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Burning romance chapter 10

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He’s cold and she’s crazy😜
{𝕿𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖘 𝖔𝖋 𝖆 𝖘𝖊𝖝 𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖛𝖊🙎}
“What do you mean you don’t know where all my funds went?”I yelled slamming the paper on the table.
“It just vanished.Totally untraceable”
“I hired an incompetent Accountant”I yelled at him
“I’m sorry sir”
“Will sorry bring back my funds?”
“Sir all our investors have all redrawn their funds we are left with only Mr Beckett.He may redraw at anytime soon”my secretary said and that annoyed me even more.
“We need investors.Sell out company shares with discount”
“That’s just the problem.No one wants to buy shares from us”
“Sir at this rate we are going bankrupt”
“This can’t be happening.What about the loan we got from the bank? How do I pay back? The collateral was this company and I got just one month to pay back”
“Sir we still got one investor we just…”
Just then Mr Beckett walked in my office.
“Ah Mr Beckett I really wasn’t expecting you”
“I came here for something urgent.I just found a bigger deal and I need to redraw my funds”
“Me Beckett we can talk about this.You don’t need to redraw,I will offer you a better deal”
“Your company is at the peak of bankruptcy.You got nothing to offer.Just give me my money and stop wasting my time”
“Mr Beckett let’s talk this out.We have been business partners for years.Please reconsider”
“This is business Logan and there is no permanent friend.You see a bigger deal you go for it,I can’t keep wasting my funds on a business that is no longer profitable”
“No buts just give me my money and stop wasting my time”
“Transfer all his funds back to him”
“Just a minute”My accountant operating his laptop.
“You got your money,sign the damn papers and leave my office”I told him when he received the alert.
He signs the paper and stands up to leave.
“Before I leave Mr Logan I got one word for you.The people that are fighting against you are way bigger than you”he said and walked out of my office.
“Bigger than me?”Could this be revenge? Could Claire be one behind this? No way,she left just weeks ago,how could she be fighting me?
But her father and his family disappeared all of a sudden,could she possibly be protecting them too?
How can that be? Where did she acquire such amount of money to fight me? No it can’t be Claire she can’t be back to take revenge.I will kill her if she does.
The only option now is to sell of all my properties and put it back into the business.It’s just like starting over from scratch,I’m definitely gonna make the person behind this pay.
“Everything is going according to plan Darrell soon he will go bankrupt…”I smiled as he said that.He won’t know what hit him.
Phase two,is making sure he never rises,you really don’t want to know what I got in stock for him in phase three.By the time,I’m done with him,he will learn to keep his dick in his pants.
“…He also took a loan some months ago and he used his company as collateral”
“That’s even better I’m not giving him a chance to rise.How much longer does he have to pay back”
“One month”
“One month is just too long,have the bank speed it up to a week.Right now,he would be thinking of selling his properties to raise funds for his business.All the buyers will be sent by me,when he gets his money,he would put it back into his business.That’s where his accountant will come in handy again diverting his funds and running away…”
“…he will get the biggest shock,when the bank will give him a week to pay off his debts.He would never be able to meet it and before his very eyes,his company will be gone”
“Darrell you are a genius,looks like you already have this all planned out.I just hope it works out as planned”
“It will.It’s like starting all over,he will therefore need to sell off his properties,rent a smaller place and cut off his expenses.I didn’t become a business man for nothing,its simple business logic”
“Yeah you were always the smart one.Enjoy your night brother”he grinned and walked out my room.
“I sure will”I smiled.
My heart was beating at a rapid rate as I stop in front of his door still deciphering whether to go in or not.
I was on a white spa robe and worst part I wasn’t putting on any under wear.My feet had on them a simple slippers.My hair fell freely and it smelt of the strawberry shampoo I used.
It was all Daniela idea,she said a robe will be easier to pull off and she suggested not wearing any under wears.
“Are you gonna come in or not?”I heard his voice.How did he know I’m out here?
I slowly opened the door and closed the door behind me.He was just on a simple trousers and his chest was left bare.
I couldn’t help but admire him.
“Are you just gonna stand there staring at me or you are gonna come over?”I just kept fiddling wit the cincture of my robe.
He walks up to me pinning me against the door.I could feel myself slowly loosing my breath as his eyes stared into mine.
Slowly he takes my lips in his taking me into cloud nine.I kiss him back and wrap my hands around his shoulders.
The kiss got hotter and aggressive as I wrapped my legs around his torso.
He carries me and drops me on the bed.I stare into his eyes breathing heavily as his hands fiddle with the cincture of my robe.He loosens it as he parts it open taking it off completely.
His eyes were filled with desires as he stared at my body.
“You are beautiful Claire”he says as he slowly takes one of hard nipples in his mouth.I moaned softly as he nips on my nipples giving it soft bites.
“Let me make you feel like a woman Claire”he whisper as his hands move to my core.I gasp and part my legs open for him.I wanted him so much now.
“Yes please”I moaned as two of his fingers slid into me.His lips sucked on my nipples as his fingers worked on my core.
My body flatter as I moan meeting the thrust of his fingers.It felt so good,no one has ever made me feel this way before.
I moaned out loudly as my body twitched violently.His legs pinned me further into the bed as my orgasm broke.I felt warm liquid spurt out of me as my moans reduced.
He hands slide out of me as he licks his fingers off.I watch him take off his trousers.
I gasped slightly seeing his enormous length.He smiled seeing my reaction.
“Like what you see?”he asked smirking and I nodded shyly.
He slowly directs his length to my entrance.He penetrates me slowly and I let out a loud moan.He groans as I my core adjust to his length.
He takes it out of me again and slides it back in earning another moan from my mouth.
Slowly he increased his pace thrusting into me with a faster pace.My legs hung on his shoulders and my ass bounced to his thrust.
“This feels so good…oh my God”I moaned digging my fingers into his back.I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me.My moans were enough to shake the whole mansion.
I couldn’t take it anymore as I moaned loudly having another mind blowing orgasm.
I felt my core tighten around him as he moans.
“Shit… I’m gonna cum”he moans driving into me with full force.Our skin slapped against each other as my moans became louder again.
I was so close and I could feel another orgasm on the way.We both exploded together as my core milked all his cum.
His length slide out of me as he lays beside me.He cuddles me in his arms and I smiled.That was great.
I walked into the kitchen and met three maids talking.
“You really need to see the way she screamed last night”
“I bet the master didn’t take it easy on her at all”
“Looks like she’s gonna have a child for him after all”
“Yeah and I think the master likes her a lot he might end up marrying her”
I got angry from hearing their conversation and walked out of the kitchen thinking of ways to deal with Claire.
“Don’t try to touch a strand of her hair Charyl the master would end up your chopping your head off”Daniela smiled pushing me off the way.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you”she scowls at me and walks into the kitchen.
I must have the master by any means necessary.I’m never gonna loose to Claire.Never!
Charyl you nor dey tire😃
Darrell really dealt with Claire🍆🍆😋
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