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Her Secret Episode 1

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[ Am not a guy 😘.]
Settings : Korean Drama
Episode 1
🍭 Soo Bin 🍭
I groan out loud as the alarm ring in my head,, oh no,,,, You don’t know right? But many things has happened since we got to Korea.
_______Two Weeks Ago_______
” I can’t believe am going to do that? How will I survive living as a guy? What if someone find out? I will be in trouble ” I complained
” There is nothing we can do about it Ron ” Shin Hye said in a sad expression
” But how will I fulfill my dream? I want to be a popular musician ” I said
” You don’t have to worry about that ” she replied
I understand her, the men will be looking for me right now. So this is my only choice right now,,,
A tear dropped from my eye as I watched my long hair being cut into a short guy’s style.
” You don’t have to cry,,, everything will be fine ” Kang Min patted my back
I nodded and managed to smile.
I got the chance to join a band ( Singers.) popularly known as Young Ms all over Korea, they are young boys just like me, but trust me they are freaky rich guys.
My name was also changed to Choi Soo Bin,,, am sure that’s all
______Flashback Ends______
” Hey new guy, wake up ” Someone tapped me and I jerked up immediately. I turned to see the four boys starring at me like I was a ghost
” What do you want? ” I asked
” Get dressed immediately ” Yeon Jun said
” You have to wait, don’t worry I won’t take long ” I said
They all went out, I locked the door and rushed into the bathroom.
I took a quick bath and put on my clothes,,i think we are going to school today. According to the file I was given, we are going to attend school twice in a week since we don’t really need it.
I touched my chest,am glad my br*ast is not obvious. Even though I feel uncomfortable but I can’t do anything about it.
My life is at stake,,, I put on my snickers and took my bag
” You said you won’t take long ” Lee Min said
” Sorry ” I apologized and we got into the car,,,
We finally got to the school, wow it’s so beautiful. It’s a very big University 🎓
The students started screaming as we approached,,,
Gosh,,, am not surprised. The guys are just too cute to be ignored And they are celebrities too.
” Oopa!!! ” The students screamed and started taking pictures of us
” It’s the Young Ms!!!! ” others screamed
They only smiled and waved at the students, I watched Tae Yung who only put his hands in the pocket and kept a straight face.
Should I say he’s arrogant?
” There is a new guy!! He’s so cute!!!!! ” they shouted
I smiled and waved at them also,,,
I heard this school is mainly built for talented students,,, dancers, singers and all that.
We walked into a separate class, it only have four lockers and a system on each locker.
I think I will enjoy this life after all.
🍭 Writer’s POV 🍭
Do I need to tell you about the boys? 😊 Okay 💃💃
Kang Min is a handsome guy, he love to dye his hair in yellow 💛 it look good on him anyway. He’s a really playful guy, fun to be with,, He’s 21
Yeon Jun is cuter than Kang Min, blue eyes, red hair, pink Lips,,,, also 21
Lee Min is our lovely guy,, always smiling, black hair. And of course he’s cuter than Yeon Jun,, 21 also
And lastly we have Tae Yung,,, the cutest among them his angel’s eye can make you fall in love with him at first sight, with cute dimples ,, best singer. You can never see him talking to anyone aside from the group,,, even though girls always drool over him more than others. You can say he’s grumpy, but who cares 😂😂 and he’s the youngest,, 20 years.
And finally our Choi Soo Bin,,, never mind, he’s not a guy 😒😒
End of introduction 😁😁
🍭 Soo Bin 🍭
” Soo Bin, it’s your first show tonight. How do you feel? ” Kang Min asked
” Happy? ” I replied almost sounding like a question,, but it’s true anyway, I feel happy.
This has being my dream for a long time, standing in front of millions of people shouting your name and praising you.
And here I am,,,
” That’s good ” Lee Min said and winked, I wanted to blush but I know it’s weird to blush
He doesn’t even know am a girl,, funny.
Just then the manager came in,,, yea manager Kim I guess.
” Boys are you ready? ” he asked and we nodded
” How about Tae Yung? ” he asked and that was when I realized that He’s not here.
” Someone should call him upstairs ” He said
” Soo Bin,, go ” Lee Min said
I nodded and went upstairs,, I knocked
” Yes? ” he asked with his usual sweet voice, oh no did I just say sweet?
” You need to come right now ” I said
” Okay ” he replied and opened the door.
We walked downstairs together and I feel somehow, I’ve never been close to him before,, his scent feel the air and I sniff in. He’s just so adorable.
” They are here ” Yeon Jun said and we all walked out of the house.
We got to the venue and paparazzi fill everywhere,,
👥 They are here!!
👥 Awwn, they are so cute
👥 Tae Yung oopa look so cute
I watched the people, even some are old enough to give birth to me. Well life of a celebrity right?
Thank God for the bodyguards, they cleared the way so we were able to walk freely to the stage.
I can see Millions of people shouting out our names, some people carried banners with names written boldly on it,,,, some for Kang Min, some for Yeon Jun, some for Lee Min and most people were holding Tae Yung pictures in their hands.
Why is he so loved anyway?
” Today, we will be introducing our most newest member of the young Ms,,, put your hands together as we welcome Choi Soo Bin!!!!!!!! ” And then there was screams everywhere with flash coming from everywhere as I walked up
👥 So cute!!!
👥 I love you oopa!!!
👥 Up Soo Bin!!!
I smiled as pictures were taken,,,,,
We got back home looking tired as hell,,,,
” Welcome ” The maids greeted with a bow
We nodded and walked past them, now I know why celebrities ignore people,,, am so tired that I have to sleep right away.
” You guys look so tired ” The nanny said
She’s a woman in her fifties,,, she’s still beautiful anyway.
Suddenly Tae Yung went to her and hugged her resting his head on her shoulder and pouted his lips like a child. Awwn so cute
” I can see you are so tired ” She said patting his back while the others chuckles at his childish behavior.
I smiled and went upstairs,,, I stare at Tae Yung room and smiled again,, just opposite mine.
I entered my room and locked the door, so important. I rushed into the bathroom and have a warm bath,,
Am so frustrated right now that I have to take my bath quickly every time.
I put on my pajamas and sleep took over immediately.
Tbc 😘😘
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