May 7, 2021


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Arrogant Maid Episode 98

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Arrogant Maid.
Written by Feathers.
Chapter 98
Brenda’s POV
Scot’s d—!k started getting hard, he pushed me gently and I fell flat to rhe bē—D.
He sep-arated my lē-Gs and centered his —!k on my p—-Y.
He pushed inside my wê-T p—-Y and began to f—-!k me.
I was mœaning loudly and I loved it.
“Hãrder baby?” I requested and he increased the pace.
He turned me to him and I was now backing him, I laid flãt on the floor, my as-s was pointed at him.
His d—!k find it’s way into my p—y and he f–Ked me hard.
Just when he was about to release, he quickly pùlled out.
I turned to him tiredly cause I had actually relë-ased too.
“You pü-lled out?” I questioned.
“Yes!” He replied. “I do not like the idea of prëgnancy before marriage.”
“Hum! Okay.” I said and placed my head on his chêst
“I love you Scot.” I said as I played with his n!-pple.
I s–uked his ni!-pple briefly and he mœ—Aned and replied; “I love you too.”
I smiled and didn’t know when I slept off.
Scot’s POV
Brenda couldn’t fully relate with what I meant about the probability of mom not liking the idea of the both of us getting married
Nevertheless, I will throw the idea at her.
I drove to her house, she had just returned from her place of work.
I saw Helen sitting, as soon as she saw me, she ran to me and hugged me.
“Bãby, I missed you so much.” I said to Helen.
She was now a bit taller and looked more beautiful and smart.
“Thank you uncle, how is sister Brenda?”She asked.
” She’s fine.” I answered and my mom walked in.
I placed Helen on my lã-P and sat before mom.
“How are you Scot, I guess you have something to discuss with me?” She asked
“Sure mom.”
“Okay, tell me?” She requested.
“Well, I find someone I like to marry?” I said.
“Marry? ” She chuckled. “You must have been dating her secretly for a very long time, so…?” She asked.
“Just wanted you to know, we will be planning our marriage soon.” I said.
“That’s nice but why didn’t you bring her with you?” She asked.
“She’s someone you know, it’s Brenda.” I said and my mom looked at me in shock for a while then laughed.
“Joke?”She said, stood and walked inside.

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