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My Nanni And I Episode 1

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👩My Nanny And I👧
{We don’t take shit from anyone}
Written by: Authoress Meeyah
“Oooooh! it’s Monday again, how I wish there could be an extra day attached to the two weekend days, now I gotta get up as early as 6:00am and prepare for school as usual…
Well! I’ve got to study hard if I wanna become successful like my dad and make mom proud in heaven.
” pretty Mae, get up and walk into that bathroom and get justice done to your body on time before dad comes in to scold you, and remember you have little tricks to play on your colleagues at school ” I said to myself
Geez! I almost forgot dad just hired a new nanny for me.. I said with gritted teeth as I heard a footstep coming towards my room and I knew it isn’t my dad’s.
“Now you’ll learn how to respect other people’s opinion and mind your damn business” I said as I carefully placed a bowl of water above the door, I did some connections to it that’d make it pour on her as soon as she opens the door.
I tiptoed back to the bed and hid under the duvet pretending to be asleep.
Little miss!! Little miss!! She called as she knocked on the door and I smirked when I peeked and saw the knob twist.
She opened the door and the whole content emptied on her, with the bowl covering her head…
I bursted into a mockery laughter when I saw how shocked and embarrassed she was.
I told you I don’t want your service here and you had the gut to come into my room, can you now see you deserve more than that?
You should be thankful I had to pour you water and not something worse, now leave before I do something worse… I ordered and she left
Mae how many times do I have to tell you to always respect elders? Dad said barging into my room angrily as I was wearing my socks.
I’m sorry dad, but you should know I don’t disrespect elders. That Lady doesn’t deserve my respect and that’s why I had to put her in her place.
I won’t take that from you, now get up and come with me to apologize to her. He ordered but I didn’t budge
Mae get up now! He ordered and I groaned.
I stood up and pouted my lips as I walk towards him, ouch! I cried holding my tummy, aaaargh! I groaned again pretending to be in pain.
Mae! Mae!!! He called running to me. yeah that’s it, he hates to see me in pain, he just can’t stand it. He can’t afford to loose me and that’s why I had to pull that prank.
It’s not I Mae Morton that’s gonna apologize to that godforsaken Lady.
Baby what’s wrong with you, are you okay? Yeah that’s my dad’s voice asking me if I’m alright when I definitely am, but just pretending.
Dad it’s my tummy, I had a sudden pain.. I lied
Oh! Sorry dear, imma take you to the hospital just hang in there okay? Endure It for a while… He said
That’s just it, he believes every health problem should be solved at the hospital. He’s ready to spend any amount just to make sure I’m healthy.
I smiled secretly when he hugged me. “No dad, I’ll be fine I just need a glass cup of water, who knows if it’s that lady that used her witchcraft on me… I said
Are you sure You’ll be fine? He asked and I nodded.
“Here it is”. he said handing me a cup of water. “Thanks dad” I said and collected it from him
Let’s go to the dinning room, you need to take your breakfast now and let’s get going before you run late.
Wait! dad, which breakfast?
“The one your nanny made for you of course”…
C’mon dad! you’re kidding right? You want me to eat the food that was prepared by the lady that I’m not so sure she isn’t the one that caused the stomach ache I had earlier?
Dad you know who your daughter is, you know I wouldn’t do that for any reason.
” Mae! C’mon why would you say that? How can I be the cause of your stomach ache, you didn’t take the meal I prepared remember? The nanny said interrupting our conversation and I eyed her.
Next time you butt into my conversation with my dad I swear I’ll get you fired. What am I even saying? You’re fired already, make sure I don’t meet you in the house when I return from school…
“Thank Goodness cereal is so simple to make, dad help me with that please.. I said pointing to the cups in the rack
Tell your nanny to help you with it, I’ll be waiting for you in the sitting room…
Fine! I’ll go share Belinda’s meal in school… I said and jumped down from the chair I was sitting on.
Here is your cup, now make your cereal and come meet me in the sitting after eating. Don’t keep me waiting.. He said and left the kitchen
I sure know how to loosen my dad’s tightened bolts, I know he wouldn’t let me have any other person’s food not that I had the intention of doing that though.
I hate doing that with passion…
“Rinse the cup and clean the house and make sure you vacate the house before I return, I’ll have my dad transfer some money to you”… I said to her before leaving and she stood there staring at me in a dumb manner
The driver came to take my backpack and dad’s suitcase.
Go ahead and wait for me in the car, I need to get something in my room..
” Alright dad! Be fast you know I’m running late already ” I said and left the house but I had to wait outside
I know he had nothing to pick he only wanted to apologize to her, that’s what he does to every Nanny I get.
I placed my ear gently on the door to eavesdrop. just as I had predicted, I heard him talk to the lady.
Look! I know my daughter seem to be somehow rude but trust me, she’s just being childish, you’ll get to love her once you keep doing everything she loves.
But please I’m so s… He was about saying but I had to stop him from apologizing on my behalf. I opened the door suddenly and rushed to them.
Let’s go dad, I knew you were lying when you said you had something to pick. Don’t make me get to school late because you wanna apologize to this thing.. I said pushing him and at the same time sending dagger stares at the nanny.
I mustn’t see you when I get back your service is no longer needed here… I said to her
Honey you know I’m always too busy to be taking care of you and that’s why I employ nannies for you since you told the maids and cook not to come near you, you you still take your time to act so rude towards the ones I hire
Please I want you to make me happy by keeping the best attitude, stop being troublesome and disrespectful… Dad said to me as we drove to school
No! I’m not disrespectful, stop mid interpreting it. Those ones are not just my type, they don’t deserve to be respected by me.
Fine! If you keep saying the same thing regarding those ladies, I won’t hesitate to send you to start living with grandma.
I’m sorry dad, I promise to change, you know I’d do anything to make you happy.
Alright, I’ll employ another nanny and trust me this is gonna be the last one I’d ever employ, failure to adapt to the situation, you’re going straight to granny’s place.
Alright dad! but please I’d love to interview her myself this time so I’ll know if she’d fit perfectly for me…
Fine! I’ll do as you please…
“Thanks dad”. I said and pecked his cheek.
“Bye dad” I said and wave at him as I alighted from the car.
“Good morning sir”. I greeted the gatekeeper and he stared at me in awe, obviously because I greeted him for the first time in years.
I stopped greeting him ever since he reported me to my dad but I greeted him today because I wanted to play a prank on him.
You need to zip up your pant, your boxer ain’t that clean to be seen by everyone. I said and he bent to look at his trouser
“Look at that girl sneaking out”… i lied and he turned to look at the person. I use the opportunity to remove his tag from his pocket and ran off immediately
He’ll sure get a query for not using his tag once the principal arrives…
I tiptoed to the back of their small apartment, I climbed a chair to reach the window, i opened the glass and threw it inside and ran off immediately.
Now I’m satisfied, I’ve always thought of a way to pay him back for what he did to me and here is a great opportunity.
Next time you won’t meddle in my affair… I said and smiled to myself as I watched him search for it on seeing the principal’s car coming

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