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Burning romance chapter 18

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“You seriously did that?”I asked him a bit surprised.
“Yeah.It wasn’t really hard you know.she surely won’t get away with this”
“How did you do it? Are you like a detective or something?”
“I’m Darrell the guy you fell in love with”he winked and I blushed smiling.
“Well actually my dad taught it to me”
“Really? You never really talked much about your family”
“You never really asked”he raised his brows at me.
“Well now I’m asking”I rolled my eyes.
“Since you asked, my dad started this whole slavery thing.He was really cold and emotionless but he fell in love with my mother.Dad said he met my mother when he used his car to splash water on mom.Mom was furious and gave him the worst insult of his life…”I chuckled as he said that.What an annoying way to met the love of your life.
“… as time went on my dad later married my mom.Then I was born and Asher too,we also had a kid sis but she died in an accident”
“I’m really sorry about that.You must miss her so much”
“I do.My sister was always the crazy type,very lively and also funny just like my mom.We all got along well but she was always fond of the me the most…” he sniffles.
“…My dad was really ruthless and treated human life like nothing,treated his slaves badly,sold most of them… my mom tried to talk him out of it for years but he still remained the same.My dad wanted me to be like him to take over from him but mom never wanted that.Dad still found a way to teach to me all the things he knew…”he sighs.
“…Mom beckoned on me to leave with her and my brother.She felt my dad was a monster and she was right but deep down my dad loved my mother so much.I refused cause I wanted to stay with dad,she felt hurt and left with Asher to China” his family history is even more complicated than mine.
“My dad loved my mom dearly and when he found out she left, he got sick and never recovered.He died Daisy,he died” his eyes were already teary and made him rest on my shoulders.
“I’m sorry Darrell”
“When mom found out he died because of her, she felt sad.She only did what she thought was best at that time but ended up regretting everything.Life felt worthless to her but she forgot we needed her too.She got selfish, she forgot all about us and committed suicide”
“Oh my God.Darrell I’m sorry.I shouldn’t have brought up this topic” I felt sorry for him, I never knew he went through all these.
“It’s not your fault.You just wanted to know besides you are my girlfriend now, you should know everything about me”
I pulled him into a hug. “I love you Darrell” I felt tears slid out of my eye lids.
“I love you more Daisy” he strokes my hair still hugging me.We disengage the hug and he wipes off the tears on my eyes.
“Stop being a cry baby” he teases and I smacked his shoulders playfully.
“Stop teasing me” I pouted sniffling.
“I won’t… Come here”his hands curl around my waist pulling me to himself.I rested my head on his shoulders and trail my fingers slowly on his chest.
“What happened after that?” I asked in a whisper.
“I thought you didn’t want to know… you were the one who was being a cry baby”he whispered the last part and I hit his chest.
“Ouch… seriously Claire you are being mean”
“That’s what you get for messing around” I smirk and hit his chest again.He held his chest and fell flat on the bed gasping for breath.
“Darrell” I called but no response.I was getting scared.
“Darrell wake up” I started crying.His lips curled into a smile as he pulled me to himself kissing me tenderly.I didn’t kiss back but I pushed him away.
“Seriously? you scared shit out of me”I stood up from the bed wiping off my teary eyes.
“Hey I’m sorry”he tried to talk to me but I headed into the bathroom.
“Just let me be Darrell” I huff silently and walked into the bathroom locking the door behind.
I turn on the tap on the sink and splashed water on my face.
“I can’t believe he would fool me like that” I mutter looking at the mirror.
“So mean.I thought he was going to leave me”
“Daisy” I heard his voice outside the bathroom.I sigh and walked to the door.I opened the door and walked out of the bathroom.
“Daisy” I crossed my arms staring at his face which had a sad expression.
“I’m sorry Daisy.I…” I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and crushed my lips against his.He kissed me back and wrapped his hands around my waist pulling me to hard chest.
He groaned silently as my tongue slid into his mouth.He trails his fingers slowly on my neck and I gasped in his mouth.
The kiss was electrifying,it was as if time had stopped and our breathings intensified.We pulled out of the kiss breathing heavily as our foreheads touched.
“Don’t ever do that again”I bite my lips staring at him.
“I won’t”he smirks and pulls me to himself again.
“Now where were you?”he whispered kissing my neck and I gasped holding him tight to myself.He trails his kisses down to my collarbone.
“Darrell” I moaned biting my lips.
“What? You want me to stop?” he smirks blowing soft breath on my neck.Stop? Is he crazy? I’m already turned on.
We heard a knock on the door and he stopped kissing me.
“We will continue this later”he winks at me and headed to the door.He opens the door and the guy at the door told him something which I couldn’t fathom.He sighs and shut the door close.
“What was that all about?”
“It’s Logan”
“What about him?”
“He’s here already.You need to get the info”
“It’s gonna be really hard seeing him again but I will do it” he smiles at me.
“Come on.Let’s go”
“Let me out of here” I heard his voice and Darrell nodded for me to go in.
“Recorders are already in there.Just get him to talk.I nodded and went into the room shutting the door behind me.His eyes met mine and I smiled seeing him suffer.
He was chained to the ground like a criminal he is.
“You bitch.How dare you do great his to me?”
“What a small world Logan.We finally met again”I smiled sitting on the chair opposite him.
“I hate you.When I get out of here.I’m gonna kill you and the person backing you up”
“Just like you killed my mother.You bastard” I yelled at him.
“Your mother was a slut.I loved your mom but she cheated on me”
“Mom will never do such a thing.You killed her because you are a beast”
“Beast? I didn’t mean to kill your mother.We had an argument and she hit her head on the floor and momentarily lost consciousness. She woke up few minutes later and after that, she started complaining of headaches…” No wonder mom felt ill all of a sudden.
“That was why she said she couldn’t make it to your graduation party but she showed up because of you.You killed your mother not me”
“You liar trying to heap the blame on me.You fucking killed her.You didn’t bother to take her to the hospital because you wanted her dead anyways.The biggest mistake mom made was marrying a monster like you.You raped me idiot!”
“Your virgin pussy was always so good on bed”I walked up to him and gave him a slap on his cheeks.
“You bastard.I hate you”
“I always hated you Claire.You made my blood boil but you were useful to me on bed.Your cries and screams were all melody to my ears” he laughed and I felt tears running down my eyes.I wiped off my tears.Mom says not to cry, he’s gonna pay.
“What? You want me to fuck you again?” I clenched my fist angrily.
“Really? How about I reap off your balls right now?”
“Just because you are fucking some rich dude…”I grab hold of his dick through his trousers and squeezed it hard in my hands.
He screamed loudly as hot tears slip out of his eyes and I smiled.
“Your cries and screams are melody to my ears Logan”I smirked squeezing it even more.
“Claire please” he begged crying in pain.Wow I never knew he could cry.
“What? You still want your dick? You should be castrated you pig”
“I’m still your step dad”he groaned painfully.
“Dad? now you realize you are my step dad.Feel the pain I felt”I yelled kicking him hard on his dick.
He fell to the ground groaning loudly rubbing his manhood tenderly.
“You will pay for this Claire.I should have killed you”
“Just like you tried to kill my father?”
“He wouldn’t stop looking for you.He needed to die but you fucking saved him”
“Can you imagine Logan you killed both your wives.How best can you describe yourself”
“How did you know about Bridget?” he asked surprised.
“So you killed her?”
“Yes.She was a bitch like you.I’m gonna kill you just the way I killed her”
“You won’t get the chance to kill me Logan.Cause you will be dead before then.Not too worry, I’m gonna make sure to drop thorns on your grave” I smirked walking out of the room.
Claire don bad oooπŸ˜‚πŸ€£
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