March 3, 2021


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Hospital Romance 18+ Episode 1

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๐Ÿ’‰ {Cold and Crazy meets again}๐Ÿ’‰
๐Ÿ™‚Episode 1๐Ÿ™‚
๐Ÿ’‹ Anna โค๏ธ
” Doctor Jake wants to see you” Carla said barging into the ward I was working in.
” Okay, let me finish with the little girl” I said whiles fixing the drip into the little girl’s hands.
” So , lie down I will be back okay” I told the girl and she nodded slightly.
” Thank you Anna, don’t tell mom she will freak out ” she said and I ruffled her hair slightly.
” Okay ” I said and she giggled.
” Pinky promise?” she asked showing me her pinky finger and I showed her mine.
” Pinky promise!, but you will promise to eat everyday and early before sweets ,so that you don’t faint in school” I told her and she nodded.
I walked down the hallway with Carla , we have been friends since highschool and we stay together.
Well our story is the same .
I wonder why Doctor Jake wants to see me.
I knocked on his office door when we got in front of his office. I heard a faint ‘come in’.
” Good afternoon , Doctor Jake” Carla and I said.
” Good day to you to Nurse Anna and Carla ” he said and removed his stethoscope.
“I got a call from San Francisco head hospital , the cases there are getting higher everyday and their nurses are a little , so I was thinking of transferring five more nurses there including you and Carla” he said and Carla and I gasped.
” Why us , we have worked here since we completed school, why not choose different set” Carla said and I nodded .
” No! , You , Anna , Olivia and some other ones I don’t remember their names” he said and put some files on the desk.
” Fill in the transfer files and sign , submit it before the close of the day and prepare for the weekend, today is the last day for you working here, start there on Monday” he said and I frowned .
” Doc, how is that possible , we have not yet booked our flights nor packed we just heard it” I said and he smiled.
” Your flights have been booked , just pack , you have to board the first flight to San Francisco on Sunday morning” he said and I nodded.
” Thanks Doctor ” I mumbled and he smiled .
” It’s for the best Carla , it’s a big hospital there” he told Carla and she scoffed.
Yeah I know why!, Her family is in San Francisco and she doesn’t want to see them.
We left his office with the transfer files and I sighed.
” It’s ok Carla , we will be fine” I said and she nodded.
” But think about it Anna , we have to change Diego’s school and hire a new apartment ” she said and I
” We will be fine ” I said , she nodded and smiled and we parted ways to our duties.
๐ŸŽ—๏ธNoah ๐ŸŽ—๏ธ
“They will be here on Monday, Doctor Jake said they are five of them ” I said signing some papers.
” Thank heavens” Blake said and I smiled.
Someone knocked and I sighed.
God! , am tired.
” Come in ” I said and Blake sat down .
The door opened and Nala entered smiling seductively , when she saw Blake she frowned.
” Can you excuse us doctor Blake ” she said and Blake nodded .
” Don’t forget our Men’s night tommorow Noah Stewart ” Blake said.
I smiled and nodded and he left and closed the door behind.
” What do you want” I asked and she frowned.
Nala has been like this since we both graduated , forcing herself on me and all that.
Her uniform was so short , you tell her she says she likes it like that.
” Noah” she said .
” Nala we are in the hospital , it’s Sir not Noah” I said and got up.
She held my waist and crashed her lips on mine.
” Why don’t you want me ” she mumbled in between the kisses.
I pulled away and sighed.
“Nala I -” I tried saying and she gave me her puppy eyes.
” Please , let’s go tell our parents we are together” she said and I smiled.
” No! , I don’t love you and I can’t okay” I said and left the office.
I bumped into Theresa and she frowned.
Theresa is like a godmother to me she as old as my Mom.
” Doctor Noah Stewart , you are now been clumsy ” she said and we laughed .
” The transfer files have been brought do you want to take a look at their profiles?” she asked and I shook my head.
” Well , Anna Hudgens is one of them” she said and I heard a loud bang in my head . Hi 0802*****63 to be added to 100% stories group aka House of stories for more interesting stories

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