March 3, 2021


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Caught In The Act 18+ Episode 1

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Episode One
By: Alfred Wysdom (Mr. Suspense)
Pastor Uzo is the founder of a church which has thousands of members across the country, which branches of the church in most states in the county. He had lived alone for many years, with his wife and kids living in a different state.
Such became a source of worry for the elders of the church who decided to pay him a courtesy call to know why he doesn’t want to bring his family to come and live with him.
“We called for this meeting to tell you about what we the elders of the church resolved, it is not good for you to be here and your wife and kids stays elsewhere. We know your wife is busy, she is gainfully employed. But you need her around to run a successful ministry, we know you are grounded in the word of God. But fleeing from any temptation that might arise is bringing your wife and kids to come and stay here with you. You can work for her to be transferred, you are human; and the urge may be there once in a while. This is our resolve in the elders council meeting and we decided to tell you about it”. Deacon Ibeh told pastor Uzo as the elders of the church paid him a courtesy call.
“Thank you my elders, this is indeed words coming from my fathers and the one that needs to be taken serious. I have actually been thinking about it and have discussed it with my wife on several occasions. We are working towards her transfer and as soon as it materializes, they will come over. The kids education are being put into consideration, we have them to be through with the session. So coming over will be to start in a new class, instead of repeating them”. Pastor Uzo told them.
The elders expressed their excitement over his speech and encouraged him to make it work.
Pastor Uzo is a very handsome young man, who stands six feet on the ground. Well built as a man and has been into series of relationships with most female members of his congregation.
One afternoon, his wife called.
Pastor Uzo, answering. “Hello Nneoma”
“Daddy, good afternoon”. She greeted.
“Afternoon, how are you and the kids?”.
“We are not fine at all”. She said in a sad tone.
“What is it?”. Pastor Uzo asked.
“You shouldn’t be asking this question, I don’t know how long you want us to remain here? You asked me to resign from my job and I did, you promised to help me secure another job over there. Why is it taking you all eternity to allow us join you over there?”. She said in an angry tone.
“I knew it, I knew you sent the elders of the church to me. Have I not been sending money to you and the kids? Are you lacking anything?”. He was still speaking when she interrupted.
“Yes, I lack everything I need as a woman. It is not all about money, I need to be touched, I need to feel my husband. I need to be making love like other wives does with their husbands; I have been handling the urge whenever it comes and have been resisting a lot of temptations. Please, if you don’t want to do anything about it, then I will take the bull by the horn”. Once again, she sounded bitter.
“When I’m ready, you will come over. And I stand by it”. He said and ended the call.
An angry Mrs Uzo spoke to herself.
“I can’t continue like this, I have to travel with these kids to be with him. Why does he not want us to come over and stay with him? I seriously can’t continue like this, I have to go and be with him biko. His kids won’t allow me rest, not as if we are divorced or something”.
Four days later, she travelled with the kids; three of them. And Pastor Uzo was surprised to see them.
“I am back to be with my husband”. She told a surprised Pastor Uzo, who stood speechless and confused.
He ignored her all night, even when she told him she needed to make love. He turned his back on her and left the bedroom for the sitting room, she wondered what the problem could be.
The next day was church, they all drove together to church as the elders and members expressed their delight to see her. Pastor Uzo gave her a resounding welcome before the congregation and spoke very highly of her.
Dike, a good looking young man is the music director and he took the praise and worship session of the service. It was a great performance from him and Mrs Uzo was thrilled by everything he did.
After service, elders and members came extending their greetings to her. Welcoming her back to the church, Dike also was among. She had written her number on a piece of paper and squeezed it into Dike’s hand when he came to greet her. And the note read thus: “Nice performance from a cute guy, I am impressed. Here is my contact, give me a call. I have something for you”. Dike, after going through the note; gave her an eye contact of acceptance.
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