March 7, 2021


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My one true love chapter 10

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✍️Written by Osamudiamen Joel.
“Uhmm Sonia go get the door”Theresa yelled from inside the kitchen.
Sonia was already dressed to go to school when she rushed downstairs to get the door.
“Who could that be?”She mumbled.It couldn’t be Jenny cause she had a sleepover at her place and is in her room getting dressed.
she sighed as she opened the door.Her face flustered with surprised as she stared at the person in front of her.
“Elvis?”she smiled surprised as she hugged him.He pulled out of the hug and pulled her into a short Kiss.She kissed him back as they pulled out of the kiss.
“I missed you already babe”he smiled stroking her hair.
“You just saw me only yesterday”she rolled her eyes.
“Sonia who is that?”mom asked walking out of the kitchen.
“Come on in.I want to show you to my mother”she smiled and pulled Elvis in.Theresa had a blank expression as she stared at the two lovers.
“Good morning ma’am”
“Seriously? Sonia you’ve got a white boyfriend and you didn’t think of telling me?”
“You know now,besides it was just last night.Mom this is Elvis…Elvis meet my mom”
“Nice meeting you ma’am”Elvis smiled.
“Do you love my daughter?”she asked with all seriousness.
“Yeah I do… I love her a lot”Elvis smiled at Sonia.
“That’s good to hear.Don’t think of hurting my daughter or you will get it from me”
“What? I just wanna make sure he gets it”
“I won’t ma’am”
“That’s better.Come have breakfast”
“I kinda of already ate”
“Come on.Don’t be shy”Sonia winked.
“Fine”Elvis smiled.
“Where the hell is Jenny? Is she going to a party or something?”
“I’m right here”Jenny rushed downstairs.
“I thought you were going to a party”Theresa rolled her eyes as Sonia helped dish the food.
“I we just getting ready for School.You don’t expect me to look ugly”she pouted.
“Silly girl…Sit.You guys are gonna be late for school”
“Hi Elvis”Jenny smiled.
“Hi”he smiled back.They ended up eating breakfast together after which Elvis drove them to school.
Elvis and Sonia walked hand in hand with each other as they walked to class.Alot of people began to stare and murmur to themselves.
👥 “Are they dating or something?”
👥 “Awwn they look so good together”
👥 “That bitch stole my boyfriend”A girl said.
👥 “Actually your boyfriend ran after her”A girl retorted.
👥 “I hate her nerves.She acts like she the most beautiful girl in the entire school”
“That’s because she is bitch”Jenny gave the girl a ‘fuck you’ sigh before walking away.
“Hey man”Derrick and Elvis exchanged handshakes.
“So you guys are together now?”Nathan asked with his hands in his pockets.
“As you can see”Sonia rolled her eyes at him.She obviously doesn’t like him.
“Chill babe”Elvis whispered to her and she smiled faintly.
“Hey I’m sorry Sonia.I guess I was wrong about you”
“I really didn’t hold any grudge against you Nathan”
“So we are cool now”
“It’s still unbelievable that Sonia nicknamed ‘the heartbreaker’ actually fell in love.This surely is a miracle”Derrick said.
“I’m no heartbreaker.I guess I just couldn’t find what I was looking for in those guys and I found it in him”
“Awwn that’s so sweet of you”Elvis pouted.
“What are you all still doing hanging around here.Get into the class now”Mr Carson yelled.
‘God knows I hate this man he’s too strict and he’s very good at lambasting students’Sonia thought.
Since they were all having the same class that morning,they briskly walked into the class.
She took her seat beside Elvis,while the guys sat at the front.
The lecturer began his lesson and he later asked a question that left everyone dumb.That’s just his problem,he ask too much questions.The question was a simple one thought.
“Are you telling me no one has the answer to this simple question?”
Someone stood to answer the question,he got it wrongly and received the worst insult of his life .
You know those teachers that will ask you question and insult you if you don’t get it.
“Anyone Else”No body raised their hands,.No one wants insults.
“You are all getting carryovers for this question”he said and everyone began to grumble.
“Seriously? Is this how he is?”Elvis asked getting irritated.
“Yeah.God knows I hate him”she whispers and raised her hands to answer the question.
“So you actually knew the answer all these while”Elvis asked.
“Yeah”she smiled.
“Yes Miss Washington”
“Actually the answer is inert set.
Helen is aware of all the establishments, McDonald’s, Café de Coral, and Fairwood. Café de Coral, specifically, is part of Helen’s inert set because it is deemed acceptable to her when her preferred option (McDonald’s) is not available”She smiled as she answered the question.
“That’s actually the answer.You all should thank her she just saved your asses.You can seat now”She sighs as she sat down.Veronica glared at her but she ignored her.
“Jealous bitch”she muttered to herself.
“That was great.My girlfriend sure is intelligent”
“Thanks”she smiled blushing.
“How about I take you out for dinner?”
“Are you asking me out on a date?”
“Yeah.It’s actually gonna be our first date”
“Ok then”she smiled biting her lips.
“So it’s a date.I will come pick you up by 7”
“Yeah”he gave her a peck on the cheek.
Awwn a date 🤩
I go love ooo😁🤩
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