March 7, 2021


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Beautiful Epilogue

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Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C✅
❤Happily Ever After❤
(Five days later)
I knocked on the door and it was opened minutes later by my uncle’s wife, Ugochi.
“Good morning aunty,” I greeted.
She scanned me with her eyes from my head to my toes and back to my face.
“I thought you have forgotten that you have something to bring to us,” she said.
“I’ve not,” I said.
She left the door and began calling her husband, my uncle.
“Dim ooo, dim o, my husband, Ujunwa is here,” she said.
I came in and looked around.
I only come here once in a month, when I’m paid salary and I bring ninety percent of it to them.
Not all know my story but I have a monster for an uncle and for an aunty.
I’m an orphan, I lost my parents when I was very little and my father’s brother took me in but never once cared for me.
I was always maltreated. I dropped out of school and against my will, I was forced to live in the palace as a maid and forced to bring 90% of my salary to them each month.
I’ve always done that…
I’ve been always afraid of my uncle.
“Ujunwa, thank your God for coming today, if not, I would have dealt with you,” my uncle said immediately he walked in.
I sighed.
“Good morning uncle,” I greeted.
“Hold your greeting and hand my money to me, hurry up,” he said.
I took out 90% of my salary from my bag and handed it to him.
He counted it.
“From next month, you are going to be adding ten thousand naira to my money..” he said.
I gasped. “Why uncle?”
“I heard the crown Princess is your best friend therefore you should be getting a higher promotion in the palace with a bigger salary, so do what I said, you can leave, now…” he said.
“But Uncle….”
He cut me short. “Shut up that dirty mouth of yours and leave my house. Go back to the palace and bring my money by this time next month. Leave before I loose it,” he said.
I sighed, turned and left the house.
I was annoyed but I couldn’t let it out. On my way, I bursted into tears.
(Katherine’s house, London🏙)
I pulled into my fiancée house and was glad her car was parked so she’s home.
I didn’t let her know that I was back. I wanted her to see me and we’ll talk things out and reconcile.
I really love Katherine.
I still have the door pass code, I pressed on it and the door opened. I went in.
She wasn’t in the sitting room.
She’ll be in her bedroom then.
I headed to the bedroom but on the way, I saw her heels carelessly left by the corridor.
Then her dress. Then her bra followed.
“What’s this? Kate don’t scatter her things like this..”
I was about to pick them up when I saw a man’s shoes, then his trouser and his shirt.
“Wow! What’s happening here… This can’t be what I’m thinking right now, no way..” I said as I headed to her bedroom door.
It was half opened and I could hear her loud moans and his groans from inside.
I shut my eyes to breathe a lot of air cos I was loosing it..
I was loosing so much air. I was running out of air.
I couldn’t breathe.
My heart seem to stop besting.
“Okay, okay, calm down Charles, really you need to calm down,” I told myself.
When it finally feels like I’ve calmed down, I opened my eyes and walked into them.
Kate didn’t see me but busy cheating on me right before my eyes with just not anybody but the Greg Scot she calls her doctor.
I shook my head.
I never expected this.
“Then why were you annoyed that I traveled?” I spoke and they screamed out in fear.
Kate pulled the bedsheets over her and the man as they turned to me looking frightened.
“Charles,” Kate called.
I clapped with a smile.
“I gave you space to have your fun you shouldn’t have been raging about me traveling to Nigeria instead you should have thanked me and would have told me to stay longer,” I said.
“Charles, I’m so sorry.. Please I’m really very sorry,” she begged.
I scoffed.
“Doctor Greg, is this the doctor you are to her?” I asked him.
He said nothing.
“Wow and there I was thinking I had something to make right here but it seem there’s nothing to make right ’cause everything is perfect Kate. You know what, we are over. It’s over,” I pulled out my engagement ring and threw it at her.
“No Charles please, it can’t be over, no, it can’t. I swear this is never gonna happen again. Just give me a second chance,” she begged.
“No there’s no second chance ’cause I’m going back to Nigeria to find myself a good wife just like Eric did. Continue with him, I’m getting out right now,” I said and walked away.
🖋Writer’s pov🖋
And so, the second BEAUTIFUL became Ujunwa and Four years Later, she was happily married to her lover, Charles and they lived happily in London and expecting their first child.
And Prince Eric and Princess Ifeoma lived happily in the palace of Amaeze Kingdom with their first son, Prince Ezenna who look and act just like his father.
Princess Ifeoma also expecting their second child who she knows would be a girl who might turn out to be the next BEAUTIFUL just like her mother.
And they all lived Happily Ever After🎉🎊❤🌷🎷🎷
All right reserved
Writer; Rejoice Jeremiah
Library; Love001 Stories.
Thank you for reading….
I hope you had fun reading Beautiful and learnt something from the story?
Stay tuned for the next story starting tomorrow. I love you all 💜💜💛

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