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Burning romance chapter 16

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
“It’s so good to be back here”I giggled as I walked into the room with Darrell.
“Yeah.I missed you being here”he smiled sitting on the bed.
“Well I’m here now Darrell”I sat on his laps.
“I don’t want to ever loose you Claire.I love you so much”
“I love you too Darrell and you are not loosing me”
“Claire I got sometimes to tell” he sounded serious.
“What is it?”
“I know I should have told you this earlier but your dad was almost killed by gunmen some weeks ago”
“What?” I stood up from his lap.
“Why telling me this now? Darrell this is my father we are talking about”
“Look I’m sorry Claire for not telling you”I felt hs hands around my waist.
“I hate been kept in the dark.Don’t hide things from me again”
“I won’t.Does that mean you forgive me now?”he whispers against my neck and I bite my lips.
“Are you seriously gonna seduce the forgiveness out of me”I asked as he turned me to face him.
“If I have to.Yes”he smirks crushing his lips against mine.I kiss him back wrapping my hands around his neck as I wrapped my legs around his torso.
The kiss got hotter and it was obvious this was going to lead to sex.He pulls out of the kiss and stares at me.
“Why did you stop?”I pouted.
“Daisy you just got back the hospital.I don’t think…” I shut him up with a kiss.
“I want you now Darrell”I whisper in between kisses.
I smile to myself as he cuddled me in his arms after the intense sex we just had.My hands rested on his chest as I stared at him.
“Daisy I’ve got something important to tell you”
“What is it?”
“About Logan…”.
“Is he dead? If he is I don’t mind dropping thorns at his grave”I huffed.
“You will soon”
I looked at him with varying expression as he told me all he did to Logan.I was actually thinking of a better revenge plan not knowing that Darrell already took care of that.
“You did that for me?”I asked trying hard not to cry.I never for once thought I will find a man like Darrell in this lifetime, who loves and cares for me so much.
“He hurt you Claire.I had to make him pay”
“Darrell I love you”I hugged him tight on the bed.
“I love you more Daisy”he kisses my forehead.
“It’s time for the final phase Claire.It’s time to charge him to court.His crimes are way too many and its sure gonna earn him a death sentence”
“He deserves worse than death”
“Daisy this may be sad to hear but he was the one planned to kill your father and he also killed your mother.I’m sorry”
“What? Logan killed my mom.How is that possible she died of hemorrhagic stroke”
“Yeah she did.Logan payed the doctor to get the real hospital file not knowing that the doctor had another copy.In the file,your mom had cerebral bleeding because an head injury and my guess is Logan has something to do with that if not he wouldn’t have asked the doctor to hide the real file”
“Logan killed my mom? No wonder he had her buried immediately after she was confirmed dead”I cried.
“I’m sorry Daisy but you need be strong.I’m gonna make sure he is put to death but I’m gonna need your help” he wiped the tears off my eyelid with his fingers.
“My help?”
“We need evidence which only you can get.Logan will be brought here tomorrow and I need you talk to him.He will definitely spill out all his crimes which will be recorded
… Don’t worry he will be in chains he can do nothing to you”
“I will do it”
“I also got news this morning that Zasha and Janet are planning to hurt you”
“Those bitches”I growled.
“Hey trust me.I’m gonna make their plans fail”I nodded as he said that.The fact that my mom was killed by Logan still breaks my heart.
I really wish mom were alive,I would like to introduce her to Darrell… but then she’s gone,gone forever.I gonna make sure Logan pays for all his crimes.
I sat on the floor in my sitting room frustrated.I’ve lost everything all because of that bitch Claire.
I gulped down a large volume of alcohol down my throat.
“I will make you pay Claire” I yelled smashing the bottle on the floor.I put my head in between my knees and sulked.
I heard the bell chim and I staggered to the door.I opened the door and got the shock of my life.
“What are you two doing here?”I asked looking at the two men who came to pick Claire up when I sold her.
“It’s great you remember us but we are here for you this time”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean its time for you to pay for your sins”he sprayed something on my face and I immediately felt dizzy.
“What?… what?”I slumped on the floor and blacked out.
“I already got the guys for the job”she told me.
“Are you sure they’re professionals?”I asked.
“Very sure.We just need to look for the a perfect time to strike”
“That’s right we need a mole.That Claire girl doesn’t go out often”
“Yes you are right”
We heard the bell chim we exchange looks.
“Are you expecting anyone?”
“No…but I will go get the door”she rushed to the door and slides it open.She and the person converses for some seconds before she lets him in.
“Who is he?”
“I am Carlos and I got something that may interest you”he smirked sitting on the couch.
“What is it?”
“I have been stalking you two for some days and I know you plan on killing Claire”we gasped as he said that.
“I hate her too and I can help you guys in bringing her down”
“Why do you want to help us?”
“It’s the least I can do for my sister Charyl.She was killed because of that Claire.She framed her and asked the maater to have her killed” he sobbed.
“So you are one of Darrell’s men?”I smiled.Your end is near Claire,you got too many enemies.
“Yes.Her driver actually”
“How are we sure we can trust you?”
“I can’t lie to you.I need revenge for my sister” I smiled to myself.He’s the mole we’ve been looking for.
“Good.So tell us what you know”
“I overheard her telling the master that she would like to go shopping tomorrow”
“Shopping? Do you know the boutique she likes to shop in?”
“Pois Boutique.I will notify you when she leaves the house”
“Perfect.Janet make contact with the men,we are striking tomorrow”
“Ok”she smiled.
“Here is the plan you will be the one driving her tomorrow then half way to the boutique,I don’t care how you do but you must stop the car.Then the boys come in and kidnap her after which I will like to put a bullet in her head myself”I smiled.
Let’s see how you can survive this.After tomorrow,Darrell will be mine and she will be dead.Too bad she won’t be alive to watch me take Darrell from you.
“Did they believe you?”I sat on Darrell’s lap resting my head on his shoulders as I watch them talk.
“Yeah.Never expected that they could be that gullible”
“What’s their plan?”
“As expected they will took the opportunity to strike tomorrow.I was asked to stop the car half way after which they planned on kidnapping and killing Miss Claire”
“Those bitches”I groaned.
“Daisy I’m gonna handle this”he said and I nodded.
“What I don’t understand is why Zasha choose to drag Janet into it when she could take care of this herself”
“To implicate Janet of course incase anything goes wrong she will be the one to suffer alone.Janet is the one contacting the assassins that means they know Janet as their boss and not Zasha.She’s just using her and at the end she will get rid of her.That’s how desperate she is” Darrell said.
“Darrell what’s your plan?”Asher asked.
“The plan is simple we set a trap for them.Claire won’t be the one in the car,someone dressed like her would.The car is tinted so they won’t get to see the person in it.You will stop the car exactly where she told you to stop it.Before then, we need to notify the police.They will be will be waiting to lay ambush on the kidnapers.I believe they will apprehend them and Janet will be implicated.As for Zasha I know just how to deal with her,she won’t escape this”
I looked at Darrell amazed by his way of reasoning.
“Seriously I think you should be in the police force to join in crime fighting”I said and they chuckled.
“Bro your girlfriend is right.Policing is your calling.Embrace it”🀣
This Asher is crazyπŸ˜‚
Janet and Zasha I pity you… Detective Darrell to the rescueπŸ˜‚πŸƒπŸƒ
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