March 2, 2021


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Crazy Mermaid Synopsis

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🧜Crazy Mermaid 😂
✓Christmas s*x✓
🧜Synopsis’s POV🧜
Meera, a young sea mermaid, who is beautiful and very intelligent suddenly became curious about the events going on in the human world.
She usually swim out to the shore to stare at them with curiosity.
One day, her curiosity got the best of her. She went and stole the Queen’s bracelet in other to unable her transform to a human. A human just for five days.
After transforming to a human being, she walked on land.
Everywhere glittered with red.
What is going on? Is this some kind incantation? Why is everywhere looking red? Is the human world naturally red in colour? She wondered – amazed.
Is it the way things go here? She thought as she went deeper into the city.
On the other hand we have Lucas, the son of a wealthy man. He was returning from the club after partying with his friends. Their conversation made him make a bet with his friends. In five days time, they’re gonna be celebrating Christmas and he needs a virgin lady to sleep with.
Still on the streets, they made him close his eyes. The moments he opens it, the first girl he sees is gonna be the girl he is gonna be sleeping with.
He prayed earnestly in his heart that the first lady that’s gonna appear should be a virgin and she should be very pretty.
Getting a pretty lady is another thing and getting a virgin is also a very different thing.
He closed his eyes and after the count of ten, he opened his eyes. They stood on the street for minutes waiting for a lady to appear. After waiting for hours…
She appeared…
The Mermaid appeared and guess what??
She wasn’t putting on a dress!!!
So what exactly will happen between Meera and Lucas?
10 comments to unlock the story😋😋😋
Who’s ready?

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