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Burning romance chapter 20

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“I can see that you are insane Zasha.You plan on dragging me down with you just like you almost did to Janet.You are heartless and you deserve what is coming your way”
“I didn’t come here to plan evil with you Zasha, I only came to give you this” A hot slap landed on my cheeks.I stood up in anger clenching my handcuffed hands in anger.If I weren’t in handcuffs, I would have given her the beating of her.
“How dare you?” I yelled at her unable to do anything.
“That’s for killing Ben! “she yelled back and another slap landed on my cheeks.A warden immediately approached us.
“What is happening here?”
“This bitch is planning evil against Darrell.Take her away”
“”You are in jail and you are still planning evil” he scolded and pushed me forcefully out of the visitors waiting area.
“You will pay for this sandy”I glared at her and she huffs.
“We will see about that” she yelled after me.
“Bitch” I cursed under my breath.
“Shut up and move it, you hardened criminal” πŸ˜‚
“Good job.Always keep me posted” I smirked ending the phone call.I dropped the phone on the nightstand and turned to Claire on the bed cuddling her into my arms.
“Darrell what was that all about?” I kissed her forehead and stared at her.
“It was the warden I asked to stay close to Zasha, just in case she’s planning evil and she is.She tried to talk her cousin into harming me but she refused”
“That bitch doesn’t give up”
“She shouldn’t be your problem Daisy.She is sure going down, just go to sleep”
She nodded and smiled ” That reminds me, Janet came over, when you were at work” she said you trailing her fingers on my chest.
“To apologize huh? She came to the office too but I told my secretary not to let her in”
“Why would you do that? That was harsh”
“Really? If you hadn’t talked me into setting her free, she would be in jail now.The fact still remains that she tried to kill you” She’s really pissing me off.
“But she apologized already.Stop being cold hearted” I felt hurt by her words.
πŸ’­ “How could you do that? You are just a cold hearted monster.I regret marrying you” I remembered mom’s words to dad.
I hated being called cold hearted and she just did.It hurts badly that she just called me cold hearted all because I’m looking out for her.
“Cold hearted? Really” I pushed her off me and got out of the bed.
“Darrell I’m sorry”
“Just go sleep Daisy.I need to be left alone” I told her and walked out of the room.
< π‹πŽπ†π€π >
After those bastards brought me back to America, I was arrested and sent to jail.
I was going to be arraigned to court two days from now.That witch tricked me into confessing to my crimes.Now my name is allover the news and alot of Civil right societies are currently on the matter.
“What are you doing here?” I asked her.She’s is one of the reasons I’m in this mess.
“I just came to make sure you don’t include me in your deeds”
“My deeds? You told me Ellie was cheating on me and you made me kill her”
“She was cheating with my husband idiot, but no one asked you to rape her useless daughter.You just couldn’t keep your dick in your pants”
“Don’t you dare insult me”
“What are you gonna do? You are locked up here by the person you raped.How hilarious? What I don’t get is how she managed to do that”
“She’s fucking a rich dude, Darrell Bingwen…”
She gasped. “Darrell Bingwen?”
“You know him?”
“Of course, he’s one of the most richest men in Singapore.What the fuck did he see in that bitch?”
“That’s not my business. I need to leave this place Asap”
“You can’t. He is damn too rich, there is no hope for you.Just be a good boy and don’t talk” she smiled and stood up to leave.
“I guess he’s coming to the U.S then, I should go get my daughter ready to steal him away from her.Claire doesn’t deserve someone that good” she smiled and walked away.Bitch!
“Why would you do that?” Daniela scolded.
“It was stupid of me to have said that I know, worst part, he didn’t sleep in the room and early this morning, he went to work so I didn’t get the chance to apologize properly.
I’m just so confused, I don’t want to loose Darrell.I love him”
“You are not loosing him Claire.If there is one thing I know, it’s that he loves you so much”
“I know that but he has never behaved this way before, it feels like I hurt him bad”
“Worry no more Claire, he will surely come around.The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” she giggled.
“Yes Daniela, I should cook for him his favorite and go to his office”
“Exactly.He will surely forgive you after that and you guys might end up making love in the office” she grinned and I blushed slightly.
“You are crazy”
“We both know, I’m saying the truth”
I smiled to myself with a coffee in my hands waiting for him to walk up to me.I sighed when I sighted him.
Here we go” I muttered.He proceeded to walk past me and I pretended to bump into him pouring my coffee on his shirt.
“Oh Carlos.I’m so sorry”
“What the fuck Penelope? Can’t you look where you are going”
“I’m sorry.Let me help you clean it up”
“Never mind” He angrily dropped the food basket on my table and hurried to the bathroom.
I smiled looking around to be sure no one was looking.An advantage about the top floor, it’s not always crowded.
I opened the food basket and then the food flask and added sprinkled some substance into it.I closed the food flask and the food basket and smiled again.
I sat on my table and waiting for him to come back.He walks to my table and picked up the food basket.
“Clumsy secretary.This shouldn’t repeat itself again”
“It won’t” I smirked as I watched him walk into the boss’s office.Things are about to fall into place😏.He’s so gonna fall into my arms now.
I sat in my office typing endlessly on my computer.I couldn’t stop thinking about Claire, I can’t stay mad at her for long so I made up my mind to talk to her.
I was just after her walfare and I guess I was being a little cold hearted like she said.
The knock on the door jolted me out of my thoughts.I’m guessing that is Carlos, cause I sent him to get me food at the office canteen.
“Come in” he pushed the door open shutting it behind him.
“You took too long”
“I’m sorry about that boss”
“Drop it on the table… How is the interview for a male secretary going?” I’m sick and tired of having a female as a secretary.Penelope is a temporary replacement for Janet.
“Ok, you can leave now”
“Yes boss” he walked out my office shutting the door behind him. I sighed and took the food out of the basket.I opened the food flask and picked up my chopsticks out of the basket.
I began eating my food. I hadn’t gone halfway to the food, when I started feeling strange.
I’ve known Carlos since we were kids and I doubt he would put anything into my food but why do I feel this way.I felt the urge to have sex all of a sudden and I was getting really hard.
Who the fuck put a sex pill in my food? God damn it, I’m so fucking hard and it feels like my whole body is gonna explode.
“Boss is anything the matter?” Penelope smiled walking into my office.Her skirt was shifted above her knees and her shirt was left half buttoned showing off her cleavages.
It’s obvious she put a sex pill in my food.Why do these girls like being bitches?
“What the fuck are you doing here? Get out!”
“Boss?. I know you want me now, just fuck me already” she smiled walking to my desk in a seductive manner.
Darrell you can’t do this.Claire is at home waiting for you, you can’t do this.What kind of temptation is this?🀣 It feels like my dick is gonna explode any minute.
“Penelope get out” I wanted to yell but it came out as a groan instead.
“I know you want this” she licked her lips as she reached to touch my bulge but I smacked her her hands off.
“Come on.Stop acting like a fucking virgin” Does she realise she’s talking to her boss.She is so getting fired for this.
“Get out now” I yelled bringing out a gun from my drawer and she flinched moving backwards.
“Get the fuck out of my office now.You are fired!”
“But boss…”
“Now” she flinched and walked out of my office.
I dropped the gun on the table and started pacing round the office.What am I gonna do now? Masturbation? How much I hate that shit.
“Darrell” I turned to see Claire by my door.She came at the right time.
“Darrell don’t tell me you are still mad at me” she dropped a food basket on the table.I walked up to her and kissed her roughly as I carried her on my torso.
“Darrell are you Ok?” She asked in between kisses.
“I will be after I fuck you”…
Darrell please take it easyπŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Penelope plan don scatterπŸ™„
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