously? this guy doesn’t have shame.
“You should ask google”
He let out a scoff. “Since you decided not to tell me your name.I would like to invite you to a party” I could already feel Darrell’s anger was boiling and it would explode any second.
“I’m not coming”
“You heard her, Lee you can leave”
“You really shouldn’t let him control you…”
“Darrell doesn’t control me. You should mind your business”
“Playing hard to get huh? What Lee wants he gets”
“Lee get the fuck out of my office this minute”
“Darrell you really shouldn’t let this dumb ass punk anger you.No one can compete with you for me. Mr Lee if you really don’t have anything reasonable to say you should leave now”
“You heard her, get out before I call security on you”
He chuckled. “Punk? I will leave but be rest assured I’ll be back”..
This Lee na mumu ooπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Darrell don’t worry Claire is all yoursπŸ˜ƒ

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