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Burning romance chapter 13

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{π•Ώπ–†π–‘π–Šπ–˜ 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 π–˜π–Šπ– π–˜π–‘π–†π–›π–ŠπŸ™Ž}
I can’t believe this,so Claire has been behind my misfortune all these while.I was so stupid to see the handwriting on the wall, now I’m at the verge of loosing everything.
Just one week to pay up my debts or my company will be confiscated.I will become poor and I hate been poor.
Why would she only come after me? After all Owen joined in the abuse.
She’s really a cheap prostitute,went to look for some rich guy to spread her legs for.I need to look for a way to get money and end her life once and for all.
“She would regret ever messing with me”I muttured to myself.
“You are still very unrepentant.Instead of thinking of a way to apologize to her of which I know she would never forgive you.You proved me right by being the monster you are.Sometimes I wonder how I became your son”
“Don’t you dare speak to me with such imprudence.I am still your father and seem to have forgotten something Owen.We both had Claire that night,don’t try to run away from it.If I’m going down, then I’m dragging you with me”
“You are a devil Dad.Why can’t you just let me be?”
“We are both devils,she begged Owen but you showed her no mercy.Tell me you didn’t like her tiny little pussy”
“Stop it.Leave my room now”he yelled.
“You can’t run away from it Owen cause it’s the truth and you are being hunted by the truth”
“I fucking apologized and she forgave me.Don’t try to drag me into your mess”
“My mess you say. What makes you think she forgave you? You were so stupid to have believed her”
“I made a stupid mistake and I apologized cause I had a conscience but what did you do? You treated her like thrash,maltreated the daughter of the woman you claimed to love and you sold her into slavery.You are worst than the the devil and I’ve got something you can never have …conscience.That’s what evil souls like you don’t have”he yelled.
He left me dumbfounded with his words.He has never spoke that way to me before.
“As you can see the door is wide open.Get the fuck out of my room.One more thing,don’t try to hurt Claire.You might end up killing yourself in the process.What am i even saying you can do nothing,you’ve got no money.Enjoy being poor,you deserve death”
“Get out and never come back”
“I will be back”I said walking out of the room.
“When next we see I hope to see you in a coffin”he yelled slamming the door at my face.
“It is Claire that would be in a coffin” I retorted before leaving his door post.I need to look for a way to kill her and I will be needing a lot of money.
“Who was she?”She asked as we got into the car.
“My ex girlfriend.She shouldn’t be a bother to you”I smiled at her as she rested her head on my shoulders.
“I hope she won’t”she muttered and I think she kinda of slept off.
I stoked her hair softly staring at her beautiful face.
“I can’t believe you are mine now”I whispered kissing her forehead softly.
My eyes parted open slowly as I sat up stretching myself on the bed.
“Up already?” I turn to see Darrell already dressed in a black suit ready to go the work.I checked the wall clock and it was already few minutes past eight.
“Yeah and how come I woke up late” I asked walking to him.
“You slept late.I guess”I nod and helped him knot his tie.
“I’m off” he smiled and pulled me into a short kiss.
“What about breakfast?”
“I guess I will skip that I’ve got an important board meeting to attend and I’m running late”
“Ok.Don’t stay out too late”
“I won’t”he pulls me into another kiss before leaving.
I sigh and headed to the bathroom to freshen up.
After bathing,I came out of bathroom with my towel wrapped around my body.I applied my body lotion to my skin and put on a T shirt and sweat pants and headed out.
An idea popped into my head and I smiled to myself.
“I so much like this idea of yours”Daniela giggled as we walked to the kitchen.I planned on cooking for Darrell Chicken fried rice and a Deep dish pizzaπŸ˜‹.
“Where do you guys think you are going?”seeing Charyl almost made me puke.I so much dislike her and her guts too.
“I’ve got no time for the trash you got to say”she held my arms as I proceed to walk out.
“Let me go bitch”I yelled pushing her off and she landed her butts on the ground.
“That serves you right”Daniela stuck her tongue out mockingly as we walked away.
Getting into the kitchen,we met Bentley.She’s the chef.
“Hey Bentley”
“Hi Claire”she smiled.
“So I’m gonna be needing your help on something”
“You are the master’s girlfriend now.Helping you is like helping the master”
“Awwn that’s nice of you”
They both helped me out with the preparation of the food.I did most of the cooking though they just helped in speeding up things.
After finishing up with the food.I cut the pizza into slices using a pizza cutter and put it in a pizza carton box.
The chicken fried rice was served in a medium sized thermo food flask along with some fried chicken at the top of the food.
Britney helped me get a food basket with cover where the flask,cartoon box,a red wine and two glass cup were arranged.I covered the food basket and smiled.
“Thanks alot for this”I smiled at both of them who were busy eating the other pizza we made.
“You are welcome”
“Claire you are looking all sweety.Go take a bath and dress sexy”Daniela giggled and I also took a bite from the pizza.It tasted nice.
“Of course I will”
“Let’s go”Daniela picked up the food basket and followed me to my room.I had my bath and dressed in a white jump suit and a white boot heels.
I put on a golden earrings and necklace.Daniela then help apply a light make up on my face.I smiled at my reflection in the mirror.
“Claire you look stunning.The master might end up eating you along with the food”
“Geez …Daniela”
“Whatever.Let me go tell Enzo to prepare the car for you”
The drive to his office was quite a long one.I sat at the rear while Enzo sat at the passengers seat and of course the chauffeur was at the drivers seat.
I looked outside of the tinted glass window watching the hustles and bustles of the city.
Singapore sure is beautiful with so many beautiful buildings.The car finally halted at a beautiful high rise building that had inscription boldly written ‘Bingwen’s Corporation’.
I stepped down elegantly as my heels touched the ground.Enzo offered to carry the basket for me and I let him besides its quite heavy.
As I walked into the building the workers stared at me in awe as they muttered to themselves.
I walked to the receptionist and smiled at her.
“Hi.How may I help you?”
“I’m here for my boyfriend Darrell Bingwen,your boss”
“Wow I didn’t know it was you.Just take an elevator to the top floor,you will know he’s office when you get there.He’s actually less busy now”
“Ok thanks”I smile at her before walking to the elevator.The elevator ride took a few minutes and the door binged as it slide open.
Walking out of the elevator I sighted a woman right outside the door with a tag C.E.O’s office.
“How are you?”
“Claire.I actually came to see my boyfriend Darrell”
“You are his girlfriend?”she asked looking at me from head to toe.
“Yes”she gave my scornful glares
“The boss is in a meeting”
“What do you mean the receptionist said he less busy”
“Are you deaf or have you suddenly lost your senses?”
“Hey watch your tongue young lady”Enzo said.
“Tell her to watch it too.Leave now,when the boss is less busy you can come”
“Are you insane?”I asked cause she was ranting like a mad person to me.
“It is you that is insane and you are also a slut”
Just then,Darrell walked out of the office angry probably because of the noise.I can’t believe she called me a slut,I’m gonna make sure she pays for that word.
“Daisy”his eyes softened seeing me.He pulled me into a short kiss and then turned to his rude secretary who was already shivering from anxiety.
“What was happening here?”
“Boss … I …”she stuttered.
“She called me a slut just because i wanted to see you”
“What? You called my girlfriend a slut?”he sounded really bad furious.
“Sir I’m sorry… I …”she went on her knees begging in tears.
“Get out of my Company.You are fired”…
Darrell don vex🀣
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