March 7, 2021


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His Personal Maid 40 Finale 2

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{Crazy meets arrogant ⚜}
Ariana Claire πŸ‘’
πŸ₯³ 🌼🌸🌺 FINALE 🌼🌸🌺πŸ₯³
Cassie 🀩
I walked towards her in my amazing wedding dress ..
“Surprise? “I asked as a smirk plastered on my face
“How is this even possible? I thought you were kidnapped? ”
“And it’s my wedding not yours so why are you dressed as a bride? “She scrutinized
“Oh, Emily! Which do you want me to answer first? .. ”
“Cassie, stop all these drama and let’s get this over with “Adrian jibed and l rolled my eyes
“No, Adrian! We can’t stop here tho we’ve gotten what we want so we can’t let her go without humiliating her “l replied and he sighed
“What’s going on here? “We heard and when l turned, it turned out to be an elderly woman
“Mom? “Adrian called and l moved backwards and grabbed Adrian’s arm ..
“And who the hell are you? “She scorned, glaring at me
“Adrian, l’m asking again. What the hell is going on here and who is she? “She yelled, pointing at me
“She’s the love of my life, mom “Adrian uttered, simply
“You must be out of your mind. Emily is pregnant with your child and you will marry her ”
“Emily isn’t pregnant for me, mom. I’m tired of hearing that stuff all the time and l prove she isn’t ”
“Ethan, come out “he hit the car snd the guy walked out
Emily 🀩
“Ethan, what are you doing there? “I yelled, glaring at him
“Emily, you know each other? “Adrian’s mom chipped in
“Of course, he’s my … “my voice trailed off as l realized l was exposing myself
“Mom, let me explain everything here. This guy is the actual father of Emily’s child but she pinned it down on me. When she found out that she couldn’t get me easily cos l had Cassie, she deviced a plan to kill Cassie but fortunately, she survived. So you don’t expect me to marry a murderer “Adrian explained
“Mom, l didn’t … “i stopped as the police siren rang out loud
“Police! “I muttered as the car stopped right in front of us
“Emily Jenner, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Cassie Ryland “the inspector said and my jaw dropped
“But l .. ”
“Stay quiet else whatever you say would be used against you in the court of law “He grouched and l looked at mom
She didn’t say anything but withdrew back .. they handcuffed me and led me away
Authoress’s POV
“Do you Cassie Ryland take Adrian Drake to be your lawfully wedded husband for better or worse, richer or poorer? “The counselor asked and Cassie smiled
” l do ”
He also asked Adrian and he agreed, affirmatively
“You may now kiss the bride ”
Adrian opened the veil and they shared a passionate kiss
Mr arrogant and miss crazy lived happily ever after
We’ve come to the end of “HIS PERSONAL MAID” guys
Big thanks to those to read to the end, liked, commented and shared
I’m really grateful ..
Stay tuned for HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE πŸ˜…

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