March 2, 2021


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Reason To Live Episode 1

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*Reason To Live*
(A True Life Story)
📖 Chapter One 📖
📝📝 Tiwa 📝📝
My dad held my hands and squeezed them gently. “Listen Tiwa, you’re my princess and l love you so much.
It’s not too late please, just remove the baby in your womb and marry Daniel, he’s gonna take care of you trust—”
I roughly snatched my hands from his and move backward” Dad you said you love me?” I asked
“Yes I do princess I really do!” Dad said
“You love me and you want me to abort my baby? Despite the fact that i don’t know it’s father, I can’t abort my baby! It’s part of me, it’s my blood and flesh!” I said
“Tiwa” My dad said sternly” your wedding is in two weeks! Why did you even sleep with a man who is not your fiance in the first place?” He roared and rose to his feet.
“I was drunk, I wasn’t my fault! But I don’t regret it at all. I never wanted to marry Daniel anyways” i answered shrugging
“Why? I thought you loved him” dad asked
“I never wanted to agree to the marriage. You and Mom manipulated me. Yes I love Daniel but he’s not the kind of man you think he is,
He’s a man whore and a cold arrogant jerk” I answered
“Tiwa there’s nothing you can do. We already made an agreement with Daniel’s parents. I do l tell them my daughter got pregnant for another man?!” Dad said
“You don’t have to tell them I’m pregnant. Just tell them I’m not interested in the marriage anymore”
“Daniel’s father gonna destroy me don’t you get it? You know the kind of person he is Tiwa” dad said
“Don’t stress yourself dad, I’m not gonna change my mind. I’m keeping this-”
“Shut the hell up!” Dad roared and slapped me hard” don’t use that tone on me again! And you better decide before tomorrow morning or else—”
“Or else what?” I yelled cutting him off. Answer me dad, or else what? You have no right to tell me what to do.
Scratch that, you already lost the right to tell me what to do the moment you confirmed that you’re not my father”
How dare you speak to my husband in that manner?” My mom yelled angrily.
Her anger instead of deterring me, it compelled me to say additional words.
“I should have known I wasn’t part of you! The way everybody in this family treated me said it all.
Was it the days I’d go to bed without food? Or days mom would insult me and I would cry myself to sleep every night?.
I did everything to please everybody in this family. I even started working at a young age just because I didn’t want to disturb anyone when I need anything but guess what?
Mom, you would collect my salary from me without giving me a dime!. Every night, all of your would gather at the dinner table to have dinner together whereas I would be in the kitchen cooking.
When Daniella my elder sister had kidney problem, none of you could donate your kidney for her but I did because I love her even though she doesn’t like me”
I paused and made eye contact with Daniella. Surprisingly, she was smirking. I looked away and continue” I remember when Timi your friend’s son can to stay with us,
Every night, he would harass me but thankfully he didn’t rape me. I told all of you but nobody believed me.
Mom even said that I was the one that is seducing him. If I continue to say the thing everyone in this family did to me a day or two would pass and I still won’t be done, except Victoria.
Despite all that my family, my only family and I will continue to be TIWA LEWIS!” right now I am my only family.
After my tirade, I made eye contact with everyone. Mom’s face was blank, it held no emotion. Daniella and Adeshola were smirking, those two enjoyed making me cry a lot.
Victoria had tears stained checks, she probably cried during my long angry speech and dad’s eyes were glassy, I saw unshed tears in them.
“Tiwa I’m sorry! We had no right to treat you like that, please forgive us” my dad said and a single tears slid down his eyes,
Followed by another one and another one, until a steady stream of tears flowed it’s way down his cheeks with no sign of stopping.
I moved closer to him, wiped his tears away with my hand and hugged him tightly.
“Daddy please let me go, I don’t want to marry Daniel. I’ll leave this place and never come back. Please help me” I pleaded.
“Don’t worry princess, I’ll help you. You’ve been through so much already and I don’t want you to go through pain anymore”
A smile made its way to my face showing my pearly white teeth.
“Thank you so much dad, I love you”
“I love you too princess, now go and pack your stuff, you’ll leave tomorrow. I’ll call my sister in Lagos and you’ll stay with her pending the time you get your own apartment”

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