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The Healer (Part 1&2)

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The Healer (Part 1)
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Ozomene Okeke.
“Mama, I saw him.” Ikedi said to his mother. The full moon was out and ikedi and his mother were about to devour the plate of roasted yams and plantains in front of their old hut when he made that statement. The oil lamp on the lamp stand besides them showed his mother’s confused look.
“You saw who, my son?” Adaku, a dark woman who is in her early 30s, asked.
“The Healer Mama, I saw him in my dream this afternoon when I went to have a nap.” Ikedi answered.
“May the gods forbid ikedi, you cannot see the Healer.” Adaku rejected.
“I don’t understand you Mama, shouldn’t you be happy that the Healer showed himself to me?” Ikedi said.
“Tufiakwa, why should I be happy that my son is going to die? Please I beg you, do not tell anyone what you just told me. You are my only eye and I can’t afford to lose you.” Adaku pleaded. “The Healer is an evil person.”
“I still don’t understand you Mama, please make me understand.”
“Okay, I will tell you a story my son, you will know the reason why everyone prays not to be visited by the Healer.”
Ikedi, a young boy of twelve and dark in complexion, listened attentively to his mother.
“A long time ago, there once lived a man called Amuko, he was a very powerful and great healer. A great healer who finds the favour of the five gods, and Amuko was a good man. Every kingdom wants his healing touch and we, the kingdom of Umuagu, was happy that he is a son of the soil. Whenever a kingdom needed his great service, he was paid handsomely, thirty bags of cowries. And do you know why everyone in Umuagu loves him? It’s because he shared his money with the people. When it was time for him to pick a wife, he chose a wife from Umueke kingdom, after waiting patiently for fifteen years, the gods showed him mercy and his wife gave birth to a son. He taught his son everything about herbs and when it was time for him to join his ancestors, he passed the powers bestowed on him by the five gods to his son, but his son was not like his father, he became greedy and sought for more powers from some other gods and more wealth, greediness became his second name. He became immortal. He became more powerful and stronger than Amuko, his father, and soon, he started killing children. Any young boy from this kingdom who clocks twelve, he appears to them…….and he kills them two days later.” Adaku finished her story. “My late father told me this story and now I am telling you.”
“But why is he still called the Healer?”
“You don’t want to get on his bad side my son, he told us to continue calling him the great healer or we shall face the consequences, we’ve seen what he can do, so we still call him ‘The Healer’, my son, I hope you are joking about seeing the healer in your dream.”
“I am not joking Mama, I saw him.”
“Nothing will happen to you my son, no one will take you away from me.”
“Mama, I am not scared of the Healer and I am not going to die.” Ikedi said. “No wonder no one talks about the Healer when asked, but Mama, every child in this kingdom deserves to know who truly the Healer is. If you hadn’t told me this story I wouldn’t have known the healer is evil.” He added.
“My son, no one is allowed to speak of him except he appears to your child.” Adaku told him. “I have lost my appetite, eat.”
“Mama please eat with me, if you don’t eat, I won’t eat.” Ikedi said.
They ate their food in silence, Ikedi packed the plates they had used and went to drop it at the back of the hut, where their small kitchen is. He turned to leave the kitchen when he saw him again. The Healer blocked his way.
The Healer, who was a young man in his early 30s and dark in complexion, was dressed in white as he smiled coldly at Ikedi and when he clapped his hands together, lightened sparks from it, but Ikedi wasn’t scared, rather he hissed loudly to the Healer hearings.
“Was that meant to scare me?” Ikedi asked, laughing.
“You are next to die little boy and you are laughing? Do not provoke me any further little boy or else….” The Healer threatened.
“Or else what? Agwọ loro ibe ya ga-enwe ọdụ maputara n’ọnụ ya (A snake that swallow it’s neighbor will have a tail sticking out of its mouth.) Or can you cure a madness that senior you? I doubt that.” Ikedi told him
“How dare you speak to the greatest and powerful man alive? Tonight I will kill.” The healer said and his eyes flashed red, and he made a sword of fire appear in his hand and sent it towards Ikedi.
Ikedi hissed again. “Pụọnụ n’ụzọ m (Get out of my way)”
He blew into the air and the fire sword together with the Healer, were blown away.
Watch out for the concluding part of The Healer.
The Healer (Part 2)
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Ozomene Okeke. (Omaisabella)
Ikedi entered the hut, his mother was already sleeping, and went straight to his own portion of his bamboo bed and slept off Immediately.
The Healer landed with a loud thud on the ground some distance away from Umuagu kingdom, in fact he landed close to the evil Forest.
Getting up to his feet as he dust himself, the healer growled in anger as he stared around him, not believing his eyes when he realized where he was.
“Did that little boy toss me away like I was a piece of rag? Me, the great healer, the one the whole kingdoms is afraid of? I will deal with him.”
The healer disappeared.
Ikedi woke up very early the next morning and quickly did his house chores before his mother would wake up. He had his bath and changed into another set of wrapper which he tied around his waist. He began to sharpen the cutlass his mother had brought for him a year ago after he had shown his interest to farm with her.
“Mama good morning.” Ikedi greeted.
“Morning my son, hope you slept well?”
“Yes Mama, what about you?”
“Same, let me quickly go and take my bath and prepare so that we can go to the farm and harvest our corn, yams, cocoyams and melons.”
“Okay Mama.”
At the farmland, Adaku and her son were busy harvesting their crops on different parts of the farm when the Healer appeared, mid-air, and struck Adaku with lightning and disappeared. Adaku screamed and fell down and her body turned into charcoal.
Adaku’s scream made Ikedi leave whatever he was doing and hurry up to meet his mother.
He met his mother lying lifelessly on the ground.
“No, no.” Ikedi said as he knees down beside his mother. “You cannot die and leave me behind Mama, I won’t allow it.” He stood up to his feet and closed his eyes for a full minute and opened it afterwards. “Your spirit hasn’t gone to the great beyond yet, there is still time.” He added and started circling his mother. He circled her three times saying;
“I am the five gods and the five gods is me.”
He stops and places his right hand on his mothers forehead. “ChukwuOkike says It’s not yet your time mama, Bilie (Get up).”
The burnt flesh of Adaku vanished and life returned to her.
Opening her eyes, she sits upright with the help of her son.
“What happened Ikedi? Why am I on the ground?”
“Mama you will not understand even if I tell you, ChukwuOkike was merciful to you.”
“Okay,” Standing up to her feet, “Let’s put the ones we’ve harvested in our basket and go home, I am tired.”
“Okay Mama, since you are tired I will cook our breakfast.”
“Thank you ezigbo nwa (my good child.)”
Once they reached their hut, Adaku went to rest and Ikedi carried their baskets to the kitchen to empty it. He emptied the two baskets and was about to start cutting a tuber of yam he would pound.
“I can sense you, show yourself if you are not a coward.” Ikedi said, turning to face his left side and the Healer appeared. “I saw what you did, but let me warn you, don’t repeat it next time because it will be distracious for you.” He warned.
“Obru na ewu chiba ochi k’onuru na agu n’abia, ekwesiri imata akwukwo otara n’ohia. (When a goat start laughing, upon hearing that the Lion is around, one needs to find out what type of grass it has been eating.” The Healer said. “I know who you are, the five gods who bestowed powers to my late father who then gave it to me had sent you to destroy me, but I will show you that my source of powers are not from them.” He added.
“My mother is hungry, I don’t have your time now.” Ikedi said and made to turn his back on the Healer who growl in anger and he uses his dark magic to push Ikedi to the wall of the hut, pinning him there, as if that was not enough, the healer magically brought out Adaku from the inside and pin her to the wall near her son.
When Adaku saw where she was and who it is, she started pleading with the Healer to let her son live, which fell on deaf ears.
“I am warning you, I don’t want to be provoked, leave us alone, mother is hungry.” Ikedi told the Healer in a calm tone.
“You will watch how I will squeeze the life of your mother and I will kill you afterwards.” The Healer gloated in pride and soon enough Adaku started struggling to breath. “I am more older than you, have lived for many years and you are no match for m-” he didn’t get to complete his statement when he felt a thunderous slap on both his cheeks, he released the hold he has over Adaku as the woman had fainted, though still breathing.
“I am 12 years old and ChukwuOkike bestowed me with knowledge to take down the likes of you.”
The Healer felt his whole body burning.
“What have you done to me stupid child?” He roared out in pain.
“You are wrong about the five gods sending me to destroy you, I only have their powers but it was ChukwuOkike who had sent me. O bụrụ na ị maara nke a, ị maara nke ọzọ? (If you know this one, do you know the other one?), Leave my house right now.” Ikedi ordered.
The Healer ran away scratching and removing his clothes.
Ikedi carried his mother back into the hut.
The next morning, news went around the Kingdoms that The Healer had gone mad.
Ikedi became a strong powerful Healer and was twice as good as Amuko.
“What happened between you and the Healer that fateful day?” Adaku normally ask her son and the answer she got in return was;
“Mama, no man rules forever on the throne of time. Nwatakịrị ga-atụkwasị m aka ma tụgide m aka, m ga-egburu ikpere ya ma mịa ya azụ. (If a baby crawls up to me and pinches me, I will get on my knees and pinch him back.)
The End
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Written and Composed by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Ozomene Okeke (Omaisbella)

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