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Burning romance chapter 7

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{𝕿𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖘𝖊𝖝 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖛𝖊🙎}
“What? I can’t die here.Not this way,you’ve gotta do something Daniela”
“Claire don’t die,I’m gonna get you outta of here”I ran out of the cold room to the master’s chamber as fast as I could.
“What are you doing here?”Dala asked.
“I want to see the master”
“I’m afraid you can’t see him.He’s busy”
“But its urgent”
“Do you want to die?”Dala asked drawing his sword out.
“Let her in”I heard the master’s cold voice.
I pushed my way through the guards and went into his room falling on my knees.
He was busy scribbling something on a piece of paper,while his brother sat opposite him.
“What is it?”he asked without sparing me a look.
“My friend Claire,she’s innocent.She just got here yesterday and will never try to kill you.She was framed and I ask that you reconsider your actions”I said with tears falling off my eyes.
“And why should I believe you?”this time he lifted his eyes up.
“Master Master”I turn to see three girls forced themselves into his room.I think Samantha,Julia and Julie.
“I’m sorry master we tried to stop them”
“Forcing yourself into the master’s room without being called upon is an offense punishable by death.Are you aware of that?”Assistant master asked and they fell on their knees.
“Yes but we can’t just watch an innocent person be punished”the twins spoke together.
“Charyl did call Claire when we were cleaning the hallway by the lake,after that,she was brought before your presence for trying to poison you.I believe Charyl framed Claire”Samantha said.
“Why would she do that?”
“Cause she’s jealous of Claire”Xìng ér said walking into the room as she too fell on her knees.
“We all joked about Claire getting chosen by you as your bed chamber maid since she was beautiful.Charyl got angry and had earlier told me that she planned on sending Claire to the cold room.In my opinion she framed Claire because she’s obsessed with the master”
“Why didn’t you say this earlier?”he yelled hitting his table hard.
“I was… scared of her.She almost broke out friendship too when she found out I was chosen instead of her”
“Asher,Dala go get the girl from the cold room and bring her here, also get the medical team.Leave now”they both squirreled out of the room.
“Bolin and Enzo bring Charyl to me.If she refuses to come drag her here.She must be punished.Now go”
He looked really furious,if there is one thing the master hates the most,it’s lies.I can’t believe she would try to kill Claire just because she wants to be with the master.
“Get up all of you”he ordered as we stood up.He sighed and tried to maintain his cool composure which he tends to loose when he’s angry.
Just then,Claire was carried into the room by assistant master and was laid on the master’s bed and the duvet was drawn to cover her.
She looked really pale and she was shivering slightly.The master sat beside her on the bed as he held her hands.
“Daddy please don’t do this”she cried shivering and I felt like crying too.She must have really suffered in the hands of that evil man.
Master looked a bit confused as she grabbed unto his arms.
“Please stay.Don’t leave”she whispered.
“I won’t leave you Claire”he said softly stroking her hair.I smiled softly seeing the both of them.They look so good together.
Looks like she’s definitely gonna get favors from the master.Charyl wanted to kill Claire but she ended up making her gain the sympathy of the master.
“Where is the doctor?”
“Should be here in a few minutes…oh he’s here already”
The doctor walked in with a nurse.He bowed to greet the master.
“Spare the formalities.Just treat her”he nodded and began to check her heart beat and pulse.
“How long has she been exposed to cold air?”
“Approximately twenty five minutes”
“Her hypothermia is a moderate one.All she needs is a warm beverage like tea to warm her system”
“Samatha ask Bentley to prepare a warm tea for miss Claire”
She ran out of the room and came back with a cup of tea.She was made to seat up and the master personally gave her the tea to drink little by little.
After finishing the tea,she was made to lie down again.
“She was exposed to cold for too long.Her body will need to rewarm itself and due to this change in temperature she will suffer from body chills for some days.When it starts to act up she will need body heat from someone”
“I can give her my body heat”I said.
“Never mind.I’ll do it” Master spoke.I smiled inwardly,Claire is gonna freak out when she finds herself on the master’s bed.
Just then Charyl was brought in forcefully.
“Let me go”she yelled as she was forced on her knees.
“What took you so long to find her”
“She went into hiding and it wasn’t easy finding her”
“Charyl how dare you lie against an innocent person? To the extent of wanting to kill her”
“I couldn’t stand by and watch another woman try to take what I laboured for.For four years now,that I have been working for you.You were finally able to notice me and you made me the head maid.It was expected that I will be your next bed chamber maid but she came along with her beauty and ruined everything for me”
“You know you can be killed for this?”Assistant master yelled at her.
“Strip her off her position as the bed chamber maid and also the head maid.The position of the bed chamber maid is vacant”The beads on her head was removed by Dala.
“What? Master you can’t do this to me? You can’t demote me because of this girl”
“Why not? Also punish her by caning twenty times.Lock her up and starve her of food and water for two days”
“Master please please don’t do this to me.I love you”
“You are lucky I didn’t have you sent into the cold room so you could have a taste of your own medicine.Take her out of my presence”
“Master! Master”she cried as she was dragged out.
“Xìng ér you will take her position as the head maid.Daniela you can assist her”
“Thank you master”
“You can all leave now.She’s is safe hands now”
“Yes master”we bowed before walking out of the room.
I sigh watching her as she slept peacefully.She was indeed a beauty to behold.No wonder Charyl wanted to kill her,I would definitely have chosen her.
My eyes fall on the little reddish spot.It obvious she was maltreated by someone.Who ever that person is,I will find him and kill him.
“Asher I want you to dig up anything you can find about her past”
“Ok.I will need to ask Bia and Chao first since they brought her here”
“Brother are you into her?”he grinned.
“Don’t be silly and do what you are asked to do”
“No answer means yes”he smiled and I gave him that cold look.He quickly brushed it off.
“Never mind.I should do what you said”he said walking out of my room.
That’s Asher for you,he can be sometimes crazy but when it’s time to get serious he does.
I’m Darrell Bingwen,I guess you know that already.I am one of the youngest successful slave merchants in Singapore and my net worth is worth billions of dollars.
My whole body hurts,I can’t believe I was caned twenty times because of that witch.
These past years,I served the master just to gain favor in his sight.And when I thought I could finally have him,a witch comes to steal my joy.
“I’m gonna make you pay Claire.I will make sure you suffer”I yelled.
“I will make you pay”I cried.
It was midnight and she started shivering.I cuddled her softly in my arms.
She wrapped her legs around my torso clinging unto me even harder.
Geez she’s making me hard already.I tried taking her legs off my body but she wrapped it even tighter.
I’m so in trouble.She trails her fingers on my chest.I looked at her face and saw her eyes were closed.
Is she trying to seduce me on purpose? Luckily she stopped and I sighed.I close my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.
What kind of bed is this? So hard.I open my eyes slowly and was surprised to see myself on my master.
“Ahhhhh”I screamed and he opened his eyes.I closed my mouth to stop myself from screaming as I tried to get off him but he held my waist pinning me to himself.
“What are you doing?”I tried to get off him.My eyes widened when I felt his bulge underneath me.
I was quick to push him off getting off him.I noticed that the clothes I had on had been changed.Could he possibly?…
“Master were you the one who changed my clothes?”I asked shyly.
“Who do you think did?”that means he did,he saw my body?
“Did you?…”
“You can’t blame me you know?,you were the one who was all over me yesterday”he smirked.
That means he…he…he
Claire what are you thinking self?😂😁
Spoilt child😀

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