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Burning romance chapter 9

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{𝕿𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖘𝖊𝖝 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖛𝖊🙎}
Who could possibly be protecting Adrian.That doesn’t matter,I need to make sure he dies.
He really won’t stop looking for his useless daughter and now he has to die for her.That’s what he gets for abandoning his daughter in the first place.
Owen got really angry and left for his aunt’s place when he found out I sold his step sister.In as much as he loves his sister,he wouldn’t dare talk.
He know what I can do to him.Besides he can’t send me to jail cause he knows I’m gonna drag him along with me after all,he joined in raping his sister.
He is the least of my problem now.I just need to make sure Adrian disappears from the face of this earth… permanently.
I sighed stroking her hair as I watched her sleep.She’s just too stubborn even to the extent of risking her life.
It’s morning already so I get out of bed and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.After using bathroom,I put on a white T shirt and Denim shorts.
I sit on my reading table and was going through some files when Asher walked in.
“Still sleeping?”he asked referring to Claire.
“You really are into her”he smiled.
“What the stuff I asked you to do?”I asked as he sat opposite me.
“She was raped bro by her step dad and brother”
“Raped?”I felt anger boiling inside of me.
“Yeah.The guy named Owen already confessed to his crime but he said he actually apologized to her.He felt guilty that he hurt her because they were very close and her mom was also nice to him”
“Did she forgive him?”
“She did,so he said.Also he said he had to leave when he found out,his father Logan was trying to kill Claire’s dad”
🎙 “I know I wronged Claire but already apologized.Adrian is in danger my dad is trying to kill him because he’s looking for his daughter.You gotta save him,my dad is a monster,he killed my mother.Claire already lost her mother and loosing her dad will completely devastate her”…he sighed and paused the recording.
“Since she’s your girl,I asked them to save her father but he got shot.It’s obvious they were gonna kill him in the hospital so I had him moved to your penthouse in the states.He’s been treated there and is fine now”
“What about his family?”
“They are in safe hands Darrell… already moved them to your penthouse”
“You did well Asher.Now I’m gonna need to deal with that Logan”
“What do you plan on doing?”
“Cutting off his power,money is power.I’m gonna make all his businesses go bankrupt.That’s just the first phase,more are to come his way”
“That really won’t be a problem cause he’s not very successful”
“Get someone to divert all his capital and I want all his investors to redraw.I don’t need his money just give it to his son.Also don’t let Claire know about this,for now it’s best she doesn’t know”
“Yeah I got it.You seriously can’t tell me,you are not into Claire”
“Darrell just admit it.It’s obvious”
“You can leave now”
“You are just too difficult”I shot him a cold look and he was quick to retrace his words.
“Never mind.I should be on my way now”I watched him as he walked out of my room.I walked to bed and sat beside Claire on the bed.I can’t believe she had good through all that.I’m gonna fight your battle Claire and make him pay.
I kiss her forehead and her eyes part open slowly.I looked away remembering I’m supposed to be angry at her.
I stood up from the bed and proceed to walk away when her voice stopped me.
“Cold guy don’t tell me you are still angry”she pouted standing in front of me.
“Cold guy?”I raised my brows at her.
“Erm… I mean master”I huff and proceed to walk away again when she held my arms.
I turn to look at her and she let go of my arms.
“I said I’m sorry.What can I do to make it up to you?
“Make it up to me? You really want to make it up me?”I smirked looking at her and she body crossed herself.She thinks I’m gonna ask her for sex.
“I didn’t mean what you are thinking right now”she pouted looking away shyly.
“You’ve a corrupt mind”I huffed.
“I don’t”
“About making it up to me.How about you give me a bath massage”
“A bath massage?”her jaw dropped.
I can’t believe he asked me to give him a bath massage.Seeing him in the bath filled with rose petals made my breath shorten.Am I really doing this?
“Am waiting”I heard his voice.I sigh and made to touch his shoulders with my shaky hands.
My hands slowly massaged his shoulders down to his back.I could see abs and his flawless body.Damn he’s got a hot body.
“Your hands are too strong”I huffed as he said that.He’s just trying to step on my toes.
“They are not.It’s your back that is too strong”I pressed his shoulders hard and he yelled a little.
“Ouch …you are so mean”
“You shouldn’t make bad jokes about me”I huffed and continued working my hands on his shoulders.
“Want to join me?”he smiles flirtingly.
“No… no…”I stuttered. “I should leave now”I said running out of the bathroom and I’m so glad he didn’t stop me.
What was I even thinking giving him a massage? I smiled remembering how he looked in the bath tub.
“Snap out of it Claire he’s your master”my subconcious told me.
“Cute one”my mind told me again.
“Arrrh shut up”I hit my head.I think I’m going crazy already.
“Claire today the master gets to choose a new bed chamber maid.We all know he’s gonna choose you”They giggled
“The last time you guys said that I ended up in the cold room.Look I don’t want to be chosen”
“All girls dream to be in your position.Why are you always so…”
“Speak of the devil”I sigh when I saw Charyl,she had been released some days ago.My body chills had stopped and I had to move back.
The master already ordered that I shouldn’t work again so literally I’m jobless.I haven’t seen him for two days now and I’m starting to miss him a lot.
“What do you want?”
“You really think I’m gonna let you get chosen?”
“What can you do Charyl,she’s the master’s most favorite person while you are just an abandoned,desolate and jealous maid”Daniela retorted.
“How dare you?”
“You seem to be forgetting something Charyl,you are no longer the head maid,you’ve got no power now”Xìng ér said.
“Xìng ér you traitor.You betrayed me”
“No you brought this upon yourself”
“Seriously? You guys should stop this already.I’m not going and I don’t want to get chosen.No need to fight over this”
“Claire what’s wrong with you?”
“I have made my decision Daniela.Don’t try to talk me out of it”I said walking away.
“You bitch”
“This is the best thing she has ever said since she got here.I should go get prepared to be chosen”she giggled walking away.What makes her think he’s gonna choose her anyways.
“What are we gonna do now?”
“The master only gets to choose the maids he sees at the hall not the one’s outside the hall”
“Let’s just hope he breaks the rules for her”I sighed.
“We hope so too”
The master walked into the hall with his brother and two other guards.
“We are all here for the master time pick a bed chamber maid.Brother pick any maid here you deem fit to become your bed chamber maid”
He sighed looking round for one person… Claire.
“Where is Claire?”he asked when he didn’t sight her.
“She didn’t come master.I guess she has your regard for you”Charyl said.
“How dare you?”he yelled at her and she fell on her knees.
“I’m sorry master”
“Dala,Enzo bring Claire to me now”
“But master its against the rules”
“I made those rules and I can break it at anytime.Now go”
I smiled to myself,he did break the rules for her after all.It’s obvious that the master is in love with Claire already.
“You did the right thing Claire”I kept assuring myself.
But don’t you want him? Can I bear seeing him with another woman? Of course I can,I don’t like him after all.
I was still deep in thoughts when Dala and Enzo walked into my room.
“The master request your presence at the hall now”He did come for me after all,he really doesn’t give up.
I stood up and followed them out.Getting to the hall,my heart was beating at a faster rate now when I sighted him.
It’s really so hard to breath around him.He smiled when he saw me.
“You really think you could run”he whispered into my ears sending shivers down my spine.
Our eyes met and I could feel that I was slowly loosing control of myself.He leans closer to me with our lips just inches apart.I could hear people murmuring to themselves but I couldn’t care less.
My whole system exploded as he claims my lips in his.I slowly kissed back but my hands refused to move as it stood still.
He slowly pulls out of the kiss leaving me dumbfounded.He takes the beads on the tray and puts them on my head.
“I know just how to punish you.Don’t be late”he whispers drawing circles on my neck making me gasp slightly.
He smirks and walks away with his brother who was busy grinning.
“You can’t run away from this now.What the master wants,he gets.You really don’t want to keep him waiting you know”Daniela giggled.
I guess I can’t run away from this anymore.It certainly is inevitable.
Claire want to harvest Cassava ooo👉🍆😋
Don’t be late oo😂🙄

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