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Burning romance chapter 21

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
Warning⚠.This chapter contains some erotic scenes.πŸ”ž
“Hi Bianca right?”
“Oh miss Claire so nice to have you here again” she smiled.
“Uhmm.Thanks is my boyfriend in the office”
“He is kinda of busy now but since you are his girlfriend, he would want to see you”
“OK thanks” I smiled and walked to the elevator with Enzo following closely behind with the food basket in his hands.I pressed a button on the elevator and the door slide open.
We get in and it immediately closes.The door soon slide open as we step out of the elevator.
I headed towards the direction of Darrell’s office but stopped when I sighted a girl adjusting her skirt and shirt.She looked disturbed so she really didn’t notice my presence.
“That man is really a cold stone, I can’t believe after adding the sex pill to his food, he still refused to fuck me.Worst part, he even fired me… He is really horny right now, I should go again.This time, I’m gonna strip in front of him.He definitely won’t resist me” she mutters the herself.So this bitch actually tried to seduce my man.
“Uhmm Uhmm” I pretended to cough and she turned to look at me with a shocked expression.
I gave Enzo a ‘teach her a lesson’ look and he nodded slightly.I took the food basket from him and glared at her before walking into his office.
I shut the door behind me locking it properly and stared at him as he paced round the office.
He was too deep in thoughts to notice my presence.To think that he actually had the chance to cheat on me despite being drugged but he refused actually made me love him even more.
Darrell” he turned to see me by the door.Knowing he was horny, I decided to tease him a little.
“Darrell don’t tell me you are still mad at me” I dropped the food basket on the table.He walked up to me and kissed me roughly as he carried me on his torso.
“Darrell are you Ok?” I asked in between kisses pretending not to know what happened.
“I will be after I fuck you” he whispers to me as he cleared off his office table dropping me on it.
He kissed me again as he takes off his suit jacket and he quickly un loosens his tie.His hands slid up my hip as raises my dress up to my waist.
He breaks the kiss and un loosens his belt staring intensely at me.He unzips his zipper and brought out his very hard dick.
“Damn! Darrell you are so hard”
“Some bitch added a sex pill to my food” he whispers into my ears as he shifted my panties aside.
“You should probably see a doctor” I whispered in a sultry voice as he guides his length to my entrance.
“Be my doctor” he slowly penetrates my already wet core and we both moan at the penetration.He thrust slowly into me as he quickly picks up a fast pace.
“Damn this feels so good” he moaned kissing me tenderly.I dug my fingers into his back loving the feeling of having him inside of me.
I moan loudly aching my head backwards as he continues digging into my wet core.He groans as he helps me take off my dress completely.
He smirks when he saw that I wasn’t putting on a bra.He takes one my nipples in his mouth as he banged me hard on the table.
“Darrrrelll ahhhh” I moaned flexing my hips forward to meet his thrust.He made me lie flat on the table as hangs my legs on his shoulders holding unto the table for support.
I moaned loudly as my orgasm reached it’s peak.He groans loudly as he pounded away into my dripping core.
He crushes his lips against mine as my body quaked violently and my orgasm broke.I gasped out loudly as he lifted me up from table.
He grab hold of my ass with his hands as he thrust into me with full speed.I kissed him and he kisses me back aggressively as my back touched the wall.
Our loud moans,our raged breathing and the slurping sound my core made as he pounded me against the wall filled the entire room.
I moaned loudly against his lips as I climaxed again.
“I want you to ride my daisy” he whispers into my ears and I gasp slightly.He carried me from the wall and sat with me on his office chair making me straddle him.
I kiss him as I help him un button and take off his dress shirt which was all sweaty.
I moan as he guides his length back into me.He moaned softly as I rocked my core on his erection.He grabbed hold of my ass and takes one of my nipples in his lips and teases my other nipple with his finger.
“Keep going Daisy… Shit!” he moans as I slam my core harder on his length.I moaned as my body quaked violently and I came again.
He bends me against the table as he penetrated me thrusting into me with so much vigour.I moaned in pleasure as he kissed me from behind spanking my ass softly.
“Oh my… God… Shit… I’m gonna cum” he groaned loudly as he pounded my dripping core.My body quaked violently as my core tightened around his length as we both came.
He turns me around as he crushed his lips against mine.I kissed back slowly and he slowly pulls out of the kiss.
He smiles at me. “I love you Daisy”
“I love you too Darrell… I’m definitely gonna need a massage, you almost broke my waist”
He chuckled softly. “It’s not funny” I frowned.
“We are both getting that massage when we get home”
“Also, you need to see a doctor.Drugs like this can have some side effects”
“You are right and you are coming with me”
“Thanks Darrell… for not cheating on me” I told him and he smiled.
“I would never cheat on you Daisy.You mean the world to me”
“Same here Darrell… About yesterday…”
“It’s fine Daisy… Come on let’s go freshen up in the bathroom” I giggle as lifts me up carrying me on his arms in a bridal carry to the bathroom.
After bathing, we both dressed up in our clothes.The room smelt of sex, so he sprayed an air freshener round the room.
He sat on his office chair and I smiled sitting on his laps.
“I want to eat what you brought” he smirks at me.
“Sure” I pouted and brought out the food from the basket setting it on the table.He smiled inhaling the aroma of the food as I opened the Singaporean food named Laksa.I also served the wine in the wine glass and brought out two bottled water.
“Damn my favorite… I never knew you could cook Singaporean foods” he raised his brows at me.
“I don’t actually. Bentley and Daniela actually prepared it while I watched them do it. Just a little more practice and I would become a master in it” I boasted and he smiled.
“I know you would”
“Come on eat up” he picks his chopsticks and started eating.
“It’s nice, come on have some” he said as he feed me with the food.We soon finished up the food together after which I cleared out the dishes putting them in the food basket.
He picks up the telephone and placed the receiver on his ears dialing a number on it.
☎ “See me in my office now” he said and ended the call.
Few minutes later, we heard a knock on the door.
“Come in” Carlos walked into the office.
“You sent for me boss”
“What’s the meaning of this nonsense?” he asked referring to the food that he had brought earlier.
“I… don’t understand”
“How the fuck did you allow Penelope put a sex pill into my food”
“What? A sex pill? …She had earlier poured coffee on me and I had to drop the food on her table to use the bathroom.I’m sorry”
“Sorry? What if that had been poison? How would you leave my food on her table?”
“Darrell please take it easy” he sighs and tries to keep his calm.
“I’m really sorry. It would never happen again”
“It better not… Take the food away and leave”
“One more thing boss, we have a new secretary already.He met up all the requirements”
“Tell the hiring manager to bring him into my office”
“OK boss” he said taking the food away and left.
“You are hiring a male secretary?”
“Yeah, the female ones all gave me headaches.But come to think of it , having a male secretary, he might end up flirting with you…”
“Don’t tell me you are jealous?” I grinned.
“You are my girlfriend and I have the right to be jealous” he pouted and I laughed.
“You look so cute when you are jealous”
“Are you seriously flirting with me?” he rolled his eyes at me.
“You’re my boyfriend duh” he chuckles and pulled me into a kiss.
Someone knocked on the door and he reluctantly pulls out of the kiss.
“Come in” I rested my head on his chest as two men stepped in.One was a middle aged man and I’m guessing he’s the hiring manager and the other was young guy who I presume to be the new secretary.
“Good day Sir” they both greeted.
“Good day Miss Claire” the hiring manager smiled at me and I smiled back.
“Seat” they both seated on the chairs opposite us.
“Sir this is Mr Gregory, your new secretary”
“Nice to meet you Sir” he smiled at Darrell and also stole glances at me.
“I don’t have much to say just do your work diligently and you won’t get fired” he kept stealing glances at me and I soon became uncomfortable.What’s up with him? Darrell already noticed this and he had an angry look on his face.
“Thank you sir”
“One more thing, you see this lady right here, she totally off limits.She’s mine and if you don’t want to get fired on your first day, you stay clear”
“Erm… I’m sorry sir”
“Leave my office”…
Nor be small thing oo🀣
Darrell and Claire have spoil me finish😁
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