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Ice Heart Episode 1

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Chapter 1
“The world is made up of too many girls wondering if they are pretty and too many boys too shy to tell them.”
Kara McCane was always into the bad boys.
For some inexplicable reason, she found herself drawn to them for as long as she could remember. Maybe it was the charm their badness radiated, their addicting smell of smoke or their incredibly messy hair that she loved running her hands through. Whatever it was, she always found herself being chased by them, constantly giving her new chances to break their heart. Because that’s what she did.
She used them. Every single one of them. She took advantage of her beauty and physical attraction and used them to have some fun, and then left as fast as she could, leaving them chase after her and beg for her to stay.
But she didn’t. She never did. She loved to break their heart, she loved it when people saw how heartless she was. Because, they said, no one could be as cruel as Kara McCane could. She had no feelings at all, and her heart, if she had any, was made from ice.
Little did they know, Kara did have a heart. She just didn’t like to use it. Or she simply didn’t know how. So she just let everyone hate her, because, as she had claimed, she’d rather be feared than loved. And until then, she had perfectly succeeded it.
People at school feared her. She was their Queen Bee, or Queen Bitch, as some liked to say, and she was a very bad girl. She was a drug addict, constantly smoking everything that pleased her, anything that had the ability to ruin her. She loved drinking a little too much, some had even called her an alcoholic. Not to mention her dominance over boys. People didn’t hesitate to call her slut and whore, but Kara couldn’t care less about what they said.
Or at least that’s what she liked to think.
She said she didn’t care about the never-ending rumours that traveled around school faster than the speed of light, or the constant name-calling and disapproving looks when she walked down the hallways. She even said she wore expensive, elegant outfits because she liked it, and not because she had to complete her image.
Little did she know, she wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t for them. She would be a normal, maybe even a good girl, if she hadn’t been so badly affected by all of them and what they wanted her to be.
Kara was born in a rich, honored family, who didn’t know (and wouldn’t be pleased if they did) that their little princess was nothing but a wasted piece of trash, created by society. Kara could hide it very well after all these years. The only thing their parents managed to teach her was humanity.
Kara was never a bully. That’s not how she was raised. She had learned to ignore; no one was worthy of her attention but her ‘friends’ and the bad boys. Although she tended to show signs of bad character, she had never bullied anyone. She would just give smug looks and ignore; that was how she would show her disapproval to people with lower statuses, for example the nerds.
That was another story. Kara hated the nerds. She didn’t like them one bit, she never spared a second glance their way. She simply ignored them, as if they didn’t exist. Some of them were evidently glad she did so, when some others yearned for her attention. They were desperate, wishing she could bully them a bit, even for once. But she never did.
Kara was so used to having boys – that she felt nothing for – chase after her, that when Ethan Mayers, the hottest bad boy she had ever met, enrolled to her school, he immediately became the number one on her To-Sleep-With list. She had seen many hot guys in the past – and they had all slept with her- but that was their difference; Ethan didn’t want to sleep with her.
She had never been obsessed with someone before, but when Ethan visibly ignored her, as if she were some unimportant nerd (which was an insult to her), Kara was very, very offended. To be honest, she was furious. Who did he think he was to ignore her like that? She was Kara McCane. She was determined to show him a piece of her mind.
It was easy to talk to him, he had instantly become popular like her. But when she did, when she approached him and flirted with him, he just told her off, saying he wasn’t into two-faced whores. That only made her more obsessed, more passionate about him, and she promised herself that one day he would be hers.
But then Heather Dobler came along. She was a worthless, pathetic good girl with huge, old-fashioned glasses and grandma clothes, as Kara liked to say. She was a nobody.
And Kara knew how cliché the situation was.
Ethan, the inexplicably hot guy, was falling for Heather, the ugliest girl Kara had ever seen. The bad boy was slowly falling for the good girl, and she was right in the middle of their sappy love story, gracefully honoured with the title of the mean girl.
Kara hated how things were. She couldn’t understand what Ethan, with his six pack, messy black hair and beautiful emerald eyes, saw in Heather, with her dull brown hair and flat body. She was nothing compared to Kara’s shiny blonde hair, full pink lips, caramel eyes and hourglass shape. She had everything a man could ever ask for, yet Ethan despised her. And she was determined to do anything she could to make him hers, and stop that sappy love story that was unfolded right in front of her face.
“Look at her,” Kara said, staring repulsively at Heather with a disgusted grimace on her face. “She has the nerve to show up at school with that face. I feel sorry for her.” She was sitting in the middle of the popular table in the cafeteria, slowly chewing on her salad. She was constantly on a diet, because no matter how much she loved to eat junk food, she had to maintain her perfect weight. Her closest friend, Bridget, a beautiful chocolate-skinned girl, eyed Heather from head to toe.
“She’s absolutely pathetic. A freak of nature, if you ask me,” She said, trying to imitate Kara’s disgusted expression as closely as she could. They completed each other; Bridget needed attention and Kara needed someone to do whatever she wanted and agree with anything she said. And they happily provided each other their needs, but their friendship was far from real; Kara had no real friends.
She was very satisfied with Bridget’s reply. “I know,” She said, slowly sipping her drink. “And look at her friend, she’s even more pathetic than her. If that’s even humanly possible,” She remarked and her other friend, Megan, a pale-skinned girl with blue hair, laughed loudly. Kara thought it sounded more like a cackle and mentally rolled her eyes.
Megan was her second closest friend, less liked than Bridget, but Kara accepted her annoying personality to complete her image- she was the most popular girl in school, she needed at least two best friends. Even if they were fake.
What happened next got her furious. Ethan walked to Heather’s table and started talking to her, more like showing off, and she was evidently taken aback by his killing looks, but Kara saw it as an undeniable act of flirting. “Oh boy…” Megan remarked when she saw them, and Kara gritted her teeth. Jealousy hit her harder than a punch and ripped her insides with anger. Who the hell did the little whore think she was?
A devilish idea crossed her mind at that point, and she shared it with her friends without second thought. When Ethan had finally left the cafeteria, she grabbed her drink and the three girls stood up from their table and strode to Heather’s, their beauty and fame catching many eyes. When they reached Heather’s isolated table, Kara’s drink ‘slipped’ from her hands and was spilled on Heather’s completely unfashionable outfit.
“I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed, but everyone could spot the sarcasm in her voice. Heather looked up at her through her large glasses and her shocked eyes turned colder.
“It’s okay,” She uttered, her voice betraying that it wasn’t at all.
“Of course it’s not, Hailey,” Kara exclaimed, her face instantly forming a look of fake guilt. She knew very well what her name was. It was a secret between the Queen Bees; they always knew their target’s name, the misconception was simply fake. It was their key, making them feel entirely unimportant.
“Heather,” the girl corrected her. The annoyance in her voice pleased Kara.
“Yeah, that. Aren’t you Ethan’s new friend?” She asked, highlighting the word friend just to get on her nerves. She got furious when she noticed Heather’s slight blush but didn’t show it.
“Well, l-” Heather stuttered. “I’m not his friend, we just… talk,” She muttered. Kara raised an eyebrow.
“Talk?” She asked, burning holes into the poor girl’s eyes. “Anyway, see you around. And l’m so sorry about your shirt Hillary,” she said, succeeding a fake look of sadness and putting a comforting hand on her shoulder. She loved purposely getting her name wrong.
Her devilish eyes fell on Heather’s dark red, stained now shirt, and left the depressing table before Heather had time to answer. Smirking, she opened the cafeteria doors and walked out with her friends on her heel, eager to take a puff of her daily cigarette, evidently pleased with herself.

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