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Burning romance chapter 19

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“You did well Daisy” he said and pulled me into a hug.
“Now what?”
“Now we let him go and file a case against him”
“Let him go? Why not torture him?”
“Daisy he’s sure gonna get a death sentence but torturing him is not the best thing.Torture is felony Claire and that won’t be good if we need to win this case.Unless you want me to have him killed now?”
“No, just let the law handle it.I want the whole of America to know what a monster he is.Killing him here won’t do, he needs to be disgraced publicly after which he’s gonna die a shameful death”
“You made the right decision Daisy”
“What about Janet? What’s gonna happen to her?”
“They are gonna be arraigned to court tomorrow”
“So fast?”
“Yeah.I want the case to be closed as soon as possible”
“About Janet…”
“Daisy she’s going to jail”he held my hands staring at me.
“But Zasha only told her do so.We both know she’s innocent”
“She tried to kill you Daisy…”
“And I know that.Just let her go, I believe she has learnt her lesson”
“Darrell please”
“Fine. Not like I can say no to you anyways”
“Thanks”I hugged him.
“I just hope you don’t regret this” he whispered.
I sat in my cell crying my eyes out.I can’t believe she fooled me and now I’m in this big mess.
I was so stupid to see that I was being fooled, I can’t believe for the first time in my life I’m in jail all because of Zasha.That witch!
We had a quarrel earlier and the warden had to move us to different cells.
“Miss Janet someone is here to see you”
“Who could that be?” I asked standing up.
“Mr Carlos” he said opening the cell and I came out.I know him, I think he works for my ex- boss.What could he be here for? Well I’m about to find out.
“Your hands” I stretched my hands forward as he handcuffs them.
“This way” he led me to the prison visitors waiting room.I was led to a table where he sat and I sat opposite him.
“You have just five minutes” he said and left us.
“What brings you here?”
“The boss decides to show mercy on you”
“What? Really?” my face brightened with a smile.
“Don’t let that get into your head.He would never want to save you, it was his girlfriend who talked him into helping you”
“Oh… I guess I was wrong then.It’s obvious he really loves her, I should never have tried to kill her”
“It took you so long to know that… tomorrow is your arraignment and you have to plead guilty…”
“Guilty but why?”
“Just do as you are told if you really want to leave here”
“Fine.I’ll do it”
“You are gonna be arraigned to court tomorrow” my lawyer said.
“Yeah.It seems Mr Darrell wants the case to close as soon as possible”
“That bastard!”
“You have to plead guilty”
“Why will I do that? Never”
“The evidence against you is overwhelming.You could probably get a life i imprisonment verdict”
“A life imprisonment verdict? You are a fucking lawyer.Don’t tell me you don’t know how to do your job?”
“Even the best lawyer can’t handle your case.You personally confessed to your crime.What does that tell you?”
“This can’t be happening.I will never plead guilty.This case has to go on trial”
“OK if you insist but be rest assured, I can’t guarantee we will win this case”
“.Just do your fucking best.I’m not paying you for nothing”
I sigh standing face to face with the Judge as he was about to read out charges filed against me to the court.Darrell and he’s girlfriend wasn’t here, instead they sent Carlos, that traitor!
“You have the right to an attorney and also the right to have a trial and be presumed innocent until proven guilty…”
“…These are the charges filed against you: Mrs Zasha Salvador on December 2016 was said to have murdered her husband Mr Moscow Salvador in his sleep an offense punishable by death by hanging…”
“…She is also said to have committed culpable homicide on her brother Ben Lawrence on July 15th 2012 by tampering with the brakes of his car an offense punishable by imprisonment of fifteen years…”
“…She is also said to be the mastermind of the kidnapping having aided and abetted the attempted kidnap of Miss Claire Willows on March 13th 2020 an offence punishable by imprisonment of ten years and is also liable to caning.How do you choose to plead before this honourable court?”
I sighed “Not guilty”
“Your honour my Client would like to post bail” my lawyer spoke.
“Your bail application is not approved.Let the next person step in” It’s obvious Darrell has already paid the judge.He really is after my downfall.
I sigh and took my seat as I watch Janet step forward.Bitch! I’m dragging her down with me.
“You have the right to an attorney and also the right to have a trial and be presumed innocent until proven guilty…”
“These are the charges filed against you: Miss Janet QΓΊ was said to have attempted to kidnap Miss Claire Willows on March 13th 2020 having been tricked into doing it by Mrs Zasha Salvador an offence said to be an act done by a person bound and is liable to punishment of one year imprisonment.How do you choose to plead before this honourable court?”
“Guilty” she said trembling with fear.One year is not enough.
“Having pleaded guilty before this honorable court, the accused Miss Janet QΓΊ is hereby sentenced to three months of community service…”she jumped happily.
What? Community service? How is that possible? It’s obvious Darrell is behind this.
After arraigning everyone including the kidnappers, he adjorned the court case to a latter date. I still can’t believe Janet is free.
“I can’t stay in this prison.They wouldn’t even let me post bail” I said to my cousin.
“No one asked you to commit such a huge crime”
“Well I don’t care.I need to leave this fucking place”I can’t believe they let Janet go, she was supposed to go down with me.
“How do you intend to that? Are you even thinking at all”
“Darrell… I need to kill him” I whispered.
“What? Are you crazy?”
“Killing him is the only way out”
“Zasha, Darrell is ten times smarter than you.He will easily see through your plans”
“He’s human after all.He can’t be that good.They must be loop holes.I have just three days to appear in court which I find absurd.He needs to go and you are gonna help me”
“What? Me? Never”
“Common do this for me”
“Zasha you are in jail and you are thinking of killing someone”
“I don’t care.I want him dead then I will come after his slutty girlfriend”
“Do it Sandy and stop being a coward.I need Darrell Bingwen dead” I smirked.If I’m gonna die, then I’m bringing him with me along with his slutty girlfriend.
Zasha is playing with fireπŸ”₯πŸ˜‚
Law students I think I triedπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‹πŸ˜…
Sorry this one is abit short and it also came too late too that’s because I’ve been really busy today.
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