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Burning romance chapter 8

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{𝕿𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖘𝖊𝖝 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖛𝖊🙎}
Did he really touch me? Why would he do such a thing?
“Do you really think I touched you? If I did you will surely feel sore by now”I blushed as he said that.
I really didn’t feel sore that means he didn’t touch me.What a tease!
“You did make me hard last night.How about you make it up to me?”he winks and my face turned red.
“Never know cold guy could be a flirt”I whispered and he smiled.
“Never know he could smile too”
“Will you stop talking about me and lie down”
“But I’ve got work to do”I tried to get off the bed but he was quick to pull me back.
His hands curl around my waist as he pulls me to himself.
“You are with me now,you shouldn’t worry about work”he says as my breath fanned his neck.
I saw his Adam’s apple move as he swallowed hard.My hands found its way on his chest.
“Claire what are you doing?”I asked myself as I trail my fingers on his chest.I wasn’t ready to stop and my breath was getting hotter.
I wasn’t in control of myself anymore and he had this aura that made him completely irresistible.I should probably avoid him,he’s subduction himself.
He tightened the grip he had on my waist making me gasp slightly.
His eyes met with mine as he stared at my face then my lips.
“I… should… I should…go…”I stuttered finding it hard to breath.
He leans closer to kiss me as I closed my eyes and waiting anxiously to feel his lips on mine.
His black eyes could make any woman want him just by staring into them and his touch could make one fall so easily.
Is this guy a human or a demi god?
I felt his breath against my ears and that sent shivers down my spine.
“Join me for breakfast.Will you?”I opened my eyes and looked away.I can’t believe he just turned me on,for breakfast.
What a silly move? He chuckled slightly seeing my expression.
“Are you mad that I didn’t kiss you?”
“No… I should be in my room”I get out of the bed and made to move but his voice stopped me.
“I wouldn’t leave if I were you”he gets out of bed and stop right in front of me.
“Go freshen up and join me for breakfast…”
“…or do you want me to bath you?”he smirked.Flirt!
“No…no”I stuttered and ran into the bathroom.That was close.
I sigh as I walk beside my master to the dinning.Assistant master was already seated and some maids were seen in sight.
“Come on.Seat”he sat at the head of the eight seater dinning set.I pulled my chair and sat opposite assistant master.
He called on the maids to serve the food while I insisted on serving myself after all I’m a maid too.
“So Claire tell us about yourself.Age? College major and so on ”Assistant master asked trying to start up a conversation.
“Uhmm about my age.I’m eighteen and I didn’t get to go to college”
“You certainly don’t look eighteen.You look like my mother”
I chuckled “I’m not old”
“Your master here is twenty five and if you ask me you guys will make a great couple”he grinned and my face turned sour.Master pretended to choke on his food.
“Brother are you ok?”he grinned and his brother shot him a deadly glare.
“Never mind.Bad joke”he shrugged it off and continued with his food.
“Daniela”I giggled and hugged her.
“Hi Xìng ér”
“Hi Claire we are glad you are ok”
“Thanks… I missed you bestie”
“How would you miss me when you have been in the master’s arms?”she pouted.
“Seriously? That?”
“So tell me.Did you guys have sex?”she giggled.
“Hell no.Geez let’s just talk about other things. How did you manage to get me out?”
“I had help from Xìng ér,Samantha,Julie and Julia.We all came to beg for you”
“Really? Thanks a lot for that”I hugged Xìng ér.
“So we are friends now”
“Yeah sure”I smiled.
“Claire”I turn the see the twins and Samantha as they hugged me tightly.
“We are so glad you are ok”
“Thank you for what you did for me”
“Claire looks like you have so many friends now.Hope I won’t be forgotten?”Daniela pouted.
“You will always be my bestie and so is your sister”
“I know I was just pulling your legs”she giggled.
“So we heard you had breakfast with the master”
“Yeah”I nodded.
“Looks like you are gonna be our mistress soon”
“What? No”
“The master is starting to have a soft spot for you Claire.Don’t you see it?”
“I don’t.It would be best if you guys drop this conversation.I’m getting bored”
“Let’s look at it this way Claire.When a servant falls ill,the least the master can do is to check up on the person but in your case you were taken to his room,on his bed,he personally fed you and he agreed to give you body heat…”
“… Secondly Claire the master has never taken any maid with him to dine with him but in your case he just did.What does that tell you Claire? It’s obvious he’s into you already”Daniela said.
“Yeah Daniela is right.All girls will kill to be in your position right now”
“Well I’m not all girls and my life is certainly not here.I plan on going to college and having a better life.I got dreams and this is certainly not part of it.I hope you guys understand and stop saying impossible things”I said arms crossed.
“If you say so though.Actually the master pays off his slaves after five years”I nodded as she said that.Five years is a long time but I can wait.
“Erm… master I don’t think I can sleep here tonight”This guy is a seducer,he might end up doing something to me at night.Guys like this can’t be trusted.
“Why is that? You are still sick remember?”
“I’m not sick anymore I’m perfectly fine”
“I still won’t let you go.What if your body chills start to act up again”
“It won’t.I will be fine on my own”
“You can go”I giggled happily and ran out of his room.I went to my room and met Daniela on her bed.
“Claire what are you doing here?”she asked surprised.
“Sleeping of course”I rolled my eyes at her and lay on my bed.
“I wasn’t expecting you to here.I thought you were with the master”
“I was but I asked him to let me go.I don’t need to be babysitting”
“What if your body chills start to act up again?”
“It won’t.I’m fine Daniela no need to worry about me”
“I really wasn’t expecting this.Claire you should be happy he cares about you”
“We talked about this before.Good night”I told her drawing my duvet up.
“You really are stubborn.Let’s see if you can run away from the master for long”she whispered.
“I heard that”
“Claire Claire are you ok?”Daniela asked worried.
“I’m… fine”I stuttered shivering.
“But you are shivering.You really don’t listen”
“Hey don’t tell the master about this ok?”
“Why not? I’m going to tell him right now”
“He’s gonna get angry if he finds out.You can give me your body heat instead”
Just then,someone knocked on the door.She rushed to open the door and I was surprised to see the master walk in.He had an angry look when he saw me shivering.
Without saying anything,he lifted me off the bed carrying me on his arms in a bridal carry.
Our eyes met briefly and I looked away tucking myself into his arms.He sighs and walked out of the room with me.
I knew he was angry,it was obvious.He didn’t say anything to me as he walked to his room.He puts me on his bed and lay beside me cuddling me in his arms.
“Erm… Mas…”I tried saying something but he was quick to cut me off.
“Don’t say anything.Just sleep”he said coldly.He really is angry with me and worse part he’s giving me the cold treatment.
☎ “What do you mean,you couldn’t kill him?”I yelled on the phone.
☎ “We almost had him but some guys saved him.I think someone is protecting him”
☎ “He’s in the hospital right.Kill him.No mistakes”
Who Logan wan kill?😂
Claire don make Darrell vex😲😅

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