April 14, 2021


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A Prince In Disguise Episode 1

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The house was bubbling with music as usual.
The sitting room especially.
Clarissa the eldest sister out of four,came into the house from her late outing, looking so irritated.
She rushed to the home theater and turned off the music.
“Why did you turned it off,Clarie?’,Anita,the second of them said, coming downstairs with a bottle of champagne.
She was wearing a fitted bomber short and a spaghetti top.
Clarissa stared at her sister, dropping her bag on the clean sofa.
“Why should everywhere be this noisy?
You guys are disturbing the neighborhood!’,Clarissa shouted.
“Chill up,sis.
The atmosphere is so dull”,Anita said, sitting down and pouring herself a glass of drink.
The door opened and the two younger sisters,Eve and Jasmine bounced in,wearing party dresses.
“Oh,Clarie is back”,the youngest said pulling off her shoes.
Clarissa stared at them.
“Hope you guys told mum you were going out?”,Clarissa asked the two.
They cleared their throats and went silent.
“I will tell mum when she’s back…”.
“Come on big sis…we aren’t kids any more
and don’t always need permission from maale before we go out,right Annie?”,Eve asked Anita who was drinking her champagne.
She only looked up and shrugged.
“Come on girls,we are supposed to put up some shows on you tube…today is just so bright and clear!”, Annie said, jumping up.
“Not you too,Annie’,Clarissa said, pointing at her face.
Annie made a face.
“Whatever…you are just too strict”, Anita said silently.
“And by the way,where is this witch of an house help?”,Clarissa asked, looking up the stairs.
“She’s in the kitchen… preparing dinner”, Anita responded.
Clarissa sat down.
“Call her for me”,she told Jasmine who went upstairs and returned with the girl who was the same age as Eve,the third daughter.
Her name was Antoinette.
Very beautiful and hard working.
She had parents who were poor and petty traders.
She had to come to the Davis”s house to work as house maid in order to earn a living and help her parents.
But the sisters weren’t making things easy for Antoinette.
Clarissa,the eldest daughter was a fair girl of 23 who acts and looks just exactly like her mother,Mrs Andrea.
Then came Anita,Annie for short.
She is 22
She was the second daughter who loves dancing and social media.
She was a black beauty who at most times,always gets the attention out of the four sisters.
Then came Eve and Jasmine who acts as though they were twin sisters.
They are 21 and 20 respectively.
They were equally Chocolate in colour and exhibited the same nature and character.
They were always seen together and does everything together because they hardly fight.
Antoinette was just like an Angel excluded from the beautiful family.
She is also 21,the same age as Eve.
She was more fair than Clarissa and also the same height with her.
“You asked for me?”, Antoinette asked as she stood before Clarissa.
“Of course yes,I asked for you.
What were you doing since morning that made you not to have finished cooking?
Am asking you a question!”, Clarissa said, banging her fist on the chair handle.
“Sister Anita asked me to iron her dress for her…that was why…”, Antoinette was trying to say when Anita jumped in.
“You had better not mentioy name!”,she shouted.
“Now do we have to wait for you before we eat?”, Clarissa queried,with a squeezed face.
“No,aunty…I will be fast with it…am almost done”, Antoinette said and fled back upstairs.
“Idiot”, Clarissa said, pulling off her own shoes too.
“You must be in a very bad mood,Clarie…what really happened?”,Anita asked.
“Just leave me alone for now,okay?
I will tell you girls later”, Clarissa said and the door opened.
Their mother,Mrs Andrea came in, smiling.
They all turned,surprised because they did not hear the sound of her car.
“An an..mum..what if your car?’, Clarissa asked.
“Oh..it’s still outside the gate because am still going out.
I just came in to break the wonderful news I’ve got for you girls”,Mrs Andrea said.
The girls looked eargerly at their mother.
“What’s it mum?”,they all asked.
“Well..I received a call from our home town… saying the royal family has decided to choose a wife from the
Davis’s daughters!”,Mrs Andrea announced and there was jubilation among the girls.
Clarissa only smiled looking at her mother for more information.
“Therefore,we are all going down to the village to wait for the prince who is still abroad…so you girls should get ready because my life ambition is about to come….”.
…So, should I continue this one??
Another interesting mind blowing story by me.💖💖

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