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Melted Hearts Episode 1

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[the girl he never noticed ]
Episode 1 βœοΈπŸ’—πŸŽ»
now, enjoy…….
Seoul πŸ•—πŸ•—πŸ•—πŸ•—πŸ•—
” oomma,,, I’m leaving!! ” I shouted rushing out of the house,, am sure am deeply in trouble right now.
Madam O won’t take it easy with me, she may even get me fired since she hated me,,, I sighed as I entered the taxi,,,
I just hope these ends one day,, school is gonna resume next week and I still can’t have the opportunity to go?? Why is your life so messed up like this Preet??
” mam,,we are there ” The taxi man said
” thank you ” I said and paid
I sighed out before getting out of the taxi,,
You’ve always faced something worst, so don’t get scared.
I breath out and entered the most popular restaurant here in Seoul ,,damn,, popular my foot, they don’t even pay enough money,,, but why is my mind telling me that Madam O is not being faithful about the payments??
I cleared my throat and Kate turned back at me,, she’s the only friend I have here,,
” F**k,,, Preet, you’re late again. What should I do with you right now?? ” she sighed
” What about madam O?? ” I asked
” she told me go call you whenever you get here, I hope you’re not in trouble already ” she said
” don’t worry, I can handle this ” I faked a smile and walked to Madam O office.
I knocked
” Come in” her cold voice said
I took a final breath in and entered,,,
” You’re fired,,, I don’t want to see you here again ” she blurted out
I immediately fell on my knees
” am so sorry mam,,it won’t happen again. I had to do somethings before coming here,, am so sorry ” I pleaded
” I don’t want to see your ugly face here again, don’t you understand??!! ” she yelled
” mam,,,please,, my mother and I will starve if I get fired,, I will do everything you want please ” I cried
” okay,, no salary for this month,,, do you want it that way or you leave this place ”
” I accept ” I choked in tears
” get out! ” she yelled and I immediately stood up and rushed out
I went into the bathroom crying my eyes out,, how can she do this?? I’ve always depended on that salary and now I will have to work without getting paid??
After crying, I washed my face and went out,,
” what did she say? ” Kate asked me
” Am working without payment for a month ” I replied and she gasped
” Is she crazy?? How can she do that to you?? ” she yelled
” it’s fine, don’t shout, I don’t want her to punish you too ” I said and sniff in my tears
” it’s okay Pretty ” she said and hugged me
” who’s taking the order?? ” one of the cook asked
” me ” I replied and rushed to them
I carried the order and went over to the table,,, three girls were there,,, I dropped the food on the table and mistakenly,, the water dropped on one of the girls dress
” OMG,, are you crazy!! ” she yelled and stood up angrily
” am so sorry, am really sorry ” I said and took out a handkerchief to wipe the water
” Don’t you dare use that dirty handkerchief on me!! ” she yelled and pushed me to the ground
I stood up getting angry already,,
” mam,, it’s only a water and the handkerchief is not dirty ” I said and a slap landed on my face
” how dare you talk to me that way!! Do you know how much this dress cost?? ” she yelled while I held my face
” it possibly can feed her generation for 10years ” one of her Friends replied and they all laughed
Madam O appeared with the others,
” what’s happening here? ” she asked
” don’t you train the workers here!! How dare her talk back at me,, do you know who I am!! ” she yelled
” Mam Jennie, am so sorry,, she’s not aware of that ” Madam O said with a bow
” Girls,lets leave ” The so called Jennie said,, she threw the cash on the floor and went out with her friends
” when will you ever learn!! ” Madam O yelled and walked out
The others followed her while Kate stayed,,,
She touched my face,,
” did she slapped you? ” She asked and I nodded finally allowing the tears flow out of my eyes
” It’s okay ” she said and hugged me while I cried on her shoulder
” let’s get back to work ” I said and we both walked back in .
How can someone be as rude as that??
” Kate, do you know who she is? ” I asked
” That’s Jennie Ken,, she’s one of the girls band known as GOLDS ,, she’s the leader ,,there are four members anyway,, ”
” but only three were here today” I said
” Uhm,, well,, I don’t know why ” she said and looked away
Why is she nervous??
” Have you heard of the crystals? ” she asked and I shook my head
” Damn,, Preet when will you ever learn things ” she pushed my head and I smile
” just tell me ”
” Boys band,, Five,,,, Micheal, Wyaat, Ryan, Ronnie and Romeo,,,.
Romeo and Ronnie are twins,, their family owns this restaurant actually ” she said with smile playing on her face
” wow,, ”
” am going to show you their pictures since we are free now ” she said and brought out her phone
” wait,, but,, this is not your phone,, ” I said looking confused,, the phone is an iPhone,,, how did she get the money
” I don’t need to explain,, you will find out later ” she said
I nodded still confused
” Here,,this is Micheal,, here is Ryan, Wyaat, Romeo,, and this is Ronnie,, ”
” wow, they are so cute! ” I said almost shouting
” wow,, this is the first time I will ever see you comenting on boys look” she winked
” I know,, but they are really handsome ” I said
” Ronnie has the best look,,, ” she grin
” Yeah,,, you are right,, but Romeo is also cute,,,,,, but, I love Ryan smile,,,,Wyaat is also,,, damn,, I can’t choose any of them!!! ” I shouted and we both laughed .
” You’re crazy Preet,, just choose one ” she laughed
” No,, tell me who you’re crushing on” I said
” Hmm,, Ryan,,, he’s so cool ” she said blushing
” Why did you choose him,,, I also love him ” I pouted,,,
There’s just something about him that I like,,,
” But,, how about Ronnie? ” she asked
” He’s handsome,, I love his hair,, and lips,,, ” i said
” When you see him physically,,, you will know the definition of cuteness ” she smirked
” wait,, have you met them before? ” I asked
” what?? Oh,, I mean,,, what?? How do you expect me to meet them,, am just a commoner,, it’s not easy to see them,,, except in school,, Have you heard of Silver Rings? ” she asked
” Something like that,, it’s a school,, I’ve always seen it on TV,, it’s so large and beautiful .Its really my dream school,, but it can only come to pass in my dreams ” I said sadly
” You should believe okay?? You can get an admission into that school,,, ” she smiled
” Okay,, am still hoping. So you mean,, the CRYSTALS and the GOLDS attends this school? ” I asked
” Yeah ” she replied
” Come get the orders!! ”
We both ran to them,,
πŸ’– Jennie’s pov πŸ’–
” Did you guys noticed one of the waiters earlier?? She look so much like Lena ” Ava said with a scoff
” How will you compare a commoner to Lena?? Elena ??? They only look alike ” Mia replied
” who cares maybe she’s the one ” I hissed
” Something is fishy about this ” Ava said with a sigh
” shut up Ava, don’t spoil my mood ” I snapped
” Guys check the recent update ” Mia shouted
We all took our phones
” OMG!!! Ronnie and Romeo are back!!! ” Ava screamed out
A slight smile escape my lips,,
” wow,, they look more handsome ,,I really can’t wait for school to resume next week ” Mia said
” Hey girlfriend ,Ronnie is back,,, what are you gonna do? ” they faced me
” just wait and watch ” I smirked
I know I once made a mistake,, but I will make it up to you,,, you’re mine no matter what.
So how is this for a start???

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